Posted by: SirKibble | May 17, 2009

Killing With Kindness — Jealous Bass

Jealous Bass by Baloo


 So! We finally get a moveset from the guy who pumped out more than his fair share last contest, huh? Good to see you’re still at it, Baloo. I guess I’m looking at a boss from Mother 3. I’m not too familiar with the Mother series, but given the extremely brief backstory, maybe that won’t matter here. The Twist (by the way, I don’t know if I ever told you, I’m soooo glad it’s no longer The Special Thing That Makes Him Special) sounds pretty fun, although now I wonder why you have pictures of 6 characters up top when only three of them matter… Eh, whatever.

Stat-wise, he looks like your typical big, slow, powerful character. Unlike most characters like that, though, he’s apparently got a pretty rockin’ range. Hopefully that doesn’t break him; I don’t think it should, but it does present itself as a possibility. I try not to rely on Stats for that decision, though, so let’s move on to the actual ‘set.

 The Neutral Special SOUNDS cool, but I can’t totally picture it right. The big problem is how the Bass swings himself. I can’t tell what the range of this move would be. I can’t even guess at it, really. Also, I’m confused about where you say “in the smashes,” as you can’t smash a Neutral Special. I guess maybe I’m missing something here, so… I don’t know.

The Side Special is a good concept, but I kind of dislike how it’s so much better against some characters (13 seconds for Ness) than others (3 seconds for Mario). Also, did you…copy this list from Warlord’s Lust moveset? Check R.O.B. (the first occurence of his name in the list) and Captain Falcon. 😛 Anyway, I think even for the characters who are only given 3 or 4 seconds of vulnerability, the time is kind of long. I mean, this move isn’t hard to hit with, and it’s painfully easy to follow up with that kind of downtime.

The Up Special is somewhat clever, but it feels like you just couldn’t think of anything better. It kind of seems like a joke ‘set concept turned serious, if you ask me, and I don’t know how much I like that…

The Down Special, is normally a perfectly fine move. With just the Bass, I can still go for it. The randomness isn’t too extreme there. Electric Guitar is a bit too random for my tastes, though, as it’s, quite frankly, completely unreliable. Musical Change is kind of a waste, obviously, something I’d rather see in, say, a Taunt. It’s clever, don’t get me wrong, but as a move… Eh…

The Neutral Attack is kind of boring. The only variation that’s exciting is the full band one, and on that, I’d like to see mention of the speed of the lightning bolt. The Dash Attack / F-Tilt is somewhat interesting, though I’m beginning to feel like this moveset has a few lackluster ideas in it, and some underdeveloped ones, probably because you were trying to write descriptions for multiple possibilities with each move. The Up Tilt is kind of an example. It’s just…not as exciting as I’d hoped it would be. Coupled with the randomness effect… Anyway, the Down Tilt is fine. I actually don’t have any complaints about that. Good.

The Smashes are all fine, since you didn’t try to explain multiple instrument possibilities for each move. I have one question, though: what determines whether the jam option or the other one is chosen? Did I miss that, or is it just plain not mentioned anywhere? If I missed it, that’s my bad, but if it’s not there, that’s a problem. Anyway, like I said, I like the other versions of the attacks. They’re clever and now I understand what those other pictures up top were for, so that’s just fine.

The Bass’ attack for the Neutral Aerial is easily the best of the bunch, though I’m a little confused about how many hits he scores. And I assume he always does those hits on the beat, right? Anyway, just a little clarification needed there. The Forward Aerial is okay, nothing really special. By the way, do you know that your attack names are out of order more than a few times throughout the moveset? Just something I thought I should point out. The Off Key Attack in the Backward Aerial is nice, one of the moves I’m actually enjoying a bit in this moveset. Anyway, the Up Aerial, as I believe you’ve been told, is impossible, with the modes and all, but barring that…I still think this move is a little awkward. It’s like a random effect move, and not a reliable one either. Sort of random for an Up Aerial, too… The Down Aerial works all right, though mega-slow, mega-powerful may not be what I’d imagined this trio needing. Either way, it’s an okay move, if a bit too slow-and-powerful for my liking.

The Final Smash is fine, seems especially fitting to the character(s), so I won’t complain about the fact that it’s a little boring. I know it happens sometimes when you’re trying to be in-character. Yeah, not much more to say about that.

Oh, so now we come to the Throws. The Grab is fine, the Pummel is boring, and the actual Throws are pretty good. In particular, I like the Up and Down Throws, but the others are also clever enough. This actually may have been my favorite section of this moveset, so good job.

Taunts and Victory Poses are fine. That Down Taunt is a nice little Extra. The rest of the Extras are all fine. I do like the Kirby Hat; that’d be funny to see. Um… Yeah, that’s all for Extras commentary.

So! I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t think this is your best work, Baloo. I’ve seen you do better than this. I know this moveset was thought up on kind of a whim, and probably wasn’t meant to be a serious contender, so hopefully that won’t hit too hard. It was mainly lacking in detail and creative juices, if you ask me. It was an okay read, just a tad bland or confusing at parts. *Shrug*





  1. As said in the last paragraph, this was really just a whim, and an excuse to get a moveset into the thread. :p

    Concerning the smashes and jam thing, if all of the band members are present, you jam. That’s it.

    Yeah, Uair is impossible. 😦

    Nair can hit as many times as you can, but only an expert musician could hold the beat for a full match.

    Yeah, the throws were pretty good. And concerning the pummel, are pummels ever interesting?

    Yeah, but mine aren’t. <_<

    The Up Special was one of my favorites. 😦 It’s actually based on a Mother 3 glitch that has nothing to do with Jealous Bass, but the Negative Man, a completely different boss.

    So yeah, this wasn’t really supposed to be very good, it was horribly rushed. :p My OC will be better, I hope.

    And now for something completely different, Balooagikibbleroolia claims another territory!

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