Posted by: The Stadium | May 18, 2009

Wrath of the Kupa King – The Murray

Page 93

The Murray Kris121

I’ve never played any of the Sly Cooper games. I’m not too much of a Sony fan, but I hear positive things about the series when it is mentioned. I’ve seen a few gameplay videos, but that’s about it. However, from what I’ve seen, Murray looks like an interesting character. Let’s see how you did with his moveset…

Originality: This is pretty decent here. The Fists of Flame mechanic doesn’t really strike me as highly original, but it does provide for some interesting attacks. Side Special reminds me of the remote controlled car from MasterWarlord’s and my Klump and Krusha joint set, but with attack power. Up Special seems like a chargeable Super Dedede Jump, not especially great. Down Special is interesting, however. It seems similar to the Joker’s D-Air, with the different heights. That said, none of the specials seem highly original; just existing moves with a new twist or two. That’s not saying they’re bad, but more originality would make these stand out a lot more. Standards are kinda funny; when I was a kid, I had this book on hippos, so the Guttural Roar is a nice reference to real hippos there. Scatter sounds funny. I assume it is referring to Murray fleeing from a crime scene? The tilts are rather boring except for D-Tilt. I like that move, although spawning items is not really my favorite, their effects are cool and fitting. The detail seems slightly lacking, but it’s a nice attack. Smashes confused me; they seem cool, but I have a hard time picturing them. They need more description to suffice for good moves. Aerials all have cool effects, but it is the same story as the Smashes; some of the ‘pillar’ effects seem hard to picture. The grab attack is awesome, and the grab is decently original…but the throws aren’t that great. Just an explosion throw is not really unique. The Final Smash is unique, but it seems to carry on for a long time, and almost seems a bit overpowered, even if Murray can take triple knockback at the third phase, he’s still a heavyweight. I might tone it down a bit. This section needs clarification and a bit of work in places, but it’s a nice start.

Detail: Here, I had a bit of trouble.  For a good portion of the moves, there is decent detail, but some of the fire bonus attacks confused me.  The description of what the attack looks like with these bonuses is quite vague in some instances.  I’d look the set over and try to clear up some of these areas.  Also, describing attacks with decimals (e.g. 1.3 times the height of Bowser) is hard for me to read, so maybe just try to stick with established sizes when comparing things.  Other than that, I had no real trouble picturing the moves, but these areas require some more thought.

Balance: Murray seems like a typical heavyweight, but some of his stats make him lean a bit toward being overpowered.  His attack speed seems fairly decent, and with good running speed, weight, and a surprising second jump, he needs to be toned down a bit.  Characters that are like that in games can be difficult to be pictured like this, I know (my Hades is a freakin’  evil immortal god), but for the sake of balance in Smash, it is entirely necessary.  Also, lowering some damage levels or knockback would be great for this if you absolutely must keep the stats the same.  Overall, there are low points that keep this from being great, but it can be brought up without much hassle.

Fitting to Character: I’ve never played Sly Cooper, but Murray depicted here makes me picture a badass hippo with sneaky power.  He accomplishes this quite nicely, which makes this as high, as far as I know.  I need another Sly Cooper fan to look at this section, because I can’t really measure how true this is to his in-game character.  It seems to be well done, though…

Extras: Not a whole lot to see here.  I like the taunts, especially the flexing one, even if they do seem rather generic.  The victory poses are cooler, although the van one is odd…does he have a van fetish that went unmentioned?  Crying when losing seems OOC, although I can’t judge this, it seems to break down the whole badass persona from earlier.  From here on, it’s rather difficult to read.  The Codec goes OOC, in my opinion, but is pretty funny nonetheless.  The trophy list is fine, no effort is really required for those.  The alt. costumes are decent as well.  Overall, an interesting arrangement of extras.  They are indeed cool, but they don’t really strengthen the moveset as a whole.

Organization: I have several major scruples here.  It is exceedingly annoying for the normal moves and fire bonuses to be crammed together.  Spacing never hurts anything.  In the extras, especially, it looks rather rushed, with several lines smashed together in a hard-to-read format.  Fixing this is a must to get this set off the ground.  Also, the coloring is an eyesore to read.  Use a combination of more BBCode (look at MasterWarlord’s K.Rool for a nice layout) and selective coloring (maybe only color the move name?) to make the set look better.

Closing Comments: I rather enjoyed reading the moves, as they were cool to picture.  However, the two major categories that hold this moveset back from achieving good recognition are readability and organization.  Movesets that look nice to the eyes are almost in a tier above those that are hard-to-read or those with awkward layouts.  This really pushes up movesets more than I think people realize, so I’d definitely work on this.  Also, read through the moves again with an outsider’s mindset.  Would they be able to easily understand what you are trying to convey with each move?  I had trouble with several moves here.  As cool as moves can be, the actions are vital for readability.  Work on these and Murray could soon be a nice contender in the contest.

My work here…is done.



  1. Thanks BKupa that was better than I thought I would do! I guess I should make him a little more balanced but no sense changing the past. I hope my next sets please!

  2. @ Kupa: I think this set was very true to character. Murray’s kind of badass at first glance, but he’s a big softy too, so crying is expected. He drives the Cooper Gang van and loves it, so that’s great it was worked into a victory pose.

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