Posted by: Spadefox | May 19, 2009

Seductive Notes — Agent J

Agent J by UserShadow7989

Ah yes, Elite Beat Agents… a very good game, and almost a classic on the DS. I enjoyed the game, though I would’ve expected more something among the line of Jazz or Swing instead of Rock back then when I bought it – and I would’ve enjoyed it more. I still liked the game.

First of all, UserShadow, you’re only allowed to put ONE request on the list, which is actually on its rules, too. The next time you post a moveset, please keep that in mind… It’s a bit unfair from you to do that and everyone else is waiting for their stuff to get reviewed, y’know?

The organization of the moveset is neatly done, though bolding or italics instead of underlining would be a better choice, since underlining makes everything a bit harder to read. Otherwise basic and doing its job… nothing too fancy. I just see that you have the sections in a very irregular order… Standards-Situationals-Aerials-Smashes-Throws-Specials … Wow… That’s the most unusual thing I’ve seen. Normally people put ground-based moves together, situationals normally are located in the start or end, and the throws usually are the thing before the Final Smash (or Situationals, depending). So yea… it’s pretty confusing…

I like the special mechanic, simple yet true to character and useful. The stats have no digits, argh! It’s hard to judge them based on “average” or “good”… but overall he seems okay in these regards, so yea… nothing much to say.

The Jab is … big… Wow… How many moves is that in one? 30 you said, right? Jesus Christ… And I poor soul have to read through all of them… ;_; So… they’re all really basic in looks and use, but due to their sheer mass and all these possible outcomes very interesting nevertheless… I see no big balance flaws through the whole Jab parts, so that’s that.

The FTilt is a great idea. Using the beat bubbles like that is to be expected, yet innovative. I like it. DTilt is very nice, too. I also like the UTilt… though one question – you say it drains the rhythm meter each second… does that mean if I hold the attack button he continually spins until I release? You should clear that up and tell that. The Dash attack is extremely basic, but still you manage to get out of the trap with giving it the sliding property… just another detail is left… What does happen if I use the move near a ledge? Will he drop off the ledge? Will he stop there? Mysteries of mysterious mystery!

Situationals are not really my strength, I can only say that they’re okay… But I’m not the best one to consult about that. ^^”

Then we have the Smashes… Oh, yea, it’s your set, so there’s Aerials now. x_x The NAir uses the bars from the game… very neat idea, actually, I never would’ve featured them like that. The FAir is epic… very nice use of the microphone! The DAir is pretty good too… seems like the Aerials make up for the bland-ish standards… very nice. And just with the BAir I recognize you used some of the game’s song names as attack names… neat little Extra. The BAir itself is a bit bland, but that’s excusable… BAirs are hard to pull off at times, and you make it up with a nice sweetspot. The UAir is indeed generic as you say in your little note… but you never ever should call a move bland or generic in the first place, that’s rather dangerous unless you turn the tables around. Otherwise, I like the recovery purpose with filled rhythm meter, so it’s good… I still would try to make it a bit more interesting.

Aerials Smashes! The FSmash is not very inspired in its looks, BUT… it’s neat that J kicks more often with the more you charge the move. It’s a neat little idea, that hasn’t really been used so far, so that’s cool. The DSmash is… epic. Though you maybe should change the size. Final Destination is one of the biggest stages in the game. Otherwise no complaints. The USmash is an insanely cool idea, too, I love it… but again, you make the size far too big, in my opinion… a Smash in the size of Donkey Kong, and then it’s even several blasts? Wow… that’s pretty overpowered. You should downsize the blasts here too (both in minimum and maximum size).

J’s Grab is epic, lol. Pummel is standard. The FThrow is pretty epic, too… You kinda expect something like that, but it still happens and is very well done. BThrow is just as lol-worthy. The UThrow is pretty powerful but still very neatly done. “Only 9%” is, by the way, not really applicable for throws. The strongest throws deal around 11-12% damage, and 9% is already rather powerful for a throw. The DThrow is cool… I like how you avoid the chaingrab so easily with just using the rest of the grab duration… Heh.

Onto the Specials… it’s really odd with your organization. The Neutral B is OVERPOWERED. It heals 3% of J EVERY SECOND?! Are you insane? This is ridiculous!! I suggest you taking out the healing properties completely, or at least tone it down! The rest of the move is acceptable… I really really think you should take out the healing. The Side B, though, is nice. I like it. The Down B is interesting though it seems a bit bland in comparison to moves like the Down Smash or so… Maybe you should exchange the Down Smash with the Down Special? Just a suggestion, it would make more sense to have the kick with the shockwave as Smash and the Special move as… well… Special move. Up B is… overpowered, too, in my opinion. You know that Sonic can run the whole distance of Final Destination in below one second? So J has 3 seconds of that speed? I doubt any character would be able to gimp that extremely fast flying J. Tone the speed down or the time.

For the Final Smash – it’s a cool idea, and definitely not overpowered. I like it. Though one thing. There are decimal places for damage counters. Some moves have like 4.5% or 3.3% damage or so, that isn’t impossible. ^^

So yea… some of the moves have missing important details as pointed out. Your writing style is a bit odd, similar to dancingfrogman’s it’s hard to read but in your case it’s different nevertheless. You have a grasp of the English language that I normally see only of people like me – non-native speakers. Some grammar and spelling errors, stuff like that. This makes it a bit harder to connect the dots on how the move looks or works, but after reading it twice it normally is okay. Otherwise, it’s easy to understand.

The playing style of J relies on his good combo and spacing game. Very nice. Smash needs more characters who are able to combo, anyway. It’s maybe a bit bland for a MYM moveset, but it’s interesting nevertheless, and you put much emphasis on it, especially with the overly long Jab.

Agent J has an okay balance, with the exception of pretty much all specials but the Down B. His Up Throw also is very strong… I’m not too sure on it, either. Otherwise, you balanced J just fine. Not much more to say on that.

Overall, Agent J is definitely worth a read. Despite UserShadow being a newcomer, his movesets already have pretty high quality. You have to work a bit on your originality and balance, but you’re already close to being up to par with the stronger regulars. Keep on working, I’m very curious how you’ll develop yourself. Just, don’t post more than one review request next time.

Well, quite.



  1. I’m very sorry about having more then one review request. I’ll make sure not to do so again.

    I’ve modified the moves you pointed out as imbalanced and rearranged the list of moves to fit a more normal layout. Thank you for your suggestions.

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