Posted by: MarthTrinity | June 11, 2009

Envy This! — The Kid

The Kid



By agidius

Ah The Kid…the one character whose stupid little grin brings me more rage than even Tingle. Being an avid player of I Wanna Be The Guy myself, I was totally awaiting this moveset with curiosity and rage. Mostly rage because of how much IWBTG pisses me off. Anyway, you managed to turn a character that dies in a single hit to pretty much anything into a Smash character…let’s see how this plays out, shall we?

To begin, let’s talk about the organization for a bit here. I love it. The whole using the headers to hide music is a very nice touch and keeps a constant flow of IWBTG’s awesome music pumping throughout the duration of the set. To top it all off, there’s even pictures for most every move, that’s also VERY nice and makes visualizing the moves themselves a breeze. The color choice and all that is also very nice, so kudos there.

Stats. Alright, so The Kid is a featherweight (quite literally in fact), has some amazing jumps, awesome attack power, great speed, miniscule target size, excellent traction. And…a 7 out of ten on the MEGA scale? Way to make him broken, jeez. And I would be afraid of The Kid being broken if his attacks weren’t almost entirely trap based…but is The Kid broken? Read on to find out…gasp…

Animations are up first I suppose…alright, nothing too out of the ordinary…although how Bowser, Wart AND Dr. Wily all fit in the KKK will always be a mystery to me…

To start, we have possibly the most soul (and Kid) crushing part of IWBTG; the Delicious Fruit. I like how you managed to incorporate all the awful ways those damn apple/cherries/potatoes fly in-game. How many trees can you grow? After firing the fruit, does the tree die, or does it just grow more fruit? My one complaint (albeit a very minor one) about the entire specials section is that you call them “Neutral Spec, Side Spec, etc,” instead of writing out special or writing B. I dunno, it’s just kind of weird to me personally. The Side B is admittedly rather plain yet it HAD to be in there somewhere. The Up Special is genius, I absolutely adore how you included the Wuss Save AND the pink bow in there. I’d say the 15 second wait period in order to use it again is a bit much, but I doubt The Kid would even have time to recover after being knocked off once considering how light he is. The Down Special is a tad bit disappointing considering it could have easily been a Down Smash trap or something. It just doesn’t…that’s what it is, while the Wuss Saves, the Delicious Fruit and the Very Small Gun are all important to IWBTG, the Spaghettio Shooters aren’t at all really, it just seems out of place in the specials I suppose.

The Neutral A I believe even you admit is lame and was just kind of thrown in at the last moment since you forgot it. That being said, it serves no real purpose in the set at all. The nightmare inducing Medusa Heads seems most useful for disarming traps as you already suggested but fairly useless besides that. Ah, the dreaded spikes…I like how you made it only effect aerial foes…however I’m curious as to whether if you were playing against another The Kid if their spikes would also do the increased damage/knockback against you? I assume it would considering The Kid’s natural distaste for spikes, but since I’m the reviewer, I have to ask these questions. The Spike Crawler is also a nice little nod to the in-game features and such. Down tilt raises some questions; how large is the floor length? Is it the actual floor of the stage, or does it visually look different? Is it one time use after it starts spinning? Can you place multiple trick floors?

Smashes! Bullet Bill Cannon…10 seconds without a Side Smash seems kind of harsh especially since they can take out the Snifit (not Shy Guy, you even called it a Snifit Shooter :3) with an C-Sticked Smash or something. Spike Crusher, bleck, I hated that death in-game…overall, this move looks pretty good however, no real complaints. The down smash is also good, however this would be the one time I’d expect an opponent would be able to attack the trap, but surprisingly not.

Aerials now…about the neutral air, do the fake stars vanish when a real star falls? Or does the first fake star created become a real star…or does the next star you make become the real one? The up air made me laugh, much like the actual death in-game did, so good job there…also seems like a pretty handy move. The Fruit Monster down air provides for some nice ranged throws and such and you’ve also got some alternative uses…good job there too!

The ranged throw using Master Claw was a great idea as well as being a clever continuation of the whole trap theme. Lame pummel is lame, I think you even agree with that one judging by the “= \” face afterwards. I love the Dumb Bugz throw…I think a nice little easter egg could be Vic Viper or even a Mecha Birdo egg replacing the Dumb Bugz on occasion. I really don’t remember the Spring Couch from the game to be honest…maybe I just blanked it out. Anyway, it’s a nice another nice little trap move although the basic question of how big is the hitbox/couch comes back once again. Tetris is a nice little trap, causing the opponent to either get squished or run into other traps. Also.


That is all.

The Final Smash is…kinda lame to be honest. Of all the things in the game, it feels almost disappointing to have this as the Final Smash if only because of how predictable it’d get after the first few times and how utterly useless it’d be on big stages.

The playstyle I’m already fairly aware of but leave it to Agi to write up something as detailed and masterful as this, if you had ANY doubts about The Kid’s playstyle, read this now and you’ll never need to rethink it.

Extras…recolors are wonderful as always Agi and I know for a fact that I’d spam the hell out of the up taunt. The rest of the taunts are all suiting and the “victory poses” which seem more like losing poses all fit wonderful. The stage is great as is the Codec…and the music choice is absolutely spectacular.

Overall, The Kid is a great set and one of the main precursors to the whole “trap based moveset” game…my only complaints are lack of some crucial detail. All in all, I’d say that The Kid is far from broken and is probably underpowered considering how many of his own moves kill him faster then they kill opponents. You did however do a great job of incorporating as much from IWBTG as possible, and while I’m a tad bit saddened by the lack of Kraidgief and Spiked Wall Chaser, I’ll forgive it for all the awesome ideas you had. So basically, retouch this one up a bit, add some of the more crucial details and you’ll easily have an even BETTER set then this already is.




  1. “Ah The Kid…the one character whose stupid little grin brings me more rage than even Tingle.”

  2. ^Sorry Wizzerd, I needed a good opening line :3

    Besides, I don’t really hate Tingle…only in FSA’s when he steals all mah Force Gems 😡

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