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Killing With Kindness — Kira Trine

Kira Trine by UserShadow7989


First of all, I want to compliment you for making a moveset for an Original Character. That takes creativity, patience, and guts. I once aspired to such a feat, but my lack of picture made me give up. Luckily, such is not the case here, as Junahu appears to have graciously contributed his artistic skills in providing a beautiful picture of Kira. Excellent. *Pretends Kira is wearing sneakers*

 Statistically-speaking, Kira doesn’t seem to have too much going for her. She’s fast, jumps high, and…that’s about it. On the flipside, she’s light, has little power, below average range and priority, and mediocre traction and attack speed. Sounds like your typical fast-weak character, but those characters usually boast a better attack speed stat. Really, it’s safe to say Kira’s only real strength is movement, which has potential to go either way, depending on the actual attacks, so I’ll be looking at those more carefully to determine my thoughts on this moveset’s balance.

I’m not usually one to give much commentary to the Animations/Stances, but I really like how you put this together, Shadow. The little bits after each one where you give Kira’s thoughts are really nifty, and actually held my attention through this section. I actually enjoyed reading this a lot, as it’s helped solidify my view of the character. Bravo, bravo.

 All right, on to the actual moves. To start off, I have to say that this organization isn’t stellar. It’s functional and gets the job done for me, since I’m deliberately going through the entire moveset, but someone looking for a specific part may struggle to find the appropriate header. My simple suggestion is to center the section headers, and bold the move titles and names. Just that would go a long way, I think. Anyway, moving right along, the Neutral Attack is good enough, even if it is somewhat boring. My major concern after reading it is that perhaps the Specials should be first in this moveset, since the NA references a move that I’ve yet to read, which sounds like the kind of move that will have an effect on more than just this move.

As suspected, I see more use of the Neutral Special in reading the F-Tilt. I do really like what I see in the F-Tilt, though. Heck, even the kick portion of the move is fun to envision, and the geyser just adds to that. I’ll assume it’s just a typo when you say that it freezes like the Ice Climbers’ Side B, and that you meant Down B. Otherwise, awesome. The D-Tilt without the Neutral Special in effect is rather boring, but the rock effect is cool, so that’s redemptive enough. The U-Tilt is kind of a strange move, but it’s functional enough. The poison is also a nice touch, though I don’t like it as much as the previous moves. The Dash Attack is good for a purely physical move, drawing on additional effects to keep it interesting. I still have yet to read that Neutral Special you keep referencing, as I’m determined to go through this in the order you presented it, so I must admit I’m still somewhat confused.

Situationals now? I would’ve expected those after the entirety of the required moves… Anyhow, they look all right. I particularly like the Ledge Attack under 100% damage. I should note to you, though, that while Ledge Attacks change based on damage percentage, Get Up / Stand Up / Rising Attacks (too many names we’ve got going around for these…) change based on position. You have an attack from the front, from the back, and from a sitting position (after tripping). That aside, these look pretty good. I don’t really have many good or bad comments for them.

So… Smashes now. That sounds about right. The F-Smash is pretty cool, though mention of range would be nice here. Shockwaves make the otherwise boring D-Smash acceptable, though again they reference that N-Spec… All right, now the U-Smash, that’s probably my favorite move in the moveset so far. Really cool stuff there.

To the Aerials! The N-Air’s recovery property is its saving grace, for sure. The U-Air is nice. Good job there. The D-Air is a very cool move, although I’d like to see some lag mentioned. Honestly, though, it’s another favorite idea of mine, with the projectile tornado like that. Kira’s definitely showing her versatility with the elements. The F-Air, as you say, is bland, and the B-Air isn’t super great either. It’s a little nicer for the electric effect and the movement, but effects can only do so much for such a normal kick.

Now I finally reach that Special section I’ve been wondering about. Ah, now it all makes sense, though I do feel that the N-Spec’s effect should probably last a titch longer. Anyway, that’s not super important, given that I’m no balance master. It’s just a thought, considering the move has a pretty long lag, I think that should either be shortened or the effect lengthened. Having already seen all of its effects on the various moves, I can say that this attack really saves the moveset in a lot of ways.

The S-Spec is pretty good, I like its ability to stop your opponent while you heal or set up another attack. Not much else to say about it, honestly, though it doesn’t stand out too much as a Special over other attacks. This could just as easily have been an F-Smash, but that’s not a major complaint. All things considered, I do like it. Again, though, a mention of lag would be nice.

The D-Spec is an interesting twist on a counter idea. I like the concept, but I fear it may be underpowered. I mean, Kira still takes damage and knockback, yes? And what with it lasting so long, it would be terribly easy to notice and just grab her, or wait for it to end and deliver their strongest attack. Balance issues aside, this is one of my favorite moves in the ‘set.

The U-Spec is really cool, especially with the projectile version. I also like all the various uses for this move, which again shows Kira’s versatility as a fighter. Really nice here, no complaints.

The Grab seems difficult to get the hang of using, but rewarding in the hands of a really experienced player. Interesting idea to take the Pummel and just turn it into a fifth Throw. I like that. The F-Throw is nice, as you point out, for securing you an easy use of your N-Spec, which is good to have since Kira’s pretty reliant on it to be very good. Nice B-Throw as well, reminds me of one I gave May’s Beautifly. Cool stuff. The D-Throw is also very cool, I like the warp portals. Yeah, just cool stuff, and good for a more damaging Throw. I actually laughed imagining the U-Throw, which is a nice boost to a character who struggles for powerful moves. Very nice.

 The Final Smash is sort of a pseudo-PK Starstorm, but eh, it’s got its unique properties, so I can’t complain too much. Not much to say, honestly. It’s good, just not excellent.

Your Playstyle section seems to sum up well what I’ve observed in reading the moveset, so nice work. I’m sure in light of the playstyle “movement” of late, you might be expected to write a more lengthy one, but I’m completely content with what you’ve got, so that’s just fine. Though the Anti-Playstyle (yeah, I just made that term up) is brief, it doesn’t really need to be that long, since Kira’s weak points are fairly obvious.

The Extras are all nice, but as I’m not a huge fan of digging through all of them, I’ll just hit on a few. Firstly, I like the Alternate Colors. Not gonna lie; that maid outfit is rather attractive. The Taunts and Victory Poses are nice for the extra feel they give for who exactly Kira is. Hugely important for an OC, and you’ve done well throughout this moveset to make her feel familiar. The only other small Extra I wish to touch on is the Kirby Hat. While you do state what Kirby looks like, I’m wondering exactly what ability he gets, as Kira’s Neutral Special would be rather useless to Kirby. Her Side Special, perhaps?

Anyway, all in all, I have very mixed feelings about this moveset. There was a lot of stuff that I really liked, and a lot of stuff that I didn’t like so much. This moveset doesn’t have any particular areas that it excels or struggles in, methinks, being a pretty good example of an all-around pretty good moveset. Take the good from this, as it’s definitely good, and try to weed out the bad stuff, and you’ll be cranking out some seriously awesome movesets, Shadow!

PS: Once again, I admire you greatly for making an Original Character entry. *Applause*





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  4. Thank you, Rool.

  5. Thanks for the thourough review. I’ve updated my Kira Trine moveset with your suggestions. Thank you for your work, SirKibble. You’ll be missed.

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