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This Review's All Mine – Kaptain Skurvy



By BKupa666


Oh my God!  Kaptain Skurvy lives!  That was my reaction when I first heard of this move set.  I remember seeing this guy in MYM4, and I promptly added him to the roster of Playing God to fit in with my tropical island in Chapter 2.  I was saddened when he was never fully finished, so I’m glad to see him resurrected and given a proper move set.  Let’s see if it was worth the wait.


The background section is nice.  It provides a good amount of information on the character’s motivation and role in the game (or in this case, cartoon) they are in.  The stats are fine in my book.  He feels like a toned down Dedede from the stats alone, and I’m assuming he won’t have that chain-grab (I hope), so he probably won’t end up in S tier any time soon.  Let’s just pray that you didn’t make him too much toned down when I get to the actual move set.


Blah blah, animations.  Though I did chuckles at the idle animation.


Alright, time for the actual move set itself.  Actually, I think I’ll just skim it.  *sees ending line*  Okay, fine, I’ll read it.  Hand Kannon is scary, and not in a good way.  So, it’s a random attack with 4 different things that can happen.  I would say that the clouds are overpowered, but they happen so rarely they may as well not be there.  A move cannot be disjointed and still have regular priority (you say that the cannonball is disjointed and later say it has above average priority, and you do the same with the barrel).  The cannonball and barrel are already cool functions, I would really just rip out the smoke clouds, they’re essentially just filler to make the move seem more unique.  The Pirate Handbook had a lulzy opening line and was pretty clever.  However, you seem to contradict yourself. You say that the move has low startup lag, but then you seem to imply at the part where he can move around that the move has bad startup lag.  Otherwise, I like the move.  The Mirror Never Lies is a really awesome move, both in concept and in execution.  I had to click the link a few times before I could get the reference video to work, lol.  Why the hell is Donkey Kong singing?  Hot Air Balloon is a nifty recovery, and I like that you included a move from the Pirate-themed Donkey Kong Country game.  Overall, Skurvy’s specials are great, apart from those bleeping clouds in the Neutral Special.


Standard Attacks, whee.  The jab is freaking brilliant.  It was a great way of utilizing Skurvy’s species into an attack, and it was just overall creative.  Plus it reminds me of Nack the Weasel, and a move that reminds me of one of my favorite video game characters HAS to be epic, right?  Dash attack is also a fun move, though not as epic as the jab.  I’m noticing a pattern with set-ups in this move set so far.  Is Skurvy the first-ever combo heavyweight?  Only time will tell…


Tilts, yay.  A move with “epic” in its name carries high expectations.  The move in concept is awesome.  However, it has detail issues.  Once again you give a move disjointedness and regular priority at the same time.  When it comes time for the big clash, you first say that the slices deal no damage, but then you mention giving them a strong damaging move.  How does the game know then you “won” the clash as opposed to just continuing it?  My mind fainted trying to figure what you meant.  Down Tilt fails for having the most cliché pirate attack name in history.  Hell, even Zasalamel had that name for his Dair, and he’s not even a pirate.  Okay, seriously, the move is nice, but I just had to rant for a moment.  Up Tilt is a fun move too.  Skurvy continues his combo-like playstyle with the tilts.  I’m not seeing what everyone’s complaining about with a “lack of playstyle”.


Si-si-situationals?  YAY!  Though they should go at the end due to being essentially extras, as epic as they are.  First off, I’ve never seen titles such as “downed attack” or “flipped attack”.  Just saying.  Pieces of Eight is a cool move, especially how it works differently in coin matches.  Seadog Stretches is lulzy.  Krook’s Hooks is also a fun read, and I like the reference to the DKC2 enemy.  The two ledge attacks were even more fun reads, and I like the mention of using jumps back to the stage, it’s the little things like that which show what you were thinking when designing the guy.  Overall, I am quite pleased to be able to actually comment on situational attacks for a change.


Smashes ahoy!  FSmash is awesome, and I like how something special happens when the cat is out-prioritized.  Oh, it’s another disjointed move with priority.  Tsk tsk tsk.  DSmash is interesting, but I’m concerned about balance.  It seems like an even more broken version of Meta Knight’s DSmash, if that’s even possible.  I’d suggest taking off the invincibility portion of the move and increasing the end lag.  USmash is nice, it’s simple but clever.  It deals a ton of damage, though it seems like a smart enemy could DI away before being hit by the jaws.


Avast, Aerials!  Nair is nice.  I feel the end lag could be toned down slightly, but otherwise I like it.  Fair is an interesting move.  The tether recovery really saves it, and I love how you have to actually reel in Skurvy towards the platform.  Bair definitely does not suck.  In fact, I love how his belt can be taken away like grabbing an item, I’ve never seen that implemented into a move set before.  Granted, I’m not sure how practical that effect would be for the enemy when the move comes out quickly, but the move is still balanced well enough.  The Uair is an interesting concept, but I have a problem or two besides it being a randomized attack.  First, the fireworks have absolutely pitiful range for a projectile.  Going the height of Mario is like Ike’s sword being treated as a projectile.  Second, twice you say it moves at the speed of Samus’ missile.  Um, which one?  Homing missile and super missile move at different speeds.  And finally, getting back to the randomness, the fact that the 3 version all have different trajectories means that you really can’t plan this attack at all.  You’ll basically be forgetting about the green and red versions and just try to juggle with the yellow one.  Dair is a fun move, though the belly-flop feels slightly tacked on.  I wouldn’t get rid of it, but the move was already perfectly good as a spike with its bouncing properties.  Skurvy’s aerials are overall an enjoyable read, though it seems like his playstyle of comboing has been dropped for more of a powerhouse orientation.  Let’s see how the grabs wrap this up, shall we?


Ah, grabs.  You always manage to create such unique ways of grabbing, Kupa.  The only creative grab I’ve done is Dark Gaia’s smash-grabs, but you do things like that with pretty much all of your move sets.  The pummel is awesome, and it reminds me of a move from his fellow Kremling King K.Rool.  FThrow is an interesting concept, but I’m concerned about balance.  How exactly does the marked victim hit the dot on themselves?  I could see Roy Mustang burning it off with his side special, but other than that, it seems like Skurvy’s got a free KO whenever he grabs someone.  BThrow is pure epic.  The concept is cool, the execution is mostly cool (I would suggest removing the limit of usage, considering level 9 CPUS are actually unfairly “smart”), and the songs at the end are win.  You got that idea from Cortez in MYM4, didn’t you?  Whatever, it’s epic regardless.  DThrow is pretty cool as well, though I would increase the speed that they can barrel roll (lulz).  UThrow is awesome simply due to being Kackle, one of my favorite Donkey Kong enemies.  The effect is really epic as well.  Now if we could just get Rock Kroc involved somewhere…


The final smash had me interested right from the start.  However, also right from the start, I really must insist of lowering the duration of it.  I don’t know why final smashes in MYM always last so long, but in case people don’t realize, Super Sonic lasts for 15 seconds.  You know, Super Sonic, the most broken final smash of all time?  Yeah…Other than that, this is an awesome final smash, and it would feel very intense to be in a team-match while Skurvy yells out commands, only for him to facepalm at his teammate’s stupidity and jump into the battle himself.


Yay, playstyle section.  Let’s read it… “A lot of Skurvy’s game is reading what your foes will do and setting up traps…”  Oh lord, not another trap character.  Actually, I’d say that this is incorrect, as Skurvy doesn’t really have any traps other than his FSmash and DTilt.  His actual playstyle is hard to decipher, but it is there.  Basically, he has a combo-based ground game, an aerial game for nice single hits, and a decent edge-guarding game.  It’s an interesting combination to say the least.  As I predicted in the stats section, Skurvy feels like a more balanced Dedede, so he’d do just fine in competitive play.


Ah, some BKupa extras.  I LOVE the “no-contest against K.Rool”.  Innovative stuff like that is what I like to see as extras.  The clone character Kutlass was a fun read.  The stage was interesting, especially since you included joke BGM.


So overall, how does Skurvy’s revival hold up?  Originality is easily the strongest point of this set.  There are plenty of innovative attacks in there, though the neutral special has the issue of going too far in trying to be unique.  Other than a few specific things I mentioned, Skurvy is nicely balanced and has more playstyle than people give him credit for.  I’d have no problems seeing this thing on the top 50.  Just remember, disjointed attacks can’t have regular priority. 😉




As a special bonus, here’s that sig button I’ve promised you for Sebastian:



  1. I started Skurvy before I fully learned about disjointed attacks, so that’s not gonna happen again lol…the randomness may lead to originality, but I’m making my future movesets to be just as original, but actually relating, leading to a better playstyle.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the button 😀

  2. I gave my upcoming set many low-priority projectiles. Oops. =3

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