Posted by: MarthTrinity | July 12, 2009

Wesker's Report — Tryclyde



by BKupa666

Ah Tryclyde…it’s kinda funny; had Nintendo not used Doki Doki Panic as a mold for Super Mario Bros. 2, Tryclyde wouldn’t have existed in the Marioverse. That being said, Doki Doki Panic is now more commonly known as the game that was turned into SMB2 and is essentially forgotten about entirely, oops! Moving on however, we have a moveset for one of the games obscure bosses here from our very own Bkupa. How does the triple headed tyrant stack up as an opener for MYM6? Let’s find out!

Right off the bat you have background (which is expected so…yeah). The only thing I notice there is no mention of the previously mentioned Doki Doki Panic (See? It is forgotten) but that’s a very minor, minor complaint. I’ll cover the organization here as well. Simply put, it’s nice. You’ve got a nice amount of pictures, some animated header images and everything is laid out in a nice neat order. The only real complaint I can see here is there’s a whole lot of white, but I don’t think that’s too big of a deal.

Onto stats…Tryclyde’s a pathetically weak heavyweight? What blasphemy is this? But wait, there’s more. It seems his stats are variable dependant on his special mechanic. I see, I see…anyway, the stats all seem rather balanced, he’s a moderately slow heavyweight that sucks at recovery, is fairly weak and is an enormous target…let’s read on however to see if Tryclyde can be saved from bottom tier syndrome.

Alright, animations all look nice but I’ll pass by that because it’s not terribly important.

Special Mechanic time! So you took the creative liberty that Tryclyde is hydra-esque…interesting move that clearly adds some more potential to the set. So, by using the Side Special (odd choice, but okay) he grows more heads, more heads means more damage, more weight and better priority. Conversely, he loses some of his attack range. So two-headed Tryclyde is a potential winner, three-headed Tryclyde is what you’re aiming for and solo-headed Tryclyde is like Solimar with a broken leg. I see. Each head has 50%…okay, fair enough. Here’s my question though; you say when a head falls off, it leaves a sore spot. Since Smash plays essentially on a 2D arena, how would one go about hitting the spot? Are the heads each at different distances forward and back? Because I’d imagine them all to be relatively on the same level if he’s facing forward. I dunno, minor clarification issue I suppose.

Onto the Specials. The fireball spit was indeed mandatory and seems like a good way to pepper opponents as Uniclyde. For Duoclyde, he creates a Spark and for Tryclyde, he makes Fry-Guy. All very interesting and varied enough for Tryclyde’s signature move.

Now before I continue on, I feel I should acknowledge a common complaint I hear about Kupa’s sets; the excess wording. While a lot of the details are necessary (and I thank you for having them!) the way its written is rather wordy for no real reason. An example of this can be seen with the line “The fireballs hit back to back if a foe touches one, as the fireballs are shot extremely close together, the foe taking the same damage per fireball, but still no knockback.” This could easily be shortened to something like, “The fireballs hit consecutively, dealing damage per fireball and no knockback.” Another example of this can be seen with “Fry Guy has great priority, being unable to be dispersed; he only vanishes after his time is up,” which could even be shortened to “Fry Guy is invincible, leaving the stage only when his time expires.”

Anyway, with that aside, onto the rest of the Specials. The Side Special is clearly the bread and butter of Tryclyde’s moveset; without more heads, he’s next to useless. Taking the time of a Giant Punch to grow a head seems a bit risky, especially since he can’t attack and can only move/jump. This requires you to (obviously) plan out your defenses before you grow another head…if you don’t plan out, Tryclyde is absolute rubbish tier as a competent opponent would never allow you to grow another head. The fact that the third head takes even -LONGER- to grow leaves me a bit concerned that Tryclyde would have a learning curve rivaling that of Ryuk even…

The Down Special seems fairly useless except against Dedede; why would you heal a sore spot with the Down Special when you could simply grow another head to heal it up? At least you can move while growing another head, I couldn’t imagine an opponent letting you shed your skin unless they were KO’d. The super armor part of it helps a bit I suppose but 15% super armor doesn’t seem like it’d help terribly.

And then there’s the Up Special (which I believe you used a direct quote from the Super Mario Advance guide for ;D). This move is…actually really, really good. Considering Zelda’s not really the slowest character around and the Albatoss flies as fast as her…for three seconds with all attack options left and the aiblity to jump once and tether recovery…I think Tryclyde’s pretty well off for having a 5 on recovery personally.

Basic moves now. Neutral A is interesting although I’m not sure how effective it’d be. I’m pretty sure opponents would just learn to punish Tryclyde for this rather than attempt to heal making it a pretty weak option. The Dash Attacks that leave a trail of slippery pain seem to be a favorite of yours as this reminds me a fair bit of Skurvy’s slimy boots.

The side tilt seems as though it might be highly spammable considering it’s only moderate start up and end lag coupled with decent knockback. Especially with three heads that could be deadly or at least severely irritating even if though don’t home in on an opponent. Thank God I don’t have to read another extra two paragraphs for the down tilt (kidding :3). Lesse…Cobrat, good good…I find it a tad odd that the mound has less stamina than the Cobrats but that’s a minor nitpick, looks good to me. And then the up tilt…I have no complaints about either really.

Smash attacks now…the side smash is perfectly fitting although I wonder some random questions: Can the Tweeters turn around, or do they act like their SMB2 AI and just keep hopping? Also, do they just kinda skip along or do they actually jump? The down smash is also very well done, incorporating yet another important part of SMB2 gameplay into Tryclyde’s set effectively. The up smash I like as well, however I find it rather odd that it just gets slower depending on how many heads you have…I understand it’s for balance but it’s kind of random.

I find it kinda funny that the aerials have more detail then the smash attacks. The neutral air is kind of ho-hum until its secondary function, then it’s interesting. The fair is kinda average but not every move can be 100% unique. The back air’s secondary effect is kind of…random in all honesty, I think I’d prefer the move without it but that’s just me. The up air seems to help Tryclyde’s already pretty good recovery but at least you can’t spam it. The down air is…kinda weird frankly. He pours magical sparkles on himself to grow faster? Either that’s some kind of new aphrodisiac or that’s the single most flamboyant move I’ve read in MYM. Regardless, it serves its purpose.

Tryclyde can grab in three different directions potentially? Yikes. That’s a defense for sure. The forward throw…has a Disney reference. Huh. I’m not sure how I feel about the little nightmare dealy to be honest, seems kind of random. I’ve watched my fair share of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and I don’t believe it’s a reference to that but I may be wrong, I dunno, not a huge fan of the forward and back throws. The down throw is the obligatory “Tryclyde eats his foe” to appeal to the vore fans. Also, the name sounds horrible. Sorry. The up throw is kinda…meh to be entirely honest.

And then there’s situational attacks (audience groans). They all look good to me, I won’t go into extreme detail but yeah, lookin’ good (especially the ledge over 100%, Little Mouser for the win).

The Final Smash…now I -KNOW- this is a reference to the SMBSS and I approve. I also approve of the move as a whole, it’s one of those pseudo-transformation Final Smashes but the added effects are all great yet surprisingly not insanely broken. Good job there.

Playstyles…so as Tryclyde you try and form your heads so you can destroy opponents with your awesome attacks. Playing against Tryclyde you hack the heads off, sounds good to me.

Character match ups and stage match ups? What madness is this? Regardless, it’s a nice little extra that’s rather under appreciated.

The extras, win poses, stage, AT…all that stuff looks great, you’re always so in-depth with the extras you use Kupa and I approve.

Overall, I personally enjoyed Tryclyde .MORE- than Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. was a frightening set to read considering how mammoth it was, Tryclyde is much easier on the eyes and far less intimidating. You’ve got some great moves here and have sort of a pseudo-trap character going on with a unique mechanic. The main criticism I have here is the writing style; this set would probably be even shorter if you just condensed some of the moves down so it wasn’t so unnecessarily wordy. Besides that though you had some great ideas for a rather obscure character, great job.



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