Posted by: metinahurricane | May 18, 2009

Food for Thought — Heat Man

Heat Man by SirKibble and Plorf

Speaking of Rool slacking off, he asked me to take this review, too. I’d suggest making him Sloth instead of Tanookie, but since neither of them are doing any reviews, that wouldn’t really work. Anyway, Heat Man is Kibble’s first real joint set, since Halberd Crew is more like three movesets put together. I hope it isn’t his last, because it’s a hell of a moveset. Shall we begin?

Originality: After all of these water/ice movesets lately, seeing a GOOD fire-based moveset is simply beautiful. I’d forgotten how much potential fire movesets can have until reading this, but you two certainly put it to good work. I love how you used both the Curry effect, much better than earlier movesets of this sort, and also how you used the lava effect on Norfair in attacks like the Down Air. The constant pummel is genius, reminding me of Ekans, but better. The Down Special is another great attack that really fits the whole fire-based playstyle. There’s not much to complain about for me here. Although you keep the complexity of the attacks scaled back, just about every single attack in here is interesting in some way, and I LOVE Down Tilt, Dash Attack, Up Smash, Up Aerial, Down Aerial, and Back Throw. A few of the attacks – like the Forward Tilt – feel just a bit like generic projectiles, but even they have something to keep them interesting, in this case, the explosion at the end. Great, great job here. Kibble’s creativity is here, as always, with the no-damage attacks, and I can feel the same cleverness that’s all over Metal man, too.

Playstyle: I really like how this moveset works out in this category. You’ve got the little interactions, like all the things you can do with the Down Special, as well as Neutral Combo + Up special, I love things like that. The whole fire-based playstyle is quite different from those already in MYM, let alone Brawl, because it’s a mostly defensive playstyle. There’s a great feel overall, and even though your playstyle section is pretty short, and doesn’t really mention how using him feels like, it does a great job of explaining the individual factors in playing him.

Detail: Here is where having Plorf on the team REALLY paid off. Kibble’s sets are usually very inviting to read, but a bit underdetailed. Heat Man doesn’t have any problems like that. All the detail I want is in the attack, after the description of how the attack looks, and the lag is on every attack. There used to be a time when every moveset had lag on every attack, but these days, with the under-detail movement… sigh… Anyway, I can see exactly what each move would look like, and just about everything’s in here, range, projectile arc, lag, power… There’s some attacks where I’d like to see priority, but less and less people are mentioning that, anyway, so I guess you’re just keeping up with the times.

Balance: There’s not any really huge problem here, actually, so it’s better than most of Kibble’s sets.The fact that Heat Man has great range on a bunch of attacks and good stage control seems pretty much balanced out by how slow he and his attacks are, and by how tough it is for him to KO against an opponent who won’t give him a moment alone. The big problem I see is his Up Special. It’s fast, it covers a ton of space – the distance of FD is huge! It can be cancelled early to sweetspot the ledge and hurts foes on the way with a high-priority hitbox! This should definitely be nerfed, because it would make Heat Man practically impossible to kill, as he can control his aerial movement with his Aerials, too. Also, if his pummel deals 5% a second, and you’ll probably only hold the foe for two seconds, what’s the point of using it instead of a damaging throw? The last big thing is with his Final Smash. It basically seems ridiculously good. If they’re so slow, there’s really nothing stopping you charging at them like the Terminator, just trying to land an Up Smash that’ll basically kill them instantly. 15 seconds isn’t as little as it sounds…

Relevance to Character: Kibble’s always been good at this, and Plorf loves Mega Man. You both know more about it than me, since, you know, I’ve never played a Mega Man game, but I’m guessing from the video of his boss battle I saw that you caught the essence of the character with this moveset. You’ve got it all, right down to the playstyle itself – he’s defensive and fire-based. I can’t say anything bad here.

Organization: This is rather standard Rool-style organization scheme, but everyone’s using that now anyway, and you two used it better than just about anyone else. The colors are perfect, the font is perfect, the spacing of the moveset is perfect… the whole thing feels almost like some sort of piece of art. There are just a few things I can nitpick about. I don’t see the damage percents at the end of attacks like in most Kibble sets, and I usually like seeing that. Some of the attacks are really big, and could use splitting up into smaller paragraphs. And it feels sort of behind the times to see the Specials at the end of the moveset. Anyway, this isn’t my favorite area, so I’ll just leave it at that; you’re both probably better at it than I am.

Extras: I like the taunts quite a bit, they really add personality to the moveset, although aside from the Down Taunt, they don’t feel like something you’d do to actually provoke an enemy or make fun of them after KOing them. Now, the Victory Poses are also pretty cool. I love how you have special ones for the other robot masters that Heat Man is strong or weak against; it really makes me hope that the others all get finished in this MYM. The alt colors are agi’s usual awesome alt colors, and they look especially cool with the flames staying the same on all of them. The stage is rather basic, but hey, at least you have one, and it seems to fit the game nicely. The little add-on with pizza appearing more often feels kind of random. Bleh. Lots of music is always good to see, especially when there’s a stage in the mix. I’m not sure the entrance really fits Heat Man, since he’s meant to be a lighter, but you guys know more about that than me. It feels random that Kirby gains Heat Man’s Forward Smash. All in all, you don’t have all that many extras, but much more than I’m used to seeing these days. Thanks, Plorf!

Overall: There’s something really special about this moveset. Plorf and Kibble, you two combined your strengths and came out with a moveset that really has no clear flaws. Although no one category stands out in my mind as one of the best in the contest, every category is great at least, with only a few balance concerns bringing the moveset down. This has really opened my eyes to how much potential fire movesets really have, and I’m already starting to think of what I could do with one myself. Down with water! Up with fire! Anyway, as I was saying, it’s hard to say which of Kibble’s are best, but this is certainly up there, and it’s a wonderful start for Plorf (and a wonderful continuation with Metal Man).





  1. :bee:

    Considering I originally only made this moveset to force Plorf to stop talking and start working, I’m glad it made such an impact!

    Yay for originality. There’s a category I definitely felt strong in with this one. (But then, I feel strong in that one on pretty much every moveset. :P)

    Honestly, the defensive playstyle wasn’t intentional, at least on my part. It just kind of fell together that way, probably as we tried to stay true to the character.

    Plorf definitely upped my detail at times, occassionally to a point I wasn’t entirely comfortable with, but it’s no surprise that you think that’s a great and wonderful thing!

    Now, balance. The U-Spec’s ridiculous range has been brought to our attention (Plorf denies it, but I suggested the same length Lucario’s Extremespeed can travel, before he told me it needed to be really long). With the Pummel, like you noticed, it’d be hard to Pummel and Throw in the same Grab, except, of course, at high percentages. Keeping in mind that Heat Man excels at damaging, though, I think you could pull it off sometimes. As far as the Final Smash goes…*cough*Ididn’twanttohavethestatsdropbesoextreme*cough*…15 seconds is kind of a standard length of time I use for these kind of Final Smashes, since it’s about how long both Iceberg and Giga Bowser last. :/

    The organization was kept to a simpler style, since I tried to make it something easy-to-read that we wouldn’t have to debate and argue over. Damage percentages are more of a Kibble thing, so I wasn’t sure Plorf would want them, so…I didn’t include them. :/ Didn’t really think about splitting any of those; they didn’t seem too long to me. Meh. As you know, I’ve moved my Specials to the front since this, but whatev, I still kind of like them at the end.

    Plorf wrote the Taunts, excepting the Down. 😛 I’ll admit, the Special Victory Poses were also his idea. The Stage was also Plorf’s doing, although I was forced to construct the darn thing (and Plorf, I told you Khold’s pizza suggestion was too random). The Entrance isn’t particularly fitting, but we really didn’t take much time or think too hard about that, honestly. The Kirby Hat, though, with Kirby getting the F-Smash, is the one thing here I have to talk about. That was done as more of an homage to MM2 than anything, since it’s the attack that Mega Man gets from defeating Heat Man. With that in mind, it seems fitting that Kirby should get it from swallowing him, but it didn’t seem like much of a Special to us, so… Yeah.

    Anyway, glad you liked it. Hopefully my future joint movesets will be as satisfactory. (And I’m fully satisfied with having gotten Plorf actually working). 😛

  2. Not much else to say here. I STILL DENY EVERYTHING! I don’t remember insisting it would be THAT long. You just gave me a length, and it seemed fine. I guess I was just thinking about ground use. Maybe it would be a lot less maneuverable in the air?

    And about originality: Yes, Kibble has very original moves, but we each thought of about half of them. So yeah, I hope you figured that out by the time you read Metal Man :P. About the Final Smash- can you compare it to Wario’s? He is super-buffed for a pretty long time, AND he’s invincible. I think it’s because people are actually trying to balance Final Smashes though… >.>

    Detail. I feel as if I should include a lot of it, since it’s kind of annoying when you have an open-ended move in your set. I think Kibble put up with me a lot in that area :P. For the playstyle, we didn’t really have something in mind until we actually were close to finishing, realizing Heat Man was more of a damager than anything. Kibble wrote the playstyle section on his own, so I had no part in that.

    Kibble, I honestly wouldn’t have minded if you had the damage percentages at the end of each move, I just took it for granted that you weren’t for this set. Balance worked out pretty well: I tend to make things overpowered, Kibble tends to make things underpowered. :bee:

    I made up a lot of the extras, since Kibble wasn’t really actively coming up with them. I even made him do the stage… :L. The brick oven pizza was just for Kholdstare, and I thought it was fitting enough. Kibble already mentioned the Kirby Hat, so I won’t comment. Oh, and he also came up with a couple of pretty OoC moves, but I brought him back into shape. 😛

    I’m glad this got me working on something, at least. It makes me want all my future joint sets to be good, but I doubt they’ll live up to SirKibble’s. :bee:

  3. Considering you didn’t have much to say, that’s a hell of a wall of text, Plorf. =P

    I couldn’t resist, guys.

  4. Plorf, why does your post feel like a big slam toward me? 😛

  5. 😛

  6. “The little add-on with pizza appearing more often feels kind of random.”

    “I told you Khold’s pizza suggestion was too random”


  7. * slams Kibble and K.Rool *
    * high-fives Kholdstare *

  8. *Accidentally bumps Plorf over a cliff*

  9. * comes back as Ghost Man *

  10. *exorcises Plorf*
    *prods Khold until he takes his pizza away*

  11. *snatches pizza back*
    *casts Raise Dead on Plorf*

  12. *Hadokens this page*

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