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Envy This! — Excel


Excel, no! Not the head bite!

Excel, no! Not the head bite!

by half_silver28

Well, I’m certainly glad I inspired SOMEONE to watch Excel Saga after making Hyatt. When you first told me in the chat that you were making Excel, I had NO idea that it was gonna be out this soon but I was obviously quite happy to hear that you were going to make one.

For those of you who haven’t seen Excel Saga, which is probably all of you, it’s a comedy anime…so we’ll have to see how this translates to the set…so….without further ado, let’s begin, shall we?

To start off, you have an awesome selection of music (especially “Hey! Ropponmatsu!”); always a nice way to catch people’s attention and give them something to listen to while reading the set at the same time. To continue upon this, you also posted the first episode link which is also good to have even though nobody will watch it (glares at people who said they would and then didn’t). The background information is all accurate and gives a good picture of who this weird character is…plus I already love the Excel comments, I hope they stay as fresh as this…

Onto stats…nothing jumps out at me really as broken or anything…although 3/10 for weight seems awfully light; she’s even lighter than Hyatt as at a 3/10 (which I never figured from the anime). Besides the slight weight issue, Excel seems like a rather balanced character, probably mid-upper tier…although that’s just from the stats, to find out if this is true later we have to go onto the moveset itself.

Bur first, we have our animations to quickly go over. They all fit, not much of a surprise! So we’ll move onto the SPECIAL MECHANIC. And it’s Menchi! Yay! Menchi being used for Excel’s KO moves fits perfectly, as does the running away from Excel causing her to chase Menchi down. The 15 second wait period to regain Menchi after an opponent throws her off the stage may be a bit extreme (15 seconds is a LONG time), but besides that the mechanic fits perfectly into character and seems to play a good role in the set as opposed to just being tacked on.

Now it’s time for Special attacks; let’s see how special they are! Originally, before I made Hyatt, I had planned to make Excel instead; this Neutral B was the exact same plan I had and you executed it perfectly. The little mini-moveset you gave for the PGC is very appropriate and keeps the opponent from being COMPLETELY destroyed, actually giving them a fighting chance. The Side B helps include Excel’s habit of throwing either heavy or dangerous objects around (plus it helps keep up the humor!). The bowling ball part unfortunately is the least imaginative of this move; it’s essentially the baseball version but better.

The Up Special has me slightly concerned; as suiting as it is, it’s incredibly useless on one hand and broken on the other. The fact that you need to prepare at least five seconds in advance makes it near useless as a recovery (unless you know for a FACT that you’re going to die soon), the best I could see it being used for is mindgames really. Now the second usage of the move allows Excel to regain a stock she just lost albeit with the % she had before dying. This could be rather unfair especially if the opponent did something awesome like a 0% Ness dair spike and KO’d Excel at say…9%. Not only does she get her stock back, but she now has the invincibility frames from the revival platform. I’m probably being a tad extreme by saying it’s broken considering you can only use it once, but I could easily see how it’d be deemed a rip off to some players.

The Down Special has me slightly confused instead of concerned; Excel falls down a trap door; very suiting yet…what does it even do? I assume opponents are able to fall through the hole or something but you didn’t say once during the attack that opponents could fall through it, only that Excel would and, would most likely die from doing so. I’d probably go back and rethink the usage for this attack…

I like the A combo a fair bit, good job there. The dash attack confuses me slightly however; it says Excel extends her arm out before her, but her legs are the hitbox? Behind her body or under it or before it? It’s just kind of confusing to figure out really especially since the hitbox isn’t what you’d think it would be. The f-tilt looked pretty good to me, then I read the Menchi bonus and was sold on it, really good idea there. The up tilt is a tad basic but it works well for the randomness of the set. The down tilt was also quite nice and seems like a great edgeguard.

Smash attacks…whoa, they have less detail than the tilts do, let’s read on. The Side Smash is kind of bland; for Excel’s best attack it leaves out some useful details such as how fast does Menchi leap, is she an active hitbox until she hits the ground or can she hurt opponents even after landing? Unfortunately, the Up Smash is also somewhat bland in comparison to the other moves of the set but it does work for what it’s needed for. The down smash goes back to the previous wacky/random moves that were so prominent in the tilts, but it also seems more suiting for another move, perhaps a special even…for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem very smash attack like (probably because it does no damage).

Aha! The forward air helps with recovery, you DID have a back up plan for the Up B! It’s effective, it’s suiting, it’s random…it’s probably UNDERpowered but hey, it works! Unfortunately the forward air lacks some of the creativity of the other moves and seems kind of tacked on randomly. The back air is kind of dull too sadly. The up aerial is better once again, but the down air seems kind of bland as well…

The throws I all approve of as they’re all back to the usual wackiness of Excel, my favorite of which happens to be the up throw…with the down throw coming in a close second.

Ah…the panda bomb tank…the totally non-conspicuous weapon used for ACROSS’ city take over, excellent choice for a Final Smash. And, from my read through of it, you incorporated it pretty well, no complaints from me here.

The playstyle makes sense really; keep Menchi alive so you can do your good KO moves and make sure that the moves that decrease in power over time aren’t abused too much, all seems pretty logical and you summed it up nicely.

Taunts, poses, extras, etc all look great especially the Nabeshin assist trophy. Extras were the one thing I regret not doing for Hyatt = \

All in all, Excel is a fun read for fans of the series (so basically me xD) and fans of random stuff. The Excel commentary gave the set an EXCELLENT feel of humor and voice making it easy to read through. My main gripe is that some of the moves are just so off the wall (which is a great thing of course) that the less random ones (such as the Smashes and a few of the aerials) seem bland and uninspired compared to the rest. Regardless however, you did an excellent job adding just enough detail to make it understandable without it being tl;dr style. This is a vast improvement over Cammy and easily my favorite set from you Silver, I expect to see great things from you in MYM6!





  1. so I’m gonna try & keep my comments brief on this…

    for the up special, the Great Will stays in the spot you call her to until you use up B again or lose a life. So I figured that you could set it up anytime that you have a chance, not just right before you die. As for the one-time stock recovery, I honestly never thought about Excel being KOed at near 0% damage. I added that on last minute to try & be more true to the effect of ‘reseting’ in the show. I really have to stop doing that kind of stuff…

    As for the down special, I just should’ve explained things a bit better… it is meant to be a semi-trap of sorts… !! Now why didn’t I make it so the trapdoor closes after Excel drops through it & just have it open up when an unsuspecting foe walks over the spot?? I feel dumb now <.<

    For the dash attack… I DID mention that opponents are hit by coming in contact with her legs, but I guess I could've been clearer on that.

    for the forward smash, I DID mention how far Menchi jumps, but for the other details you mentioned, yeah… :/ For the up smash, I suppose it was just bland compared to the other moves…

    I couldn't really think of anything good for the forward air, so I made it completely random, & even I questioned putting that move there. The back air… I just wanted to include that somewhere Xd. the down air, however, I will admit is the worst move in the set. Pretty uncreative <.<

    I used to have trouble with throws in the past; but I had a lot of fun making these ones 🙂

    Overall, I'm definitely proud of the job I did with this set, but there's still room for improvement. Glad you liked the set! 😀

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