Posted by: The Stadium | June 4, 2009

Lazy Days — Alphonse

By MasterWarlord

Leave it to the me to get the most complicated MW set yet. But, hey, I guess that’s what I get for having a life, right? 😛

‘Kay, so this is a really, REALLY original set (like KERAYZEE-original), and it’s so insanely detailed that there’s absolutely no way to NOT question how each mechanic works. I’ve gotta hand it to you, Warlord—even though this might be the most complicated set I’ve ever seen, you go to the ends of the earth to make sure that your readers know exactly what’s going on. And for that, I commend you: when you’re dedicated to something, you’re REALLY dedicated to it, and it shows in this set. And that’s pretty much the best thing about this set: every single move is highly original and completely dedicated to your special mechanic. There isn’t one move in this set that feels out of place or “stuck in.”

Onto the actual set…

Stats are completely broken (you made sure of that, don’t worry), but obviously Alphonse’s ridiculously over-complicated mechanic makes up for it.

All the specials are…quite honestly, perfect. Down Special is easy to explain and picture, which is good since it’s such a crucial move to Alphonse’s Playstyle. The Neutral Special is excessively complicated and would probably never be able to be used to its full potential in a real competitive Brawl, but all I can say is that you’ve taken “originality” to a new level, Warlord (and that’s not always a good thing, just so you know). I don’t like the Side Special, simply because of how useless it appears at first glance. What I’m getting is…you try to stuff your opponents into yourself so that they can control you…kay?

I’ll go ahead and say it: I have my personal reservations about this set mostly because it revolves around such a ridiculous mechanic. This would never be able to work in Brawl…but that’s okay, since this is MYM, not the game itself; this set is sort of a testament—in my eyes at least—to how the desire for “originality” and “creativity” has completely overtaken the community. If trying to read a move in a moveset gives one a headache, it’s probably too complicated. :-/

I always like the sets that can make moves creative without going overboard…and the standards in your moveset are exactly what I’m looking for. They’re fun, creative, and easy to understand and use. These are the moves that I like to read.

I’m not too fond of the Ftilt—I understand why you would use it, but in mirror matches I could see it turning into a
“stomp out the opposing Alphonse’s circles”-fest and nothing else. The Utilt is nice, but it’s highly situational and seems almost useless and very predictable. Because I think Alphonse only has one fire move, and once the opponent realizes what this does, they won’t let Alphonse stuff them inside his suit. But rejoice, for it gives purpose to his Side Special and gives Mia a good matchup! Hoorah! Dtilt is nice. No problems there.

NOOOO NOT ANOTHER SUPER-LONG COMPLICATED MOVE. *Grabs eyedrops* It’s fine, though. Good detail and all that nonsense. All the smashes are good, actually. Although the DSmash is a little to specific for me.

All the aerials are…perfect. And although I don’t like this set too much, I will say that I LOVE the Uair. Seriously. It’s, like, my favorite move in the entire set.

I don’t like the Pummel being the same as the Side Special…why not just change the Side Special to something with an actual point and NOT a single possible use? Chaingrab FTW. Uthrow is…GENERIC? IN A WARLORD SET?! MADNESS!!! The Dthrow is pretty cool and simple. Why couldn’t the whole set be like this, Warlord?

The situational attacks are fine (although I never care about them, anyway), and I like  the multiple playstyles. The “Doubles Playstyle” is especially useful since Alphonse has so many moves to be used in doubles matches. However, that kind of stuff is a little too specific for my tastes, because (as far as I know, anyway), none of those strategies would be able to be put to use in a tournament match. The matchups are pretty cool, too, but I hated having to refer back to the other MYM sets.

…I skimmed the Extras, and they were all fine. I like stages and ATs on principle, and the boss is okay too. I didn’t read the MASSIVE SSE Role simply because it’s basically bigger than the set itself.

In short, if this set wasn’t so overly complicated, it would be one of my favorites. I also hate it for costing me my short-term eyesight, but there’s no denying it’s an excellent, top-quality set that will probably be very high up in the rankings come voting time. Nice job.



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