Posted by: MarthTrinity | June 1, 2009

Envy This! — Rail Forlde

Rail Forlde

by Spadefox

Domo arigato, Mr. Railboto...

Domo arigato, Mr. Railboto...

Once again I’m sorry about being a lazy bastard and taking so long with this review. My first Spadefox review and a set I was personally looking forward to considering how Spade was so excited about it when he originally announced it. Making a set for a character that’s from an unreleased game takes a lot of guts (the same guts I lacked when I decided against making my Captain Rainbow set…) so I’ll be taking that into consideration that you don’t have a whoooole lot to work off of. And with that, let’s dive in!

The overview does the best possible summary of Rail considering what you have to work with, it introduces who he is and vaguely what he’s like as well as a brief summary about what he’s like in game, looks good to me! As a random side fact, I learned doujin does not just apply to Japanese hentai stories! I learned something new today! And don’t look at my website history…

Onto stats, nothing really jumps out at me as broken, he seems like a fast, jumpy, lightweight. I’ll cover the mechanic here so I don’t have to start a new paragraph. The spirit mechanic is certainly interesting with the fox being the fast attacks and the armadillo spirit being the slower ones. It pretty much shows that you’re going to need to be switching spirits, most likely starting off with the fox for damage adding, then moving onto the armadillo for KO potential. I’m onto your playstyle games! Mwuahahaha! Anyway, my favorite of which however is the lizard. The lizard adds so much mindgame potential, pretty much making any of the attacks it can use into a weird disjointed hitbox. Anyway, me likey the mechanic, it’s practical and it’s true to character, so it doesn’t just seem like it was tacked on or anything.

Back to basics now! X Strike sounds cool and certainly seems original especially because it’s a good combo set up but only for non-spirit related moves. My only gripe is that I have a hard time picturing how it forms an X exactly. But that’s a small gripe really. The dash attack is interesting but my one question is, does he attack while kicking off the wall, or after he has? Side tilt does a good job of making a seemingly plain move interesting…I could see how this could be used in conjunction with the dash attack for some interesting strategies. I like the up tilt a lot, the fact that it could almost act like a trap of sorts by allow Rail to move after using it is certainly interesting. Plus the fact that the opponent can potentially prevent damage to themselves with clever dodging is also a nice touch. The down tilt seems to be the most basic of the tilts, but it’s his signature move, it has to be there.

The side smash having crazy reach but also crazy lag balances it out nicely, although it is somewhat of a basic concept. The up smash is one of my favorite moves in the set to be honest…it just sounds so cool! I especially love how you even suggest using it off stage with the lizard spirit, now that’s good playstyle. The down smash made me laugh and I still like how Rail is able to run around and do non-spirit related attacks after using a particularly heavy hitting one, keeps him from being totally vulnerable like a certain space captain…

Onto aerials now. The nair is nice, providing a quick attack that doesn’t cost Rail his spirit in the process. Ah, the first use of the gryphon! As with most of the other moves that allow Rail to move after using it, I like this one too. My only gripe here is that you say “if an obstacle is in its way” and then go on to say the damage. I assume that was just a typo but eh, I assume the gryphon vanishes if it hits a wall or something? Another move that turns Rail around although it is pretty much (and you even admit it) Mario’s Cape albeit with slightly different properties. The up air is pretty cool to me and I like how you balanced out the distance it travels…I’ve seen a few attacks that do the homing thing but make it broken. I like this one however, so that’s good! The down air I have no complaints about although I’d like to know the duration of it really.

Mother Spark is a pretty cool idea and seems like a pretty deadly edgeguard. The side special is also pretty awesome, especially as a gimping move which balances out nicely cause it at least gives them a chance to recover. The Up B is pretty cool being something different than the standard “Up B = Recovery” concept. The down B was a fairly no braining considering the spirit mechanic was such a big part of this set so…yeah.

A ranged grab (which I’m quite the fan of!) that’s easily punishable if whiffed, let’s read on! The pummel makes me laugh to be honest, am I a horrible person? The forward throw is a bit dull, but if it’s a signature attack, then I suppose I can’t complain too much about it. I personally feel like the throws are easily the weakest part of this set…the down throw is really the only one with lots of originality…

I love the Final Smash but my only real question about it is what the dragon does. You say it shoots through the stage like Lugia, does it spray fire on the stage? Or did you mean Latios/Latias, actually flying through the stage?

Extras and such all look good, not much to say here…

And the ever dreaded playstyle…Rail’s playstyle however comes across quite clear. Use the fox to add up some damage, the armadillo to KO and the lizard to gimp/mindgame. He also seems to have lots of attacks that lead into one another fluently or allow him to combo, as you pointed out.

Overall, Rail is certainly a good set from you Spade. While personally not my favorite, you did very well in making a moveset for a character who doesn’t give you a WHOLE lot to work with really. The mechanic is workable without being over the top and, while some attacks are bland, there’s many that are unique to overlook those less than stellar attacks.



  1. Thanks for the review ^.^

    The Jab looks like an X because Rail chops an \ and the spirit goes / (if Rail’s facing to the right).

    No, Rail does no attack when jumping off the wall.

    Yes, the gryphon disappears if hitting an obstacle – a wall, an item, a Flyguy on Yoshi’s Island, etc. You get the drift. If something has “health”, it will recieve the damage.

    For the Final Smash, I meant Latias, yes… I asked someone what Pokemon that was and they told me Lugia, so it’s not my fault, lol. Thanks for pointing out, though.

  2. No need for thanks, Rail was good fun to read =)

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