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Pride and Prejudice — Metal Man

Page 96

Metal Man by Plorf

So this is technically your first set. . .For the longest time I didn’t think it was gonna happen. You kept talking about Shotzo, an utterly ridiculous character you were doing due to the challenge of it, and constantly announced billions of new moveset plans. Eventually Kibble did a joint with you just so you could have a set, but I figured that he did most of the work. However, now that we’ve all pressured you to make a set yourself. . .It’s even better then the joint. Kibble might’ve actually been weighing you down instead of visa versa, because Metal Man is amazing. Not that there’s anything wrong with Heat Man, but I LOVE Metal Man.

Originality: There’s absolutely no shortage of originality whatsoever in individual moves. There are so many crazy trap moves in this move it’s utterly absurd. Such unique moves being contained in button inputs as simple as the utilt or dtilt is very impressive, although I find it a bit strange that all the various crazy unique moves of the set, including the situationals, are more special then the actual specials (Save the epic down special), which irks me somewhat. Either way, this is a very minor issue, although I’d love to see the epic move that is Mag Ball be more usable. It’s a shame that such an original move can only be used on a ledge and when over 100%. Regardless, the move is awesome. Being magnetized to hover under the stage is a brilliant application of the move, and all the various uses of metal box like effects throughout the set with down special and uair are cool. Giving Metal Man a Metal Box themed situational was also a great idea. Really, it’s much easier pointing out moves that AREN’T freaking awesome in this moveset, and they’re few and far between.

Playstyle: After reading through Metal Man and being in awe at his many traps and stage controlling options, I had huge anticipation for a sexy playstyle section. . .I could already start piecing together how to use Metal Man in a similiar fashion to how I was piecing together trap combinations for Lemmy. I was loving every bit of it. However; your playstyle section describes him as having a rather generic playstyle centering around the neutral special, which is generic and boring in comparison to his other awesome stage controlling moves. From your playstyle description it sounds like Metal Man’s stage controlling moves are useless or that he doesn’t even have them. All in all, the playstyle section feels like it wasn’t written for Metal Man at all and needs a complete rewrite IMHO. This could’ve very easily tied together the moveset and made me super vote this otherwise amazing set in helping me understand how all these traps come together, but the playstyle section left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Detail: This is definitely a section where Kibble was holding you back with Heat Man for rather obvious reasons. Flying solo, your detail seems to be on a fine level, although it’s bordering more towards over detail then under detail with slightly awkward descriptions, though that’s more a problem of writing style. Still, the moveset left little to no room for interpretation with moves and is perfectly readable, only occasionally dragging out. Your writing style will probably refine itself as you continue writing movesets and there’s hardly anything that’s outright worth “fixing”. Another strong point for Metal Man.

Balance: I’m glad that you nuked the down special since release, Metal Man badly needed that nuke. That said, you say this his recovery sucks and make his playstyle center around that, but you essentially make his up special Wario’s side special which is excellent for recovery. I’d suggest nuking Metal Man’s recovery to make up for his insane durability and to help make his extremely unique playstyle (Or at least what I believe his playstyle seems to be – You seem to think it’s generic according to your playstyle section) flow even better. Other then that, it’s fine, although I’d actually suggest buffing the final smash. It can only rack up 60% at the very max with the 5 seconds the foe is frozen + the free 30% and can’t KO. If it’s solely a damage racker, increase the amount of time foes are stuck. Considering some final smashes can score multiple KOs, if a final smash is a damage racker it should be a hell of one. Increase the 5 second period to 15, I’d say.

Relevance to Character: I have only played Megaman X on a ROM and only killed one boss, so yeah. That said, I do find it a bit awkward that Metal Man is able to essentially build the level he’s from with all his traps when Wily was the one who actually did it, but this is a minor complaint. All of the traps and props and such are from Metal Man’s actual level only (I think, anyway) which is quite impressive, and you make plenty of use of the metal part of Metal Man. Congrats. Metal Man’s personality isn’t really shown in the set at all, but he doesn’t exactly have much personality to show.

Organization: The organization is essentially like the one I ripped off from Rool, but improved with different fonts and those little symbols which I’m sure have something or other to do with Metal Man/Mega Man inbetween the button inputs and move names, so I really can’t complain. The organization is great. The sprites provided help all the more, but I really don’t want to bring up a new window to see them when they’d take up nearly no space or loading time in the moveset due to being so small. Just directly link em in the set, man, like I recommended to you in the chat. I find the placement of the situationals rather random. I believe they should either be after the tilts, throws, or final smash. Anyway, minor complaints. Fixing those things up would only make this even better.

Extras: The poses don’t exactly have a lot of character. . .But Metal Man doesn’t have a lot of character to show, as stated earlier. That said, giving him poses against robot master he’s strong/weak against was a good idea. Good job getting Agi to do your recolors. I should really get him to do some for me some time. . .The stage isn’t interesting in particular, but it’s cool that we have Metal Man’s level as a stage so we can bring it to life like the real thing with all of his traps from the level in his moveset. The level could’ve been made more interesting if you said that the various parts of Metal Man’s moveset were present in the level by default, but that’s just me and my extra nazism. I just see more potential here. Anyway, sweet music choices. I love you for including the Metal like you promised. Symbol is a no brainer. Kirby Hat is a bit bland and I feel the down special would’ve been more interesting to give Kirby, but whatever. The entrance seems a bit too lengthy to take place in the small gap before a match starts and is somewhat overdetailed, but I’m only criticizing something as insanely minor as that due to commenting on each individual extra. An above average quantity of extras, though I feel they’re not as good as they could be. Not that this category really matters, but I critique it like everybody else here does the meat of a moveset. Gotta have some individuality in our reviews, don’t we?

Overall: Really I was just critizing random little things throughout this review. There are plenty of things that could make this even more awesome such as fixing up the balance and adding more to the stage, but it’s already freaking epic. The one thing that I absolutely am dying to see though is a rewritten playstyle section. You do that and I would easily call this moveset one of the very top contenders. I’d say more, but then Spadefox would kill me. You get the picture. It’s a great set, but I can’t help but feel myself disappointed as I think about the sheer wow factor there could’ve been if the playstyle actually finished the amazing flow of the actual moveset.



  1. Well thanks for not completely going on about how awesome it is. 😛

    I never really thought about the playstyle section, so I’m not exactly sure how I’d rewrite it. That aside, your comments on nerfing and buffing various moves were helpful, since I can’t play Brawl to compare them to anything. I edited the Up Special a little, but I’m still not sure how much it’s changed, since I don’t have free Brawl access, like I mentioned before.

    I tried to make each and every move original, and I didn’t really look back to see how they compare to one another. I guess that sort of explains the abundance of disjointed hitboxes.

    As for the stage, Agi took his creative liberty, so blame him >.>. I probably should also get those sprites into the actual set, fix up the order of some stuff, etc. Entrance animation is actually faster than average, since this thing is moving so quickly.

    As you might have been able to tell, balance was not my main concern when making the set, but I tried to fix a few things up towards the end. I’m glad you liked the detail too, though I probably did include a bit of unnecessary information.

    So overall, you loved this set. I’m not sure how I’d write a new playstyle section, but I suppose it starts with rereading it and seeing what I can change. So Kibble was holding me down, eh? :bee:

    Overall overall, you earn a :bee:

  2. :bee:

  3. Oh, fine. No more witty commentary on page numbers. =P

  4. What Agi actually meant to say was “I still want to see witty commentary on page numbers,” I’m sure.

    And I didn’t hold nobody down. I think if anything, it’s just the fact that we wanted to construct parts of Heat Man’s moveset in different ways, so it ruined us a little bit.

  5. ^This

    It’s always going to happen in a collaboration: People want their ideas to be the ones executed, so there’s often some disharmony at the end.

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