Posted by: Spadefox | June 7, 2009

Seductive Notes — Cammy

Cammy by half_silver28

Street Fighter! One of my most favourite fighting game series ever, though even I get lost in all those different versions of Street Fighter 2, and the Alpha subseries and whatnot. Nevertheless, Cammy is one of those very consistent characters, having shown up in many Street Fighter games. She’s a cool character too, and Street Fighter music is kickass, so let’s tune it in to top the enjoyment of that set off, too.

Now, after that introduction, one thing strikes me majorly in this moveset’s organization… Silver, seriously… WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! All that blue! So much of it! I feel it’s blinding me! >_< Otherwise, the organization is fairly standard… easy to find everything, and sprite animations easing up the imagination of moves. But please use a lighter shade of blue for the main text, DeepSkyBlue is just horrible for it. Also, the organization is called Shadaloo, not Shadowloo. <.<

Then, let’s start with the actual thing. The stats make her seem a bit underpowered… big yet light weighted, weak and only above average speed? Woo. Maybe the Special Mechanic makes up for it. Ah yes, the Super Meter… let’s see how you pulled that one off. *reads* Wow, neatly pulled off the essence of Street Fighter’s Super Meter. Though one suggestion – make the “perfect shielding” into “blocking” in general, because it’s not too easy to perfect shield attacks, especially when playing with lag aka online or so… Otherwise, very neat.

The Neutral Special sounds extremely complicated. Without reading them – why didn’t you make it just “Press B, then give 1 button input” (for example, one press of A, B or the control stick or whatever). You don’t have to include the button combinations of Street Fighter, that’s silly. <.< In the first description of the Spin Dive Smasher, you already use attack names of the moves. That’s not a good idea. You rather should make it “her Up Special” or somthing, to keep down confusion. So it’s basically the Side Special and the Up Special just slower, or normal speed, and only the third version is different? Eh… if that’s already a Special , I don’t want to know what the normal attacks are. 😡 The description of the Killer Bee attack is extremely complicated. And it sounds extremely strong, too… 42% damage? Wow… that’s amazing. o_o One other thing, too… what happens if I put in a wrong combination? Will I simply use all my special meter, will I lose a part, will I lose nothing, will I be punished otherwise? So many questions~

Onto the other specials… the Side Special is just as bland as the Neutral Special. Granted, it’s all ingame stuff, using Cammy’s trademark moves, but… even then you should’ve tried to think of a way to make them more interesting. The Up Special suffers the same problem. Basically, all I’ve seen so far was some kicks, and a combination thereof. The Down Special is a huge change, I’m very happy it’s something different, and it’s the most unique move I’ve seen so far in the moveset. The grab mechanic is pretty neat, and the different inputs are very clever. That’s something you should’ve done to all of her Specials, and seeing how small the move descriptions coming down there look like, probably the Standards, too.

After this huge Specials section, we’re getting to the standards. The Jab is simple… Punch, punch, punch. Yea. Wait… You already said that the Hooligan Combination is the Neutral Special twice. First in some other Special description, and now in the Dash Attack. O_o Did you maybe have different plans first…? I like it, though. The FTilt is extremely basic, too… Just another kick. The same goes for the UTilt and the DTilt. Uhm… exciting…

Smashes… the FSmash looks like Captain Falcon’s BAir just in packed as a Smash, not an Aerial, am I seeing it right? USmash is a weak form of another move… And the DSmash is… another kick. o_o Wow. She sure likes her legs, eh? It’s more interesting than the other kicks, though, I give you that. <.<

The Aerials, eh? NAir is… meh. The spike saves it. FAir is cool, but only because of the grabbing. Otherwise it’d be bland, as well. The BAir is saved by the hitbox being made of two parts, otherwise it would extremely suck. So it just blows a bit. I can’t really imagine how the UAir looks, is it a rip-off of Mario’s or Fox’s UAir? In any case, blergh. Making the DAir cancel-able was another saving grace… It’s yet another plain and uninspired move. 😐

The Grabs, eh. Pummel is basic, acceptable, tho. FThrow is a ripoff of another move. Meh. BThrow is epic, I love wrestling moves. UThrow is… a bit uninspired. That would be British Understatement, huh? The DThrow is pretty cool, I love the counter idea. That’s, among the Down Special, the most unique move in the whole moveset. And that’s saying something. :/

The Final Smash is taken directly from SFIV, I like the K.O. on the screen and such, though the move itself is pretty bland. I won’t hold that towards you, though…

The details per se are there, no doubt, it’s all there that’s needed. The thing is that your attacks are so boring that they only need a couple of lines to be completely described, including the properties. Your writing style is easy to read, but it’s at times pretty complicated to imagine all those kicks, especially if you make errors like saying the Hooligan Combination is Cammy’s Neutral B, and stuff like that. Otherwise it’s fine.

Cammy’s playstyle is mainly comboing and getting her Neutral Special charged to give the final blow. That’s it. Not really exciting, but at least solid for what it is.

Now, the originality is where this moveset, excuse the wording, fails. And it fails a whole LOT. I know that Cammy is not an easy task to make a moveset for, and that she doesn’t do anything in the game besides kicks. But that’s what makes her so bland. Fighting games provide little originality for moves, especially basic ones like Street Fighter. All Cammy does in the games is kick and sometimes punch. And that’s what she does in her moveset, too. I suppose that’s what she would play like if she were to be included in Smash, but as we all know, MYM is more about interesting and exciting movesets, rather than punches and kicks. I think you know that, as well, silver. Given the little things you were having, you pulled it off quite well. Especially…

The balance. Except for the Killer Bee Special Combo attack (42%, holy shit) you balanced Cammy very well, giving her little ability to KO, but lotsa combo moves and damage rackers with drillkicks and whatnot.

Cammy would need a major overhaul to be considered a serious contender, because in comparison to movesets like Lemmy Koopa or Hyatt, Cammy completely pales because of her moveset only consisting of kicks. I know you put a lot of work into her, and I hope your upcoming movesets will fare better than Cammy. She was a nice read, nevertheless.

Well, quite.



  1. At least I managed to balance her well…

    anyhow, this review actually wasn’t as harsh as I thought it would be; warlord had already commented on cammy having boring moves, due pretty much to a lack of potential. I pretty much tried to take cammy’s playstyle from street fighter and incorporate it into brawl, so its no wonder that she turned out so… boring in the end. As for the organization, you’re the first one to express concern over the deepskyblue I used for the main text. I guess I’ll have to think more about the colors I use in the future… it’s better that I use lighter colors than risk blinding anyone.

    Overall, I do really wish I could forget about this set. But that’s not going to happen at this point, so I’ll just take this set as a tough lesson for my MYM6 sets. The sets I have planned for the next contest feature characters with much more potential (including M. Bison), I feel as though I can make great sets for them.

    The worst part of having made this set is, to me, is that I KNOW I can do better. :/

    Anyhow, someone had to do this review, & I’m happy that you were able to do it Spade. Thanks a lot!

  2. I’m looking fowards to M.Bison =D

  3. M. Bison has much more potential than Cammy. She’s good to play as in the game, but if you wanted a unique moveset for her in Smash, you’d be stretching it.

  4. Hyatt got name dropped :3


  5. “The worst part of having made this set is, to me, is that I KNOW I can do better. :/”

    I know that too, hence this review wasn’t aggressive. I know you have far more potential as a moveset maker, thus I just told how it is, without being overly attacking.

    I really hope M. Bison, who has definitely a ton more potential, will turn out better than Cammy.

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