Posted by: Spadefox | May 6, 2009

Seductive Notes — Hyatt

Hyatt by MarthTrinity

So, I kinda was anticipating this moveset when you announced it in the chat, and it was posted a bit unexpected. Nevertheless, it’s your first MYM5 entry, and it’s great you went through with it.

The backstory is much needed, but the Pros/Cons section is so late-MYM3… you might wanna leave that out. =P So Hyatt is an exaggeration of those weak female characters with health problems, right? Let’s see what you’ve got for her!

The organization of the moveset is simple yet effective – nothing too fancy, but fitting to the blue/violet color scheme of Hyatt, and very easy to go through. A few pictures were thrown in, too, so… that’s that. The animations and properties are split up, and the damage is always put at the end of the move, making it easy to check everything.

Stats are nicely balanced, and I love her animations… otherwise nothing much to say here.

The B is cool… you mention “slowing down” the victim in the animation description – do you mean she actually makes them slower or something when she hits, or do you mean she slows down their approaching due to projectiles? Also, could I basically spam uncharged Crimson Coughs without Hyatt collapsing since it only affects the charging? Otherwise, it’s pretty neat. For the Side B it would’ve been nice if you showed a picture of the Great Will of the Macrocosm. Otherwise, it’s a neat idea. How about the enemy being able to destroy the flying blood drops by hitting them to make it even harder to recover health? I think that move has potential to be broken, even if it has lotsa lag and disable several moves. Making the flying puddles destructable would prevent spamming a lot. The Up B needs a few detail parts: How big is one of those Puchuus, and how many Puchuus does Hyatt summon? Respectively, how wide is the area of the bear stair? And do u c wut i did thar? Still, this is one of the most epic and unique recovery ideas I’ve seen in MYM so far, so kudos to you for that. The Down B is hilarious. Especially the animation of the ending lag. It’s also neatly balanced, I like the whole idea. Though the lack of the description for what a blood puddle does is a bit strange, I see you put it into the DTilt – why didn’t you put the Specials after or, if you already use the blood puddles in them, describe them in the first move using respectively creating them? And what happens if Hyatt uses it in mid-air? Otherwise, it’s good!

The Standards are hilarious. I love how much different names you’ve got for “coughs blood”. The Jab is neat. Oh, so the FTilt is not blood, but actual tomato juice? lol, you’ve caught me off-guard there. šŸ˜› It’s cool, nevertheless. The UTilt is… wow… just wow. lol. That moveset turns something like spitting blood totally into a hilarious and joyous read. Haha. Anyway, I like that move, though I think it’s a bit underpowered. It has so many drawbacks (slow and punishable, nearly no knockback and only 4% damage for one hit) and only goes up half a Battlefield platform? Hell, Marth’s and Meta Knight’s UTilts reach higher and have less drawbacks. Make it reach further, or have at least some drops escaping that fountain of blood to the sides to cover them. Otherwise, the idea is neat. Okay, so we’re at the DTilt description. It’s cool, too… but I generally have some things to ask about the blood puddles themselves. In the description of the Side Special you mention that the puddles disappear after some time, that never appeared again in any of the moves using them. Do they disappear after some time, and if yes, when? Also, what happens to a puddle if an enemy trips on it? Does it disappear or will it stay? How big are the puddles? Can Hyatt trip on them, too? That’s some questions you leave unanswered, but they are pretty important to Hyatt’s gameplay! The Dash Attack is a little bit bland (it reminds me a lot of Snake’s, just worse), but that’s okay.

The FSmash is grand. I first thought she was going to shoot, but then she just falls over and dies. lol. Kinda expected, yet still surprising. I also love the name. It’s a great attack, overall. So far my favourite. The USmash is insanely creative. Wow. I love it. But here, another few questions are unanswered. You state that she summons a maximum of 5 birds, but will there fall 5 birds in total or at each puddle? Additionally to this, will they fall from the ceiling like Pikachu’s Down B, or do they fall from a set location above the puddles? The DSmash is lovely. I like the effect of falling over and killing enemies with it, but I really would like if you could give a little button input before she falls and thus determining where the falls at. Making it random is a bit bad and makes it horrible since it has so bad ending lag. Otherwise, it’s an awesome move.

You… put the Throws before the Aerials? How unorthodox. Uhm… Grabs it is, then. Haha… the Grab animation makes up for it, though. Awesome. I love it. The Pummel is cool, too. The FThrow is very neat, though killing at 110-120% is not only a good move for killing, but an AWESOME move for killing, considering it usually takes about 140% to kill an opponent. UThrow is neat… does she yell “Hail Ilpalazzo!”, too? DThrow is neat, but… do you realize how small the distance of one Battlefield platform is for a throw? The normal tether grabs like Samus’ are normally just as long as one of those platforms. You might want to put it a little wider, because that’s a ridiculously small distance for a throw if it’s supposed to shoot them forward. The BThrow is cool, since I saw the intro of the anime, I know it’s a reference… so yea.

Now to the Aerials, myes? So at the NAir, she only spins her feet? How’s that possible? lol. I also love the intro line with the coffee. The FAir is extremely neat, I wonder why noone thought of that so far. It’s a great gimping tool, heh. BAir seems a bit bland, but it’s cool nevertheless… since most of Hyatt’s moves are pretty unique, a couple of generic stuff is acceptable. The UAir is… weird, to say the least. It’s a cool attack, but it kinda freaks me out. As for the DAir… does it only cancel out if Hyatt hits the ground, or does she stop the animation after some while? I just wonder because that’d make a Hyattcide, lol. Anyway, it’s not that original, but still funny to read she just dies mid-air and plops down.

The Final Smash is a very creative and interesting idea, though might be a tad bit overpowered (at least on stages like Final Destination). Also, you should mention how the blood stream disappears after the 10 seconds have run out, and if the 10 seconds are counted from the start of the move or its peak or something.

Okay, so… except a few minor missing details in a few of the moves (which I pointed out), the most vital details are here, and it’s enough to get a picture of Hyatt’s moves. Your writing style is witty and – fitting to the character – not very serious. This moveset was very hilarious and fun to read, I enjoyed it a LOT. The moves are insanely creative with a few exceptions, so no complaints here, too.

Hyatt’s playstyle is very interesting – all about setting up the blood puddles (that really need some more info!) and using them to get your enemy down, then finishing them off with a Smash and/or gimp them with FAir. Additionally, Hyatt’s FThrow is insanely strong (even though you say her throws are weak in her “Cons” section), making a reliable killing move, too.

The balance of the moveset overall is great, you might want to power some of her attacks up, though (direction input for DSmash, buff USmash, maybe buff the throws a little more except the FThrow). Her powerful moves suffer lag, her weaker moves are quick. She can control the stage too with her puddles. So… yea.

Overall, Hyatt is an extremely fun set to read, and definitely beats – in my opinion – out Shanoa who was your best until now. The whole concept of dieing all over the place is extremely unique, and despite I doubt Hyatt or a character with similar traits would make it into Smash due to the whole gore factor, I wouldn’t mind if she would. As long as she got your moveset. If you haven’t read Hyatt yet and want to have some fun, go and read her… she’s an exceptional moveset due to the hilarity, and definitely one of my favourites in the contest so far… if it just is because she always dies.

Well, quite.



  1. Thanks for the review Spade ^_^

    I’ll make sure to go back and tweek some of the details so the overall set is a bit clearer most notably the down tilt.

    Sooooo…what’s average for a throw? I didn’t really know what a strong throw should be so I guessed.

    Shake told me it made Ness’ back throw look weak…so the throw you saw was actually NERFED from what it originally was xD

    Anyway, thanks again Spade ^_^

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