Posted by: masterwarlord | June 3, 2009

Pride and Prejudice — Jumpluff

Page 107

Jumpluff by KingK.Rool

So you made a moveset specifically for me, eh? Oh, it must be K. Rool or a FMA character then, right? Wrong. It’s another one of those freaking Pokemon. I thought you were done with those? You at least could’ve done a cool Pokemon. The last good character choice you made for a Pokemon was Snorlax. This set is clearly going to be epic fail. </bias>. . . .You do know I was joking right? The main thing you’ve been working on is the detail, apparently.

Originality: Not quite up to snuff of your best sets, to be quite honest, but still good. The main problem I have is how some moves are so similar, namely the various powders and the various things Jumpluff can plant. The main thing the moveset has going for it originality wise is all the various move interactions. That said, the grab in particular is rather brilliant, although sadly you didn’t manage to also get throws in like with Father Time. To be quite honest Father Time was easily one of the most original movesets EVER, he just simply needed polish.

Playstyle: Ohoh, now we’re getting somewhere. All the move interactions really pay off here. Jumpluff flows together extremely well. His playstyle revolving around getting to the top of the screen to heal/seed bomb is brilliant, along with watering your platforms you’ve made to keep them from wilting. Brilliant concept, brilliant execution. Absolutely no complaints here whatsoever, and your playstyle section looks as if it were crafted by the hands of a god, as always. Very well done.

Detail: Your moveset is still as readable as ever with the upped detail due to your friendly and quirky writing style which has become somewhat of a trademark. The only person you’re benefitting by making the descriptions as short as those on Father Time is yourself by making less work for yourself. That said, your writing style actually makes the descriptions longer then necessary in some cases when you could be using those sentences to mention vital items such as priority. If you refuse to mention priority on individual moves, you could at least give an overall stat for it at the start. Either way, I’m being harsh on you here cause you’re finally listening to me. Easily the best you’ve done in recent memory in this department.

Balance: No problems here, really. Far better balanced then your previous 3 sets this contest. I question how viable Jumpluff would be on the main stages (Which are the only tourney viable ones) with high cielings and no platforms to get up to them, but that’s what counterpicks are for, right? Good job here. Seeing I have no complaints on balance, may as well talk about something worthwhile here, right? I think it’d be cool if stages like Delfino Plaza gave Jumpluff a miniature sunny day automatically while stages like Shadow Moses made the bonus negative. Just a thought to make Jumpluff’s stage selection all the more interesting, although that sounds somewhat like an extra which you would hate to put in. No need to list it for every stage, could just stick it on the notes for Sunny Day. This is far from a complaint, more of a suggestion.

Relevance to Character: Jumpluff is a random Pokemon. Not much character to be true to, like a good deal of other sets I’ve been reviewing recently. You get off easy here. That said, this plays nothing like Jumpluff would play competitively in Pokemon, but that’s rather nitpickish, particularly seeing you’re not fond of the competitive Pokemon scene. In any case, I like you approach how you don’t spam Pokemon moves and give Jumpluff moves that flow into its playstyle better. Good job.

Organization: I honestly don’t see the point in randomly putting things on the right, but that’s just me. I prefer a more simple organization style. It made more sense for Ekans, but Jumpluff. . .I think would be better off with a more standard organization. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but not up to your ridiculously high standards IMO.

Extras: What? Only taunts and victory poses? Herec-Oh wait, this is K. Rool. The guy who didn’t put even a single taunt on Father Time. Bravo! These extras are absolutely amazing! *Applause* In all seriousness the poses are good and fitting, a bit generic but primarily due to how generic Jumpluff is as a character.

Overall: Despite this review being awkwardly negative this moveset actually shines out as one of my favorites. I still feel that Father Time could easily be your best with some more polish, though. I absolutely loved the moves and playstyle of the set, it just needed moar detail and some look into balance. Anyway, while Jumpluff’s moves aren’t as crazy original, they still get the job done and he most importantly has an excellent playstyle, which is the real thing that sells this moveset for me. Just saying again, though on what could’ve been. . .I would’ve loved to see Father Time be MYM 5 Kawasaki. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be talking about Jumpluff, right? There’s no real flaw here, it’s just not as ridiculously creative as some of the top contenders. Yes, it’s harsh being compared to the beasts, but when your masterpieces are so close to being able to contend with them I feel it’s necessary to equip them to compete.



  1. What’s this? A Warlord review where you don’t criticize my lack of detail? Let alone a review for one of MY movesets where you don’t criticize my lack of detail! High praise, indeed.

    Really, the only thing I have to note is on the organization. I aimed for a really airy, bouncy layout, and it’s a bit odd, yeah, what with the Comic Sans MS and the right-aligned headers, but I’m happy enough with it.

    Revisit Father Time? Nah. Too much work. Frankly, he made my head hurt.

  2. Even though I’m not a fan of announcing what you’re going to vote for, the contest has to end soon to be timed with Kibble leaving. That said, I can honestly say this will probably get a super vote from me. :bee:

    I liked the detail on this one, too, K.Rool. It was a bit on the low side compared to, say, my sets, but I could still get a good enough idea of what the move did and how it fit in with the playstyle. Nicely done.

  3. (#cool)

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