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This Review's All Mine – Gligar



By Kitsuneko345


Ah, Gligar.  I was actually going to make a Gliscor move set in MYM4, but it was canceled.  Both Gligar and his evolved form Gliscor are 2 of my absolute favorite Pokemon, so I was ecstatic to see that you were making a move set for this bugger.  Let’s see if you did them justice.


So, the first thing I would like to bring to attention are those headers.  I was around to see this guy when the headers were in a pixilated style.  I was able to read them well enough, but now that you’ve made them into a more standard font I must say that the set looks much easier on the eyes.  So kudos to you.


Right away I’m loving this set from the overview section.  You put a lot of detail into introducing us to the bat-scorpion, including how he plays in the actual games.  Nice!  I liked how you even implemented his immunity to lightning, though I feel that it may have been better if that was stated in a different section, as many people probably skim over the intro part really fast and may miss it.  Still, this is one of the best overview sections I’ve read, hence me devoting a piece of the review to it.


Now, onwards to the stats.  So he’s small yet somewhat heavy, He has a decent first jump with 3 bad midair jumps, Mediocre movement speed, an emphasis on speed over power, decent range and priority, and good traction (or at least the number indicates it’s good traction, despite your claims to the contrary).  Overall, if I had to judge balance solely on these stats, I’d say he’s in the ideal spot.  The stats are leaning in his favor, but not so much as to make him rape half the cast, and he still has outright weaknesses for opponents to exploit.  I also liked how he had Wall Cling/Jump and Gliding, especially considering your reasons for him to use them.  Bravo, sir.


I feel good about this move set and I’ve only just begun to read the actual meat of it!  So, let’s see what kinds of specials this guy has.  Cross Poison is pretty cool.  It’s a chargeable projectile that can be aimed and deals poison damage.  Four little effects in one!  It’s also nicely detailed and balanced (though the lag could be clarified a bit more), so I’ve got no complaints.  Guillotine is another move that combines several little effects (in this case, grabbing and an optional dive in the air) to make an overall clever move.  However, you didn’t mention the startup lag or the speed at which he moves during the attack, which is important to the balance of a potentially extremely damaging move.  I’d suggest making it have below average startup lag and he moves at an average speed, so it’s fast enough to use but slow enough to not be easily abused.  Wing Attack is yet another move where multiple effects are combined into one cool move (projectile + aiming them + multi-hit + glide after-effect = win!)  I’m seriously loving how so far all of his moves combine multiple minor effects into a larger move.  I’m really curious to see how far this set takes that concept.  However, I have a bit of a problem concerning detail.  Does he shoot both tornados at once, or one after the other?  If he shoots them in succession, how much time is there in between each shot?  I’d say that either variation (same time or in succession) would work fine, so I’ll let you clarify it on your own.  Other than that missing detail, the move is awesome!  And now we get to dig, that epic move that you previewed us with in the thread… And it’s still just as epic as ever!  In fact, it’s even better now since you fixed up the balance.  I have two nitpicks: For the platform variation, you say that it takes ¼ of a second, and then you say that it takes 1/10 of a second.  Maybe you meant the startup lag and then how much time it takes to do the move, I dunno.  Again in the platform variation, what happens if you make a new hole when there are already 2 on the stage?  Does the old one disappear, or does Gligar not dig?  But even with those missing details, Dig is one of my favorite moves in MYM history.  And for that matter, all of Gligar’s specials are awesome and a great read.


Basic attacks, eh?  So, sand attack is an epic jab combo.  I love how his claws and the sand do different amounts of damage.  U-Turn is another cool move with its special effect of returning to your starting position after you hit.  Although I will admit, I am wondering if there is a limit to the distance Gligar can return to.  What if he started dashing all the way from across the Bridge of Eldin?  Granted, this is more of a nitpick, since the move would still work just fine the way you describe it.


Yay tilts!  Screech is a fun little move.  I had to read it a few times to fully understand it, but it works well.  However, I don’t see any mention of lag on the move.  I guess priority could also be mentioned, but I can assume that the soundwaves are disjointed, so the lag should be mentioned if nothing else.  Swift is a cool move, especially how it combines (there’s that combination stuff again!) projectiles with homing abilities.  My only nitpick is that I would like to know how much priority the stars have (I’ll suggest making it below average).  Stealth Rock is a fun stage controlling move and my favorite of Gligar’s Tilts, but I don’t see lag mentioned.  Gligar’s tilts are not quite as mind-numbingly awesome as the specials, but they’re still enjoyable and have some good ideas.


Time for some good old smash attacks.  X-scissor is like a dumbed down version of Cross Poison, lol.  It’s fine regarding detail and balance, but you say “Letting go of the B button…”  I thought smashes used A, lulz.  Sludge Bomb is pure win, and not just because my Gligar had that move in Gold version.  It’s a freaking projectile that has a poison effect and then it creates a slippery area if it hits the ground.  Effect combinations FTW!  Although the move DOES need a lag statement and the priority for the sludge bomb (Make it below average on both ends)…Earthquake is a fun move, and my Gliscor has it in Diamond version, yay!  The only thing I would suggest is increasing the startup lag due to the high power of the initial claw attack, though in turn you can feel free to lower the end lag slightly.  So overall, other than the FSmash cloning another move in the same move move set, the other 2 smashes were great fun.


Aerials.  Oh God, please don’t let the Nair be as broken as the past 2 move sets I’ve had to review…*reads Nair, and takes a deep sigh of relief*  Ah, Steel Wing is a very nice sex-kick type of move.  I love the cartwheel function you added to it, it’s a very nice simple effect.  The move is pretty well balanced, but you might want to mention its priority due to how spammable it could be.  I’d say make it worse than average in priority and we’ll be all set.  I’ll get to the Fair and Bair in a bit, so let’s see what I have to say about the other aerials first.  Razor Wind is neat.  I like how he has quasi-superarmor when he gets hit by not being fully interrupted, and how he has the pushing down effect.  I do need a mention of lag, however, and I’ll say to make it average on both ends due to it being a projectile with KO potential.  Roost is hilarious and really creative.  Using your enemies as a pillow is pure win.  People who say that stall-then-falls are boring should be shown Roost and then promptly shut up.  Aerial Ace is pretty cool, and I like how Gligar has a glide attack despite only being able to glide after using Wing Attack.


Now, for the Fair and Bair.  In short…EPIC WIN!  Oh my God, it’s the greatest use of “mirrored moves” ever, and my favorite move interaction ever!  So you use one of those moves, which has different power depending on your hit/miss ratio, which then changes said ratio and the power for next time, and you turn around, so you have to take into account both your direction and your hit/miss ratio when you use either move…epic!  There’s so much strategy involved in just these 2 moves that I’d main Gligar just for them!  And did I mention that I love you for giving us a chart to show us the power at different levels?  Yeah, next person to say that Bairs suck after reading Return is going on my hit-list.


Grabs already?  But I don’t want this move set to end!  For future reference, I would suggest giving the grab animation its own header, but that’s a pure nitpick.  The pummel is cool, yay.  Furry Cutter…CHAINGRAB ALERT!  You did give it a fail-safe by making the knockback increase with repeated uses, so for now I’ll say that it passes.  FOR NOW!  Feint Attack is funny, that is all.  Metal Claw is boring, that is all.  (What the hell, what’s this boring move doing in this move set?)  Earth Power is a really simple but clever attack.  It’s definitely my favorite of Gligar’s throws.


Sandstorm is a nice final smash.  It fits with Gligar’s projectile and spacing oriented playstyle. I lol’d at the tornados being almost clones of Mach Tornado, not because the move was boring, but because Mach Tornado is good enough to be compared to final smashes.


Ah, the playstyle section.  On one hand, there are some truly useful things in there, such as mixing up the Fair/Bair, and his recovery options.  On other other hand, there wasn’t really much of a playstyle you were stating in it, instead just randomly yelling out moves to use and even randomly stating that he’s a gimping character at the end.  The sad part about this is that Gligar truly does have a very nice playstyle that could be described.  He’s got a variety of projectile/stage-control and spacing moves, and he appears to be much better at scoring regular KOs than gimping.  Funny enough, he seems to lean more towards power than speed, unlike his speed emphasis in the stats section.  Still, Gligar is still a very nicely balanced character, and even if your playstyle section didn’t show it, he does have a fun playstyle that I would consider maining.


The extras are all well and good.  +100 points for Shiny Gligar alt color.


So I’m finished reading it.  And the first thing I do is…re-read Dig, Frustration, and Return, cause I loved them so much.  Yeah, seriously, that should give you an idea of how much I like this guy.  Honestly, the only thing to fix with this guy is detail on some moves, and I was even nice enough to give you suggestions for most of those instances to make those corrections even easier.  There’s no shortage of creative moves in there, mainly because throughout the entire move set, you stuck with that theme of combing multiple smaller effects into one move.  Let’s see, all of the specials, UpTilt, USmash, DSmash, Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, Dair, GlideAir, and the Dthrow would all fall under this category.  Gligar is the very definition of simple but clever.  This move set also score highly on balance and playstyle, making it into a very solid entry overall.  I will definitely vote for this guy, and if the detail stuff is fixed, I’ll gladly give this guy a super-vote.  So thanks Kits, for giving one of my fave pokemon the move set he deserves.





  1. tl;dr

    HR has to buy a new monitor after reading this set, because he stained the screen with his sperm.

  2. (goo) I can’t believe this was reviewed so fast…

    (combines everything I want to say in one paragraph)

    I can’t actually believe that you where actually planning on making a Gliscor Moveset. Believe it or not, the overview was actually part of Bulbapedia’s article on Gligar. I never thought of Gligar’s moves as simple yet clever. Dig, Frustration, and Return are the best moves ever in the moveset. In the F/R Chart, there is a hidden link there. I hate talking about lag and stuff like that, so hopefully you’ll understand. I’ll do editing as soon as I can find some time.


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