Posted by: bkupa666 | July 6, 2009

Wrath of the Kupa King – Wrath

Page 134

Wrath SirKibble & Baloo

Even though I’ve become quite fond of the FMA characters throughout this contest, I haven’t watched the anime yet (apart from a few battle scenes and clips on Youtube).  Wrath was an interesting read, due to the difference in writing style(s), as most, if not all of the other FMA sets came from Warlord.  I feel he was underrated slightly, due to him being just one of many movesets in the storm that was MYM5’s last few days.  Anyways, even though the contest is over, let’s give him a nice read-through.

Originality: The first thing I notice about how Wrath feels as a character is his childishness.  He reminds me slightly of Bowser Jr. in this respect.  However, his moves differ from this a fair bit.  Neutral Special seems like it would be great against some of the more annoying characters to face, as he could absorb Falco’s lasers, Pikachu’s electricity, and Diddy’s nanners.  This seems like it would be great for approaches, especially when short-hopped.  Side Special is cool, but three seconds is a pretty long time for a move; most grabs only are held for about a second.  If Wrath has low damage, he seems like he could just Wrathicide and the foe could do nothing, seeing as how they can’t escape.  Suiciding sounds like no big deal, but it would seem more fair if either the foe could escape or slow Wrath down while they are fused.  Up Special sounds rather generic at first, but the offensive part sounds really neat.  I don’t see a mention of how fast the ‘balloonified’ character floats, or if (and how) they can escape.  I mean, you say that if they are close to the end zone (lol football) they’ll be KOed off the top, but it doesn’t say ‘they float for this long, being Star KOed if they float off the top blast line’.  Add some detail about how they can escape; the extra damage and knockback thing in addition to the floating sounds like a bit much; maybe lessen the 10% or make the move more offensively well-rounded as a whole.  I like it, but there needs work for some of it.  Down Special is interesting in how it works differently, depending on which terrain Wrath is on.  The fact that he must either give up Smashes or Aerials to play properly is a bit iffy.  I don’t know why this hindrance is a necessary addition, but I’ll have to read the Smashes and Aerials to see how this flows into his overall playstyle.  Looking back now, Specials seem awesome, but there are some lower points that could be worked on, namely escaping from Side Special, detail on offensive Up Special, and more flexability with Down Special.

Now, onto the rest of the set.  Bite seems like an interesting take off Wario’s Bite, but I’d maybe save some room and just write that it’s pretty much the same as Wario’s Bite, but with these differences (the only one I could see was that you get knocked back if you barely nick his mouth).  Tentacle Rape Wrap seems like a nice quick throwing option, although it can’t be abused (Zamus’ grab sucks arse when not being used to tether).  Maybe you could mention using it from a shield, like a shield-grab?  It’s not necessary, but it would be cool and useful.  Arm Cannon seems a bit iffy; I remember when I gave Indiana Jones an infinite-ranged U-Smash in MYM3 and Mendez was all over that.  I’d give it great range, seeing as how it has a lot of startup lag, but don’t make it infinite.  That word generally has bad meanings in Smash.  D-Tilt is awesome; I love moves that utilize other living creatures as attacks.  It seems like a Piplup effect without nearly as much damage, and probably low priority as well.  Throwing it is a sweet effect (animal abuse!).  Can Wrath throw it as well?  Dash Attack is easily the best of your Standards here; it reminds me of Hades’ Down Special, where he can reuse Specials, but only a select number of them (here, it’s just one, though).  He can even dash grab if he doesn’t have any projectiles?!  Awesome!  This is a nice secti0n, with only a few minor points for fixing.

F-Smash seems like a risky KO move; the extra effect sounds a little bit annoying, especially for noobs.  It’s cool, but the good damage makes up for the limitation it has when it misses.  Blockade is an interesting Smash; it still puts the terrain type to good use.  The only detail I’d add is that two Blockades can’t overlap, as this would be problematic if Wrath put up two metal barriers at a time, making the foe take down 80% worth of two Blockades.  Spire Stab still uses the terrain type (I’m seriously beginning to enjoy this element of Wrath).  I’m a bit confused about the angle of the D-Smash (upwards diagonally?), which might need some clarification, but it’s still a nice move.  Wrath’s Smashes seem to be high-risk, high-reward, with extra terrain effects for said reward.  The combo aerials don’t really feel as dangerous as the Smashes, but you would have to choose when to use them, upon which you would lose your blade.  That said, the aerials seem like less unique slash-and-hit moves (with the exception of the D-Air), but as they look like they are supposed to be just that, I really like them.  Wrath’s grab makes him seem like a wild man, which flows into his childish moves.  His pummel seems rather damaging, considering he has the option for good damage on throws as well.  Maybe lessen it to 2%, or at least make it 2-3% to make it not as consistent?  F-Throw is OK, but B-Throw confused me; he can use this throw without gaining a weapon?  He only uses that with his D-Throw, so this is kinda unnecessary information.  Sword U-Throw is rather generic, although seemingly useful for KOs.  The other U-Throw is anything but generic, but seems like it would take a while for Wrath to turn the foe to stone, throw them, then have them break out and go dizzy.  I’d detail in here that it’s a nice combo starter (which you have), but it is hard to use because of the startup lag, and maybe also make some way for the foe to escape.  If it were abusable in 1 vs. 1s (Wrath could keep throwing the foe up by grabbing them when they’re dizzy), that would be really bad.  It’s a nice original throw, but it needs detail here.  The D-Throw being able to transmute like Down Special is a cool effect.  Situationals are kinda meh, I’m not gonna detail those.  Finally (duh), the Final Smash seems rather simple in effect, but is a nice one for Wrath to have.  A good strategy would seem to be trapping the foes in the smaller bullets until they have high damage, then blasting them to a KO with the larger ones.  Originality is common in this moveset (although there are some generic moves that exist well in conjunction), especially with the terrain types.  As Borat would say, I like!

Detail: Now, here’s where the moveset needs some work.  The moves themselves have all the necessary details about how the moves work (although I don’t really see priority in there, which should be a ‘priority’ to add).  However, you need to look into the situations the moves can be used in and include details about what the move would do in said situation.  Case in point, Side Special: if the foe has a lot of damage and Wrath does not, Wrath could suicide?  If the foe has lower damage, could they escape from the helium of the Up Special (could they escape at all?)?  Or, would the U-Throw turn into an infinite grab, or could the petrified foe break out?  These are among the main issues I find with detail in Wrath; he’s got what he needs for normal detail, but how the moves would work in certain scenarios can be just as important, especially considering the unique effects some moves have.  This section has its merit, but some detail just needs inclusion.

Balance: Wrath has a few iffy points in him that keep me from fully determining the overall balance.  Some of his aerials are hard to land, but are still rather damaging for a character with a power stat of only 6/10.  I’d maybe give some of these moves good knockback, but a bit less damage.  The Smashes are another thing that might need a bit of damage-nerfing.  Although they have their effects to make them a bit challenging to use, 28% for an F-Smash is kind of much.  Plus, a charge range of 18-28% is more than almost any Brawl character; Warlord pointed this out to me in MYM4.  Maybe 18-23% would be more fitting and balanced.  The necessary scenario details I pointed out in the above paragraph could also place Wrath up very high on the tier list.  The possible infinite grab would even beat out Dedede’s broken D-Throw, as all charcters would be stunned by the petrification, not just the 6 that Dedede can infinite against walls.  Work on these problems and you’ll have yourself a much better balanced character overall.

Fitting to Character: Even though I haven’t watched FMA yet (blasphemy, I know), the personalities of the Seven Deadly Sins are all but too obvious to pinpoint.  Wrath’s moveset perfectly fits him as an angsty wild child who has powers of transmutation.  Warlord would probably go to town with some of the references you threw in to Wrath in the series; I can kind of see these, but not as well.  Still, I know they’re there, and this makes this category even better, which is saying something.  This is usually an easy category to pass in, but you guys go the extra mile to make Wrath perfectly in character the whole way through.  Great job!

Extras: Taunts are rather average; I like that you can cancel the Up Taunt, but what is its duration?  The fact that it can be cancelled infers to me that it lasts a long time…I’d add this in somewhere, even if it is just a taunt (Spade would have a ball calling this extreme-nitpicking).  Other taunts are great, and in character as well.  That loser’s limbs thing…that’s kinda gory.  He frickin’ takes their arms off in the darkness and wears them in front of their dead body?!  That’s gross, but it would be funny to see him with Kirby’s pink stubs for arms.  The other victory poses are not as noteworthy, although I like them as well.  Having a unique loss pose with Sloth is a nice addition (wouldn’t it be spelled ‘Child at Heart’, though?  You wrote ‘Heard’).  I’m a little surprised not to see a Codec, Kirby Hat, or Icon, but they are extras, so it’s your choice whether or not to use them.  Playstyle is not too special, I see, as you even point out that all characters have this strategy.  Sure, Wrath does it better, and the Aerials for damaging, then Smashes for KOs sounds like a new style for a character like Wrath.  Still, it’s not especially unique, and I’d maybe alter it around slightly to include details about the terrain types, as this seems like it would play more of a factor for Wrath than you make it out to be.  It’s got nice parts, but I’d still work it out a bit more.  After all, the playstyle movement is almost like a renaissance for MYM, as I learned the hard way with Kaptain Skurvy.  It holds a lot more importance now, so working on it would definitely do more good than harm.

Organization: You seem to have taken the new organization K.Rool is credited for creating, just with ‘/’ between move input and move name, instead of ‘-‘.  This doesn’t really make it easier or harder to read, but it’s a nice style, so props for that.  The color scheme looks kind of dark and emo, which suits Wrath just fine.  Nice job here; organization is often overlooked at times, and you made sure it was done well for Wrath.  Seriously, this style is really easy-to-read, and is quite pleasureable with the right colors, which you’ve done.  Bravo, indeed!

Closing Comments: I’m crying as I’m writing this, seeing as this is my last review of a Kibble set, or at least a joint Kibble set.  Wrath flows nicely for a joint set, considering how some details can be left out when MYMers join to make sets, as Warlord and I found out with Klump and Krusha.  You guys did well overall with Wrath, but there are some details that would be the icing on the cake of this set.  Not really the icing, but more the better taste overall; some of these left out details could break Wrath if not corrected or fixed.  It’s not a huge deal, seeing as how the contest is kinda over, but definitely keep this in mind in the future.  You’ve done well with Wrath, and I look forward to seeing your sets in the future, Baloo.  Kibble, it was a pleasure to review Wrath, and I hope you have a great time wherever you go beyond MYM.  You will be sorely missed by me and everyone else in the contest.  Farewell!

My work here…is done.



  1. Thanks! I can’t edit it now, but I’ll be sure to apply all of your points in my future movesets.

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