Posted by: masterwarlord | June 2, 2009

Pride and Prejudice — Acid Seaforce

Page 114

Acid Seaforce by Hyper_Ridley and Spadefox

I was quite curious to figure out who this set was for a considerable time. . .But it was yet another Megaman character. Good lord, there’s a more blatant Megaman bias in MYM 5 then the Kirby bias of MYM 4. Still, this isn’t from the classic series for once, so it’s excused. Acid Seaforce is considerably different then the other Megaman characters we’ve had thus far and it’s for the better, as this easily sticks out from the sea of Megaman movesets.

Originality: Good lord. It’s easier finding moves which AREN’T completely and utterly amazing in this moveset. I love the use of the various quasi-grabs in mid-air with the nair and bair, and you do so much with what one would think is a rather limited character. The fsmash in particular shows off creativity and has a hilariously awesome animation. My favorite move though is hands down, the dair. Possibly my favorite move in all of MYM what with how he shrinks if enough of the droplets are KOd. Just utterly brilliant I tell you. The amount of moves that aren’t all that original are so low in quantity that it’d be ridiculous to critique you here. . .If it weren’t for the fact that said moves were the specials. The neutral and side special in particular were rather bland. I was utterly hyped after all the other amazing moves, particularly what with the dair being right before the specials. It’s kind of awkward having the specials not be special when all the other moves are so crazy, but yeah, minor issue.

Playstyle: Ah. So now the neutral/side special actually begin to serve a purpose. The sacrifice for originality in those moves was well worth it to make it flow with Acid Seaforce’s playstyle, and they flow with each other pretty well to boot due to having similar start up-animations. Despite not relying on mass move interactions, them being scarce, (Though the uair/uthrow combo is epic) Seaforce still manages to flow quite well. He’s a defensive character, but he’s also a pressure character. How so? By tanking while the enemy dies off to poison. Brilliantly unique playstyle, by far the best use of poison I’ve seen for both playstyle purposes and individual move originality. Seaforce on the whole was seeming to flow as a defensive character, and you pulled it off quite well. The playstyle section is also quite well written, particularly good in closing. Well done!

Detail: It seems this is up to the HR standard, the moveset reeking of his writing style, mainly due to what care is taken into mentioning priority. It’s somewhat of a HR trademark. He’s the guy who got me to constantly mention priority in my moves, y’know. Anyway, the moves say all that’s necessary but virtually never get confusing in the slightest, except for some of the more complicated animations like the bair and up special, though the effects are still perfectly clear anyway. Spot on.

Balance: Seaforce seems perfect here as well. He’s a great damage racker even if he does his damage racking in a rather awkward fashion while having to go hard for his KOs. While his KO potential is a bit awkwardly low, Seaforce has gimping on his side to prevent him from being underpowered. Even the final smash seems balanced.

Relevance to Character: Seaforce doesn’t seem to have a lot of character to be true to, much like the infamous robot masters flooding MYM. That said, some of the moves are a bit out there like the fsmash despite being ridiculously original. I also question how he can turn his body into slime and regenerate it despite it being mechanical on the inside (See ftilt), though that’s probably more of the character’s fault then the moveset’s. Seeing I know nothing of him outside the 26 second video you provided, I’ll let you be the judges.

Organization: This is the one part of the moveset that clearly shows Spadefox’s handiwork, as most other work Spadefox has done seems somewhat hidden as the writing style seems to be HR’s. Anyway, the slimey headers are absolutely epic. Very well done, Spadefox. Old Ka Rool would be proud.

Extras: The extras are low in quantity, but who gives a crap about them anyway? More extras hurts you apparently as it scares people off from reading the set, only making you gain points with the likes of BKupa, Plorf, and Jimny. That said, the butterfly taunt and Captain Falcon victory pose (The later of which is epic none the less) are more randomness that is somewhat present throughout the whole set. That’s really the biggest criticism I can come up with throughout the entire set.

Overall: Considering that last line on the extras. . .Yeah. There’s really not a lot to critique with this masterpiece. The biggest things I came up with was the slight randomness of the moveset and the not-so special specials, though the randomness allowed for more originality and the neutral/side specials were part of Seaforce’s well done playstyle. I’d tell you I’d do something or other to this set, but seeing Spadefox is reading this review. . .Scary stuff. Speaking of Spadefox, I will never understand that little tidbit on the bair. Just saying. Anyway, this moveset can easily compete with the best, easily shining out among both of your best efforts. Quite possibly the best joint moveset I’ve ever seen. This without a doubt deserves a #5 spot if that abomination known as the Halberd Crew got it last contest. Sorry for the short review, but it’s hard to type up so much on a moveset when there’s so little to complain about.



  1. Great tags.
    You liked this better than Metal Man?! 😛
    Anyway, nice review for a nice set. My main gripes were with the organization, though I also question whether it’s in character or not.

  2. @Plorf: How can it be Ooc when the guy has no personality to begin with >_>

    Really, all that’s known about the guy is that he can turn into slime. So, we make a bunch of moves that have him turn into slime stuff. Though I’ll admit, maybe we got a bit carried away with the FTilt’s electric sparks, lol

    But thanks for the review. It’s nice to see my move set with Spade turned out so well. *huggles Spade* ^.^

  3. The Neutral and Side Specials are really the only moves that have been taken directly from Megaman X3, with the bubble being in the boss fight and Acid Burst being the weapon that X recieves upon defeating Seaforce. I wanted to include them because they are, well… his trademark moves, I suppose, among the transformation into slimey puddles.

    What is the matter with the organization? o_O
    You mean because the Specials aren’t first? Why, that seems to be proof you never read a single one of my movesets, because I ALWAYS have the Specials behind the A inputs.

  4. “Extras… who gives a crap about them anyway?”


    Dude, I’m totally gonna start going crazy with extras now, just to be different since it’s now cool to hate on them.

    And don’t worry about Plorf, Spade. The organization is indeed beautiful.

    And Halberd Crew, an abomination? You hyperbole, sir. It wasn’t any of our bests, but it was far from an abomination, says I.

  5. XD- am I that focused with extras?

    I haven’t read this in it’s entirety, as I have been busy, mainly finishing Apollo Justice :p, however, now I have some free time I will have to read it.

    Wait, is it that the only thing I’m good at is making extras?


  6. WHY YES

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