Posted by: hyperridley | July 14, 2009

Log Entry 1.2 – Envy



By MasterWarlord


Ah, FMA, that anime that you were trying to get me to watch but I never felt like it.  So then I hear that the MYM5 leaders were going to be called the Seven Deadly Sins and that the main villains of FMA are named after them too!  So then I get annoyed when I see my title as “Greed” because I thought that Envy would suit me better, which is why I was happy to see you make an Envy moveset in MYM5.  While I did enjoy that moveset to an extent, after actually watching the FMA Anime I was certainly pleased to see you taking another shot at this character, even if it is more inspired by the manga version of FMA.  So with that said, onto the review!


Background section is nice.  I skimmed it pretty quickly since I actually know the character, but it works well for describing the character to the unfamiliar.


So now we get to the stats, right?  Nope, special mechanic time!  I was always curious to hear how Envy magically dies after reaching 200% when he is essentially immortal until then.  So when he reaches that magic number he turns into a mutant Pikmin with 10 HP.  Certainly more interesting than what I was thinking of, I thought he was just going to suddenly become light as Jigglypuff.  I like that he isn’t completely helpless in this form and can even potentially suicide with the victim if he was good enough at racking up their damage prior to entering this form, but I think the OHKO absorption power is a tad overboard.  While 200% is indeed a high amount to get the enemy to, Envy is supposedly great at getting enemies up to absurd damages anyways so it makes me wonder how hard it would be for Envy to reach 200% at the same time as his opponent.  Overall, cool mechanic, but I’m a little concerned for balance.


So now we get to those “stats”…yeah, to be honest, I can’t say I’m a fan.  I know they’re to make it easier to compare to Brawl stats, but I really don’t have a huge amount of knowledge of how the Brawl characters truly fare in relation to each other outside of the obvious like Ike and Meta Knight.  The numbers I felt worked perfectly fine considering there were little descriptions underneath each to give us a better picture of how the stat felt.  Maybe do numbers as well as say what character that can be compared to?  Just a thought.  I can’t believe I’m ranting so long over stats, but since you were trying something new here I thought it would be a good idea to state how I felt.


The animations were mostly standard fare, but I did think the thunder-stomp first jump and the blood shield were pretty cool.  The quotes at the end also made it more interesting.


Onto the specials, and the start of the actual moveset!  The neutral special is like Kirby on steroids, and it’s clearly an important part of Envy’s gameplay.  Nice.  The side-special sounds like a typical meat shield summon, except that Envy can fuse with other Zombies to become his regular self.  Since it seems like they wouldn’t be terribly difficult to kill, I suppose it’s fair.  Moving onto the up-special, and we find ourselves with a truly broken move.  Yay, 3 moves in!  So he has a Godly recovery that can potentially rack up damage absurdly easily, and it gives him another OHKO move that works at an even lower percentage than the parasite form’s!  Geez, for a guy who is supposed to fail at KOing, he already has 2 OHKO moves.  And now down special lets him FULLY HEAL himself, because it’s not enough to have to get him up to 200% already to KO him.  At least before the zombie absorbing was an emergency plan, now Envy’s just making it harder for him to die than Airman.  Yikes.  While there were some cool concepts in the specials, they were overshadowed by the poor balance. =(


So, let’s hope that Envy starts redeeming himself in the other moves.  So the jab is…a KO move.  Um, what happened to Envy not being good at KOing?  Top players would be able to store a nearly-full charge so they would have a strong attack the moment the opponent makes a mistake.  The dash attack is…an actual damage racking move!  OH MY GOD ENVY IS DEMONSTRATING HIS PLAYSTYLE!  And then I realize it’s ripped from Gluttony, ololololol.  Oh well, it’s still a cool move.


Now, the tilts.  Great idea reusing the FTilt, that move is epic and it even fits into Envy’s playstyle by letting him combo for more damage (though we all know he’ll just combo into a KO move, lol). UTilt is an interesting move, but I’m somewhat confused as to how it works.  It sounds like it transitions into a cut-scene of sorts when he knocks them down, but you don’t actually say that.  DTilt is great.  It’s an interesting way of utilizing his transformation abilities.  I hope to see more cool transformations as this goes along.  So the tilts made me smile, as they were much better balanced than the other moves and just as interesting.


Ah yes, good old smashes.  These are usually fun to write and read in any moveset.  Let’s start reading the FSmash.  “Envy transforms into a random character…”  RAAAAAANNNNNNNDOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!   Okay, I actually do like the concept of getting to chose whether or not to keep the move you use, but it’s still rather annoying that in some games Envy could just keep getting Ike’s FSmash while in others he’ll get Wolf’s in one shot.  Moving along to the USmash before I hurt somebody.  So this is one of those smashes where you get different attacks depending on how long you charge.  Let’s see what you have.  The first version makes Envy look silly and he can perform a low-percentage chain grab that helps with his damage racking, yay.  The second version makes Envy look even sillier but it lets him combo into a situational, woohoo!  The third version has Envy try to impersonate an epic moveset.  While it does give him even more KO options these ones actually fit with Envy’s playstyle by being harder to achieve, and it still has damage racking within its use.  The DSmash is a pretty cool move, he creates *eye-twitches to control rage* various random weapons for the characters to wield.  So we got some cool concepts in the smashes but lotsa random crap with them too.


Yay, aerials!  So nair is its own set of throws.  Interesting concept, and I like how the enemy can actually fight off the chain grab.  One thing confused me: “…knockback that kills at 250% and 9%”.  You mean 9 damage, right, not that it KOs at 9%? Lol.  Fair gives Envy’s ultimate form in the anime an actual use, yay!  The bair is freaking epic.  It’s a really creative use of transforming.  Uair is lulzy and a nice move that is exactly how I expected Envy to play to begin with, tons of weird damage racking options.  And then we have the amazing Dair.  Easily my favorite move in the set thus far (lol literal chain grab).  There is however, one thing that confuses me.  You say that as long as the enemy is on the hook you can hold A to lower them, but later you say to press A in order to launch a foe after swinging them around.  How do you do that when the moment you let go of A they’ll be reeled back in and ending the move?  Still, this was an epic move made even better by having an interaction with the zombies.  Envy’s aerials were very well implemented and I had no complaints as far as balance is concerned.


So now we get to “throws”.  Funny, I could have sworn the entire move set was a big “throws” section.  Anyways, the grab motion is nifty and even has an interaction.  The pummel gives him another way to make it easy to KO >.>  At least it’s an interesting effect.  FThrow is an interesting concept, and it sounds fairly well balanced expect for the broken team battle use.  Yay, now even team battles only have a few viable characters!  BThrow is cool, not much else to say.  Uthrow is an interesting move and fits nicely into Envy’s playstyle by helping him get the moves he wants.  DThrow is surprisingly well balanced despite its potential utterly screw over the enemy, and it’s a great and creative damage racker.  The zombie grab is pretty cool, but I would either make the regeneration be equal to how much HP the zombie had left or make it be a lesser set amount.


Ah, I just remembered that Warlord is one of the few people who is part of my Church of Situationals.  The two ledge attacks are both fun in their own ways.  One of them poisons the edge and the other takes edge-hogging to new extremes.  The stomach rising attack is clever but we all know that Envy doesn’t have a crotch to hit.  The back rising attack is indeed epic and it’s clearly inspired from the anime, yay.  The tripped attack is nice and simple.  Tripping isn’t worthy of having the best moves ever to begin with.


And now Envy’s grabbed the smash ball and we get a move simply entitled “True Form”.  So Envy is…I’m not even gonna try to describe it.  Anyways, his attacks make Mewthree’s antics look family-friendly, and you even gave them interactions with each other.  Very cool…BUT OH MY GOD YOU MADE IT SO BADASSES LIKE GANONDORF CAN GET CRAPPED ON ZOMG YOU NOOB!  Seriously though, this is my favorite transformation final smash.


Eugh, I was worried about having to read this guy’s playstyle section.  Okay, so it is very well written, and it does describe how you intended for him to play, although I thought the Zombies would get more attention due to them having a nice amount of interactions with other moves.  My problem with it is, well, he really feels much better at KOing than you give him credit for.  He’s got 2 OHKOs, one of which can be done in conjunction with a godly damage racker within the same move to get to killing time(Up-B).  His freaking Jab is a fairly reliable KO move, and his FSmash and Neutral Special can potentially give him something truly amazing to work with.  And through all this, while he can damage rack to all hell with his various chain grabs, when his enemy finally does get Envy close to KO time he has several moves which heal decent amount of damage.  Seriously, put this guy in Melee where he’ll have more hit-stun and easier edge-guarding, and Fox would just walk out of the room saying “I quit!”  The one saving grace he has is that you make a decent case for some of the characters who have good matchups against him.  See, the real reason why Acid Seaforce won MYM5 was because he has the best chance of standing up to Envy’s reign of terror.  Speaking of matchups, I appreciate the extra mile you go to including them, and I’ve made it known that I’ll be trying my hand at them in MYM6.


So let’s end this on a positive note with some extras.  The alt color taunt and air guitar taunt are both still fun.  The win poses are all good fun, being humorous while remaining true to character.  Kirby hat is epic, he actually copies the ability to copy.  The Snake Codec was hilarious, I’m sure many of us felt the same way when we first met Envy.


So, how does the new and “improved” Envy fare?  First, it’s certainly better than the original moveset, so you can say that was accomplished.  There was a lot of interesting move concepts and they were mostly executed well.  There were plenty of your famous move interactions that I love, and despite that KO issue he had an interesting playstyle taking damage racking to the limit.  The organization was nice and readable (although I, God forbid, don’t mind reading longer movesets if the moves are cool enough to keep me into it).  Really, the one big thing I can peg against this set is the bleeping balance.  Tone him down and I’d gladly main this guy, cause right now I’d be labeled a tier-whore or Envy wouldn’t be playable in tourneys since he’d be crushed under a banhammer.  While this was still a very epic moveset and he got much better once I got past the specials, Sloth managed to have all of the strengths of this set without having the balance problem, so I guess you can say that your MYM6 sets are still improving with each set.


Oh, and Envy needs to have his own game.  Seriously.




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