Posted by: Spadefox | May 19, 2009

Seductive Notes — Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa by Hyper_Ridley

Ah yes… the memories of the dreaded Koopalings in Super Mario Bros. 3. Lemmy is the boss of the Ice World, one of my most hated worlds in the game. Nevertheless, I kinda miss him and his siblings in the newer games… Poor Koopalings have been neglected. Apparently they were supposed to make an appearance in Super Princess Peach, but have been scrapped. A few sprites have been found for them (you can find them on MarioWiki).

The organization of the moveset is fair standard, and works well. A few pictures with the Koopalings spoilers to me that some of them will use Lemmy’s siblings, including Bowser Jr., heh.

Stats are good, Pro/Con section is soooooo MYM3, HR. You should lay it down. You have an Overview, a Playstyle AND a Pro/Con? Sheesh. <.<

Now, let’s start with the moves, shall we! Jab is awesome. So is the FTilt, awesome idea. For the DTilt, I had a few problems understanding what Lemmy does when he summons the spikes, so you maybe should try to make it a bit easier to understand. Otherwise it’s just as epic. The UTilt is pretty good, I like the idea (which I remember you had from me, heh). The Dash Attack is extremely unique and interesting, I love the concept and the popping if the ball touches a sharp object, heh.

The FSmash is pretty epic, I love the idea, and especially the interaction with the cannon of the FTilt. The DSmash… wow… just wow. It’s beautiful. It uses the candy rings from Wendy. It’s epic to the max. I love it. My favourite move so far. The USmash is funny, and very fitting, too, especially the fully charged version with the weights falling off. Heheh.

Onto the Aerials… The NAir is really cool… I remember that concept with the 3 button inputs from Mewthree, is that right? Nevertheless, neat idea. The FAir is… definitely a trap. I already smell the link to some other move. The BAir is very neat, I like it, it adds to Lemmy’s whole “building a circus” style. So UAir can be used for recovery too, hmm… Interesting. The DAir is neat, too, and I knew the FAir would serve a purpose, lol. Cool idea with setting up two stakes and a tarp to make a platform.

The Neutral Special is epic. Moving the platforms on stages? Heh. Never would’ve thought of that. I wonder why noone has thought of that before, in fact. If I remember correctly, you added the “no platform available” part of it later, so you did well. Though it still leaves a question open – what about platforms that move in the first place, such as Smashville’s? Otherwise, it’s fine. The Side Special is even more epic, I love the idea. The UpB is an insanely neat recovery idea. I lovelovelove it and curse myself of never thinking of such thing. It’s simple yet effective and epic. And DownB only seals this awesome part of the moveset… the Specials are very epic. I love the craziness of all of them.

Throws! The Pummel is neat. FThrow is basic but good, yay for Homerun Bat sound effect! I love the BThrow’s interaction with the cannon. Oh God, you even use the UThrow for your cursed stage control, lol. Another epic move. The DThrow is just as awesome. Sheesh.

You know my stance and experience on the Situationals… but at least it’s some nostalgic goodness, that’s all I can say. ^^”

Final Smash is… godly. I love it, lol. It’s so epic that it summons the rest of the Koopalings, very well done.

Like usual for you, the moveset has as much detail as it needs, nothing overboard, and nothing spared, except for only a few exceptions I mentioned in the actual move analysis. Your writing style was dry at times in this set, especially considering you were doing it for a clownish character.

Lemmy’s playstyle is similar to Waluigi’s – setting up traps – but takes the whole concept to a new level. I think it would be insanely epic to see a fight between Waluigi and Lemmy.

Just as expected, Lemmy is a very balanced character, weak in the beginning but starting to eat his opponent alive as soon as he set up his traps. I can’t say that anything is over- or underpowered, everything seems very balanced here.

Overall, Lemmy is one of the best sets I’ve read so far, and definitely my favourite of yours, even outplacing Mewthree – maybe though because of the whole nostalgia and circus theme I totally dig. This moveset is epic, just like expected from my favourite moveset creator. I’m sorry I can’t say much more, but this moveset is as close to being perfect as any could get.

Well, quite.



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