Posted by: masterwarlord | June 30, 2009

Pride and Prejudice — Tingle

Page 113

Tingle by Wizzerd

So. . .This is gonna be kinda awkward to review seeing I already gave in-depth commentary on it, but it should be a good challenge to finally do both for the same moveset, which I’ve yet to do so far. Hopefully this isn’t more of the same. . .Spadefox didn’t want to review this even while he was here, and I seem to be pretty much the only reviewer who actually seems to like this set, so you’re stuck with me either way.

Originality: As stated in my commentary, there are no shortage of individual unique moves in the set at all here, certainly not. The final smash is also absolutely epic, as stated in that commentary. You want new information? Gotcha. Well, as far as things to criticize besides the moves being a bit too random (Though that’s more a playstyle concern), the dtilt relies on random move effects a bit too much for my comfort, and the fact that you make us read through a bunch of different versions of it makes the move drag out as one of the memorably annoying ones. The specials aren’t particularly special in comparison to the other ridiculously original moves. The neutral and up special being so similar in particular was somewhat disappointing. I’d think it’d make more sense to just make the neutral special a part of the up special and make a new neutral one. . . .So yeah. I managed to attack two moves out of your entire set. That must be a pretty damn good sign.

Playstyle: This set is the stereotypical trap character, so it’s bound to have playstyle by default. As I said before, your description of the playstyle could without a doubt be a lot better, but eh. Despite all the random moves which I bashed this set for in my commentary, this moveset is more thought out in certain areas then first meets the eye on a second look. I love how you made so many of his moves be the Koolah Limpah animation. Yay mindgame potential! The final smash ties the rupee minature mechanic together brilliantly. While final smashes normally aren’t worth noting in a playstyle section, this one just seems like the perfect way to complement the creepy guy.

Detail: Again, this suffers some of the issues of Krow, but isn’t nearly as bad in that regard. The only move that’s disgustingly long and awkward is that dtilt which I bashed earlier, and the neutral special is far too long for what’s a rather simple move. You do go off into uses a bit too often, and it’s particularly awkward in your writing style when you tell us how to use a move before telling us what the move actually does. Your writing style needs some ironing out, but I wouldn’t say you quite yet have a case of DFM syndrome. If things keep going like they did with Krow, though, you could potentially catch the fatal disease.

Balance: He can recover, he can damage rack, he can KO, and he has traps. There’s little Tingle can’t do. While you constantly claim that Tingle has problems KOing, you make the KO methods he does have relatively decent. Sure, the fsmash sucks if the Tingle player is bad at button mashing, but in competitive play we have to assume Tingle mains are good button mashers, so yeah, his fsmash is now an excellent KO move. I think he’d be okay if you toned down the power. It’s not quite as bad as people make it out to be, but the problem is without a doubt still there.

Relevance to Character: Absolutely spot on, particularly with the large amount of material you’ve taken from Tingle’s starring role, Rosy Rupeeland, the final smash (Which I refuse to stop praising, it’s that good) in particular. The only thing this category has going against it is the more random moves which have little to do with Tingle such as the scarecrow usmash and the random props. . .Tingle seems to have a few too many Zelda fan-service props (Such as the fishing rod which distracted Ganondorf, which is admittedly awesome none the less) on him for comfort.

Organization: I find the green $s alongside the headers an excellent choice and am not particularly bothered by the Kooloo headers. This is one of the better organizations without a doubt, and the dtilt which I’ve bashed throughout the review is made much easier to read by all the pictures of the kinstones, making the bad move more acceptable. The presence of mass pictures throughout the set is also a very welcome addition.

Extras: The extras are in low quantity, but the poses are absolutely brilliant and fitting to Tingle’s extremely hatable character, particularly the girly giggle. I don’t care if he has a girlfriend, he’s as straight as Spadefox. Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland? REALLY?

Overall: Like I said, I find this better then Krow if only for the playstyle, though some bias comes from it being a SSB4 candidate and all the Zelda fanservice (Even though I vastly prefer DK to Zelda). This is one of the better trap sets in the contest, certainly leaving early trap sets like Waluigi in the dust, but overdetailing/awkward writing, randomness, and a bad actual description of the playstyle in the playstyle section prevent it from reaching the top of the heap.



  1. Late response ftw. Umm… you’re right, he’s overpowered, I have awkward descriptions, he’s too random, I slacked off with the playstyle. With that… toodle-oo!

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