Posted by: The Stadium | May 30, 2009

Wrath of the Kupa King – Hypno

Page 103

Hypno Tanookie

Well, we certainly have seen an uprise of Pokemon movesets this contest. I mean, last time, it was Kirby, and now Pokemon. I wonder if we’ll have a Mario or Zelda – centered contest in the future…anyways, I wasn’t really expecting this moveset, as the thread was kind of slow during that time, and this really bumped it up (and allow me to post Skurvy on the next page). I’m not a Pokemon player, and am not aware of all the characters’ attacks from the games, but let’s still dive right into this review, without further delay.

Originality: I quite enjoyed Hypno in this respect. Right off the bat, reading the glossary, the confused status really jumped out at me as awesome. Being poisoned and disabled seem pretty cool as well, but confusion stood out the most to me. Hypnosis isn’t especially unique, although it is cool. However, for characters who have mandatory signature attacks (e.g. K.Rool’s crown) that may be less than original, but still absolutely required, I am willing to make an exception. I love how Up Special has two different properties when on the ground and in the air. Hypno seems quite gimpable in the air, but he’s fairly balanced out elsewhere, so this isn’t too much of a problem. On the ground it seems difficult to pull off, but helpful if you do, like if you have a foe in a Star KO, Hypno should do this instead of taunt. The opening statement for Confusion made me LOL. You put a useful twist on Mewtwo’s old move that made it acceptable to use on Hypno, which is good. Down Special is very situational, and high-risk, high-reward, as you stated. This makes it a bit awkward for a Special, but it is original and balancing, so I’ll let it slide. The special effect of the Basic Combo makes it seem quite good at damage-building, but the ending lag balances this. If Sakurai were making this, there would be no special effect, and Hypno would merely swing around the pendulum, so props here. Dash Attack sounds like a horizontal Mewtwo Teleport, which is interesting to not be an attack, but is cool to help approaches. I seriously wish that move were in Brawl…anyways, the F-Tilt seems kinda harsh. One whole stock to get a move back? I might lessen this to maybe thirty seconds or a minute, but it can’t be spammed, which is good. I’d still change the time, but it’s fitting and original, so well done. U-Tilt is a great damage builder, but is laggy, so it can’t be overused. I don’t see any mention of lag for the D-Tilt, which would determine whether it is broken or not. The charge time for the gas is good, but there needs mention of lag. Also, like the Disable, being poisoned constantly for one stock is a bit much in my opinion. I might lessen this slightly as well. The F-Smash reversing controls reminds me of Kaptain K.Rool’s clouds in Donkey Kong Country 2, and it can’t be spammed here, so it’s a good attack. U-Smash’s damage is a bit much for a non-heavyweight, even if the lag is above average and it deals no knockback. I’d maybe tone it down to 30% at most. Still, cool move. The D-Smash deals a lot of damage as well, but its trickiness to land, plus small range, makes it fairly balanced. N-Air required some thought on my part to picture it; the foe drops like a rock until they leave the aura, so…use the aura near the bottom blast zone so they drop off? You may want to clarify this a bit, but I like the idea nonetheless. F-Air is simple and cool, having a useful effect if you space it right, but being bad otherwise. B-Air is a cool sweetspot spike move, like Lucas’ B-Air, but the damage feels high again. If you made Hypno a heavyweight, this wouldn’t be nearly as much of a problem, but you state he’s lighter than several characters, and even characters with 7/10 power don’t really deal that much damage. I’d make this your highest priority for fixing on Hypno. U-Air is a nice move, but why a spoon? With all the psychic moves you included so far, a spoon seems kinda random…still, cool attack. D-Air deals lots of damage, but this one is balanced, due to if you mess up, you fall helplessly, so it can’t be abused. The teleporting effect is really cool as well. I love that grab and throw mechanic. It seems kinda unbalanced if you need around seven seconds to escape from, meaning you could just self-destruct. However, the KOs counting for Hypno is nice (although he would seem to be quite vulnerable in a FFA). I’d add a negative effect if Hypno makes the character suicide, but otherwise, excepti0nal; I always love making and reading cool grab mechanics. The Final Smash is brilliant, but it is definitely broken in a 1 vs. 1. Even though there’s no fun in self-destructing, people would still abuse it. The taunts and attacks hurting the character themself are really nice. I like the attacks you implemented, but the moves sometimes lack details like lag, which makes it harder to picture. The biggest dilemma is that the damage is a bit too high on several moves. I’d try to tone down some of said moves a bit, but you did a great job here as a whole.

Detail: As I mentioned above, several moves are missing a few key details such as lag, which would determine how easy they are to use, and whether or not they are broken. Although you did an exceptional job with readability by only writing the necessary details (a problem I sometimes have trouble with), it can be easy to slip up and miss a few details on a few moves here and there. I’d reread the set in the shoes of an outsider, and add some detail to the moves that might confuse others. However, you did a decent job here overall. Keep up the good work!

Balance: Reading your playstyle (which is one of the best in the whole contest, up there with Ryuk), you did a great job here, almost to the point of overdoing it. Making Hypno have damaging attacks that are hard to land provides for a nice unique character, but it seems to me like you underrated how hard it would be to land some attacks (especially among the aerials), making it seem unbalanced to deal that much damage. And some attacks, while risky, deal rather a lot of damage without much question. Although I wouldn’t really change much about Hypno’s attacks, I would slightly tone down a bit of attack power. If you feel that he needs the power, you could make the moves a bit slower, but I recommend taking off a few points of damage. Otherwise, this category is rather nice.

Fitting to Character: Now, I don’t play Pokemon, so I’ve been kind of lost in terms of this category while reading the many Pokemon sets that have surfaced this contest. However, from your description of Hypno as similar to another well-known Smasher, you did stellar in terms of making Hypno a challenging to learn, yet actually good character. His attacks using his pendelum and hypnotic powers were highly entertaining to read, which makes Hypno stand out from the pack of other Pokemon sets that we’ve seen. Bravo, indeed!

Extras: There’s not much I can say about the playstyle without mirroring what everyone else is crazy over about it, so I’ll just say that it is one of the best-written and most concise playstyles I’ve ever seen, and to try and improve my playstyle-writing problem for my newer sets, I’ll definitely give Hypno a look for inspiration in this category.  The taunts all seem fitting, although none of them really stand out as super cool or original. The Kirby Hats that look like Kirby skins the character’s head off and wears it always amuse me. Kirby using his hands to make magic seems creepy in a good way, which I love. Getting released from a Pokeball seems kinda standard for Pokemon characters; I might like it more if Hypno warped in like Lucario and did his blinks, but at least his actions after he’s released make him stand out more, and actually make it a cool entrance. But that’s extreme nitpicking, so let’s move on. The victory poses are like the taunts in that they don’t stand out as especially cool or unique (although distorting the screen is epic), but are fitting and cool to see. Hypno putting himself to sleep for a victory pose and the loss pose are pretty LOL-worthy as well. Snore Wars seems like a fitting credits theme, while the Wiimote noise is pretty standard, although…Wiimotes? What is this blasphemy? No one uses Wiimotes; they do not exist. The crowd chant reminds me of Dracula’s from MYM3, where they chant ‘Master, master!’ Brilliant right there. The Codec doesn’t bring Snake OOC, and Otacon going to sleep would make me LOL if I saw it. The extras here are pretty standard, not using an AT or Stage, but you did a great job with what you have.

Organization: Your format of organization is second to Warlord’s in terms of readability and cleanliness.  However, your color formatting is even better, as it is nice to read paragraphs with color (although readable color) rather than just white paragraphs (no racism intended).  The purple-yellow color scheme was quite fitting, as K.Rool mentioned earlier.  Plus, you bolding the important details that need to be seen really improved my reading of the set as a whole.  This category is more or less perfect, in my opinion.

Closing Comments: Hypno is one hell of a great moveset.  He makes his mark with an amazing playstyle and some incredibly creative moves, among the mass of Pokemon characters we’ve seen in Make Your Move.  Admittedly, some moves are hard to picture based on some missing details, and some damage levels are a bit high, but if you can alter this carefully and minimally, you have a nicely balanced set as well, which is a key factor to great movesets.  I will definitely be keeping my eye on Hypno to see what happens, and he’s already a big contender for the Best Pokemon set in the contest.  You’ll get even closer to that title if you modify some moves a bit.  It was my pleasure to read and review such a fabulous set.

My work here…is done.



  1. I just want to point out that I’ve officially taken on the position of “no one,” as I use the Wiimote and Nunchuk configuration.


  2. I ment Wiimote alone. You don’t have enough buttons! At least you have a joystick with your combo.

  3. Wiimote noises still sound on the Wiimote and Nunchuk configuration, so… yeah.

    I am no one also.

  4. ololololol you guys are nobodies

    I’d just like to take this moment to point out, in the least defensive way imaginable, that both Warlord’s and Tanookie’s layouts are based on mine. The only difference is that Warlord’s is basically unchanged from the original, while Tanookie has changed it and adapted it to better fit the character. =P

  5. K.Rool speaks the truth. And thanks very much, Kupa. I’ll definitely work on the damage and details.

    And if I’m supposed to say “Wii Remote” instead of “Wiimote”…bite me. :3

    Thanks again!

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