Posted by: hyperridley | May 16, 2009

This Review's All Mine – Medli



By Wizzerd


Disclaimer:  Tanookie was originally supposed to review this, but due to him going on hiatus, it was only recently that I had to take up this review.  So don’t blame me for this thing taking so long to come out! 😡


So, I get to review another Wizzerd move set, eh?  Cool, let’s see how much you’ve improved from Bundit.  Personally, I didn’t really like Windwaker that much due to that Triforce hunting segment *shudders*.  Let’s see what you got.


So, on to the statistics.  I remember Bundit’s being ridiculous…Medli’s are certainly an improvement, but I still feel that these stats give off a negative first impression.  She looks like a Meta Knight but with more range.  Yeah, I’m sure you just pissed yourself at hearing that.  The animations are all standard, though I liked how you used her crouch animation from Windwaker.  However, I have to sit and laugh at the exclusion of jumping animations.  Isn’t Medli an aerial focused character?  I’d think that would be the most important thing to include so we know just how her aerial game fares.  But enough about stats and animations, on to the actual move set!


So the specials.  Grappling hook is a pretty cool move.  I like how many little features it has that all add up to one very unique move.  The only thing I would suggest is that you seem to imply that the end lag is different between hitting and missing, but you only state the missing end lag.  Oh, and no it doesn’t sound useless from the first paragraph, it sounds like a very useful and worthwhile move, lol.  Harp Mirror is extremely clever due to having different amounts of usefulness depending on the projectile she absorbs, but I have a few issues.  First, I can’t fully picture the beam phase of the attack.  Does Medli stand still when she fires or can she move around?  How much end lag is there when she fires the beam, or is it the same as when she doesn’t absorb anything?  My other concern has to do with balance.  The beam is a high damaging move that is easy to DI out of, which is fine, but because Medli can aim the beam, couldn’t she just sweep the beam as the enemy DIs to keep them in there?  This goes back to detail, you don’t say how quickly she turns the beam, so if she turned slowly enough, I guess it could work out.  Moving along…Wind’s Requiem is a nice move.  It’s good to see some actual iconic songs from Windwaker involved, and I like how the move is literally just a giant gust of wind.  No punching with a wind after-effect, just a pure wind gust.  Earth God’s Lyric is another nice use of a song from the game.  The ability to store the “charge” of a move that negates one of Medli’s only weaknesses is wonderfully balanced by only being able to take advantage of it once per stock, almost as a last resort move against opponents who are too difficult to gimp.  Overall, Medli has some cool special moves that make me curious to see how the rest of the move set fares.


Yay, (un)standard attacks.  We really need a new term for these considering how often these end up more interesting that the actual specials, lol.  Prayer to Laruto is an awesome move, and well balanced, but I’m not too sure of how it fits into Medli’s gimping playstyle.  Earth God’s Lyric was a clever way of giving her a method of achieving standard KOs, but this seems like an actual power character move.  Ah well, the individual move itself is awesome.  Twister is a simple but very creative move.  I’ve always wanted a dash attack where the user can continue dashing after using it.  If there’s one problem I have with it, it would be that it seems almost TOO versatile; it’s quick, can go on for far distances, deals nice damage, and has good priority.  If anything, I would tone down the priority to be slightly below average so that it could still chew through most projectiles but melee attacks could beat it.


Tilt time.  ZOMG you have projectile tilts this move set is the suckzor!  Seed shooter is kinda overpowered.  It’s quick on both ends, disjointed, and delivers high hit stun.  The moment you get anywhere close to someone, you could just pull this move and get a free hit with one of Medli’s stronger attacks.  I’m gonna say to tone down the hitstun and it should be fine.  Beak Hop is decently interesting…*reads last sentence* it’s a nice move for KOing…she has two non-smashes that are good for KOing…I THOUGH YOU SAID SHE HAS TROUBLE SCORING STANDARD KOS GRAAAAHHHHAHDKFJKJKLJGKLFGLKGKD!


Sorry about that…so let’s finish up the last tilt in a new paragraph, shall we?  Water (Best attack name ever) is decent enough, though I have a question.  How does a stream of water have bad priority, when it would probably work as a disjointed move?  Other than that, the move is fine enough, and it even fits into her stated playstyle.  Yay!


Oh God, if Medli has two KOing tilts, do I want to know how much her smashes will contradict her playstyle?  Lantern is the new Mach Tornado of…oh, it can be only used once every 30 seconds, nevermind.  I still don’t like the idea of her having a KO move that is so easy to use when it’s available.  Wow, Sunbeam was a damage racker!  Medli has a smash attack to go along with her gimping ability!  The move is decently interesting too.  Blue Smoke is a really cool move for sure.  It’s got a neat effect, and it’s well balanced.  However, you say the move is for Medli to more easily use aerial combos on her opponents.  Isn’t that negated in a way since the smoke apparently leaves when the enemy is damaged?  I guess it could still be used to more easily get people into the air to begin with.  Overall, I’m actually pleasantly surprised regarding the smashes.  Only one of them was a KO move, the way it should be for Medli.  Now if we could do something about those tilts…


I’ve been hearing throughout the entire move set so far how much rape Medli can induce with her aerials, so it’s time for the main event!  Holy $#17, you weren’t kidding when you said how insane her aerials are, that Nair is broken!  Lesee, it’s quick, deals great damage that covers a nice area and lasts for a full second, has decent priority, and good hit stun, and on top of all that Medli can do other attacks while it’s going on!  The only thing not heavily tilted in its favor is that it deals low knockback, but the hit stun means that the knockback just makes it easier for her to connect with this move yet again!  It’s like Illidan’s Nair only more insane, and that’s saying something!  Now, what to nerf…since the “gimmick” of the move is that Medlii can attack during it, I would say to tone down the priority of the fairy, and place more end lag on the move, so that when her shield goes away she can’t immediately summon a new one.  It would still be a useful shield thing to combine with her other aerials, but now she can’t just spam this thing to kingdom come and win.


Do I dare peek at the other aerials…Glide (another epic move name) is a nice twist on the regular glide, but it seems kinda scary how she could potentially just keep entering this glide to wall-of-pain for a gimp KO, and then she would still have all of her midair jumps + recovery moves to return to the stage.  Perhaps instead of entering a helpless state, you could make each use of the Fair take away one of her midair jumps.  That way there would be a drawback to using this move while still keeping its other useful traits intact.  Wing Flick is a pretty cool move with the feather projectiles, but I don’t see a mention of how much knockback the feathers do (or if they even deal knockback or hit stun for that matter), or their priority.  I also don’t see any mention of end lag.  Still, based on the description you gave me, the move is *gasp* a balanced aerial while reaming useful.  There’s hope for Medli yet!  Harp Toss is another clever move that is fitting to an aerial Goddess while remaining balanced.  One problem, though, is that I see no mention of lag whatsoever.  Needz moar detail!  Tornado Spin is a pretty cool move (PK Wind!), but I see a major contradiction: “Medli can move the tornado with the control stick… Medli can make it spin out of control early by pressing the control stick” So the moment you try to move the tornado, you activate it?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not what you want to say.  Otherwise, the move is cool, but you might want to clear that part up a bit (or just make it so the A button activates the tornado).


*Pants*  Okay, I survived the aerials, the grabs can’t be too bad.  The grab animation is awesome, one of the best I’ve ever seen.  The pummel is also pretty cool, I guess wind shall be the theme of these throws.  Tornado Slam is really clever how you made use of slamming the enemy into other objects to increase the damage (although it givers her another KO move, lol).  Razor Feathers deals no knockback…CHAINGRAB ALERT!  Flight (Oh God the epic move names are blinding me with their divine glow) is awesome.  It’s about time we had an aerial version of DK’s grabs.  Tornado Swirl is not just a potential CHAINGRAB ALERT, but it’s yet another move that helps her score KOs.  KO?  In my Medli?  As this move set shows, that is much more possible than you think.


The situationals…the wind ones are cool, the other ones are bleh.  Thus be the divine word of the situational God.  Plorf is the situational Jesus btw.


The Final Smash is…well, it rapes her playstyle by making her into a KOing machine (and it doesn’t really cover any weakness since she was already good at KOs, lol)  And it’s quite simply, broken due to lasting forever on her current stock.  She becomes a God-tier  character when she activates it, and therefore won’t be losing a stock any time soon.  If Final Smashes weren’t already banned, either they would be now, or Medli would be an uncontroversial broken character.


The playstle section is dead on the first sentence: “she lacks the necessary powern to be a heavy-hitter and the special moves to become a projectile spammer…”  She has a good amount of KO moves, and Seed Shooter is a ridiculous spammable projectile, not to mention she has other projectile-ish moves such as Wing Flick.  In fact, this is Medli’s biggest problem, her balance.  She has damage racking, KOing, gimping, recovery, range, priority…she’s like Meta Knight but even closer to breaking the limit, if not already crossing the line due to some individual broken moves.  If she was an actual gimping oriented character and stuck to that, she would be fine, but her nice selection of KO moves is what mostly kills her in this department.


The extras are all standard fare, but I did enjoy the codec.  It made me chuckle.


Okay, so how Medli hold up in the end?  Well, there are no shortage of creative moves in there, so that’s one thing.  Your writing style is also just as friendly as with Bundit, so another plus to you.  There are a few detail concerns I mentioned, but those could be easily fixed.  The real problem with this move set is the balance, which in turn ended up tearing apart the playstyle you were aiming for.  Honestly, if she just had an actual lack of KO moves, she’d be MUCH more balanced, particularly if her FSmash wasn’t so easy to use when it is available.  This would also help to establish her as a gimping Goddess like she’s supposed to be.  Some other moves would require individual attention *glares at Nair and Fair*, but for the most part, strip her of her KO potential, and I’d say she would at least be beatable by other characters not named Medli or Meta Knight (or Bowser, he’s the King of counterpicking top tiers)


As a last note, I’m saddened that Tanookie never got to this review.  I feel there are some things in here that perhaps could have helped you with future move sets.  Oh well.  In any case, this was certainly better than the average move set, and I can definitely see potential in you, Wizzerd.  Here’s to hoping for a productive career in Make Your Move!



  1. Damn balance…

    You’re right. Medli is way overpowered, I suppose. Balance is something I need to work on quite a bit… and the moves don’t match her, really. I think I focused so much on making each move unique… that I made Medli broken. I considered some moves that would make sense, but then I would be ripped apart for unoriginality. Maybe it would be better to use some more traditional moves in my next set.

    Also, who is this “Bundit” you keep talking about? I never made a moveset for a “Bundit.”

  2. Also, what is a “rewiew”?

  3. Rewiew? What rewiew? It clearly says “review” up there. :bee:

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