Posted by: agidius | July 15, 2009

Dr. Wily does it Himself – Death the Kid

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Death the Kid by TWILTHERO

So, this is my first official review as a Villain! (Maybe the first one up, too, although by the time I finish it I doubt it’ll be.) Let’s start off by saying I hope this review will be significantly more positive than your last one, TWILTY.

I have no idea who this guy is. Like, at all. So the introduction will be very useful… hrm. So, basically he’s a kid obsessed with symmetry? Well… at least that gives me enough to go off of. I guess I’ll have to read on to figure out if he has any additional abilities or whatnot.

The stats seem balanced, nothing much to say here. I was a bit confused by the juxtaposition of Power and Knockback though… are you referring to the damage done as Power or what? Also, I’d imagine a skateboard lowering traction, instead of increasing it.

Okay, a special mechanic! And here comes Death’s obsession with symmetry. The stage effects are… interesting. I don’t know why you bothered to make the 50% chance of different effects. It adds a nice thing to his counter-pick stages. If I were you, I’d remove the 50% chance of doing nothing from the symmetrical stages, and keep only the “rampage” portion of the asymmetrical stages. That said, he’s pretty much screwed in the competitive scene… all of the tourney-viable stages are symmetrical. :/
Another effect on characters? Well, alright then. I was a bit confused at first… the way you said “Death The Kid stares at his opponent for 5 seconds” made it sound like he was just standing around, looking at them. I’d change that to “faces his opponent”, which would work whether running, jumping, or what-have-you. That said, it’s interesting how this makes some of Death’s better match-ups the high-tier characters, since almost every one of them is asymmetrical. I doubt all the “lol”s were really necessary, although I did laugh at G&W’s “lol, the irony.”

Onto the actual set itself! Soul Resonance… must be something from the Anime. Once again, random effects are really falling out of style, these days… a 10% chance of only taking 3 seconds wouldn’t really help Death, anyway. Also, I didn’t see a mention of it, but does a successful Soul Resonance also lower his speed a bit? I hesitate to comment on this move’s balance, it seems one of those you’d have to try for yourself.

Side Special… this move is quite hard to judge, to be frank. Sure, in a competitive scene it’s worthless, but for casuals (especially those on huge/custom stages) it screams broken, especially since it heals an average of 15%. I’d add either A) a waiting period before you can use it again, or B) A limit on the number of times you can use it per stock. Perhaps both. Either way, it seems bizarre that counting to 8 would heal you, but that’s just me. The part about removing his symmetry obsession though, that was nice.

…well, the Down Special is another one of those “wtf” moves for those (like me) who haven’t seen the anime. That said, it’s simple enough in execution… basically a ranged version of Sing, if you will. This normally would scream “broken”, but it’s laggy and predictable enough to balance it out. I’m a bit curious, however, if opponents who move into the area of effect are also stunned, or if it’s just the original formation of the pose that stuns them.

Okay, I’ve already spent a while on that move, but I have one final concern… if Death is interrupted by an attack, how do his transformed guns get back to him? (I’m done now. Despite all my concerns, I do like the attack. There are just too many what-ifs left unanswered, but I think we’ve covered them all now.

The up-special seems… I dunno. The concept of free-flight has been used many times in the past in MYM, and twice in Brawl. You compare this move to Pit’s, but it seems more like a cookie-cutter implementation of ROB’s recovery, the only difference being a wind effect to gimp opponents. Overall… it’s rather meh, to be honest. You could have done something really cool with symmetry here, I think, although I assume the Hoverboard was something from the show you really wanted to include and just couldn’t fit anywhere else. Still, being able to perform ground attacks from the air is intriguing. This is also one of your more wordy moves… here, take a look at this: “…though it’s a bit more hard to get him to fly in the upwards direction.” It’s a bit harder to get him to fly up, perhaps?

Okay, final smash! This move I like a lot. Heck, customizable moves are always fun, and it adds a nice risk-reward factor with doubling up the beam. Good work, although I’d kinda hoped for a cool symmetry-based move. (déjà vu) I don’t forsee any balance problems, although maybe the cannons could be defaulted to point left and right, that way you don’t just lose the Final Smash if your reflexes are a bit slow.

Aerials next…? Well, okay then. The FAir basically seems like an aerial version of Lucario’s Force Palm. Death must have a friggin long arm, though… he can reach out a whole stagebuilder block? O_o
That’s about Bowser’s width, in case you didn’t know. I’d give the move some extra ending lag as punishment for missing, otherwise no problem.

Blast in both Directions? …okay, if you say so. You’re coming up with some pretty descriptive names. =P
Other than the 25% chance of a guaranteed miss, I don’t have a problem with the move, although the methods you used to describe the lag (Kirby’s DSpec starting, Ike’s FTilt ending)… well, the ending lag from Kirby’s DSpec is about the same as Ike’s FTilt’s. If these moves are anything to judge by, Death’s gonna be using his guns a lot.

I’m going to stop right here to comment on something that’s been bothering me… your grammar. Normally, it’s manageable… like you just confused a homophone or summat like that… but in this case, it’s impossible to work out what you’re trying to say. “Death the Kid will aim both his guns behind him and let out a blast from there guns.” …three? Their? Urgh… Spellcheck can only do so much for you. Anyhow, I’ll just assume you meant “three” for now, and go on to the actual move…

The move itself is simple enough. Like the Knee of Justice in reverse. I also like how it continues to give Death a great matchup against Meta Knight (his entire BODY is a head XD), especially when coupled with all his disjointed attacks.

A bit strange to see a kick after all these gun-based attacks, but okay. The animation reminded me of Hitmontop a bit… well, a lot, but the execution was just fine. I don’t know how fitting a basic kick like this is to Death, but I’ll take your word for it. The move isn’t particularly creative, either… but it is balanced well. His legs must be pretty long, though, to reach ¾ an SB block to either side.

The DAir is a nice twist on the usual spike. Being able to release the opponent closer to their doom…. I like. No changes needed here, although I did notice that 4/5 aerials used the same 12% damage. Considering how much he likes the number 8 I’d have expected to see that somewhere.

Tilts! Normally my favorite part of a set. Let’s see what you cooked up for Death.

Okay, the FTilt is now officially my favorite move in the set. The three-shot increasing range effect was fun, and I love how you had him do a spotdodge at the beginning. However, you’re a bit crazy with your wording, again. “The move’s priority is about on the medium level” could easily be toned down to “This move has average priority.” Be on the lookout for that when writing future sets… it can be easy to be wordy without being detailed.

I have a couple complaints with the UTilt… four SB blocks?! That’s a TON of range for a move that executes so quickly. Also, you had a bit of trouble with your wording there… “The ending lag is none” makes no sense, lol. Fix that wording and either lower the range or add some ending lag and you’ll have a fine move there.

I don’t think you need to have the 3-second time limit on the DTilt. You could just really lower the traction or make it so your jump height is reduced, something like that… but otherwise, as you said, this does give him that much-needed speed boost, and adds some mindgame potential, with the quick-executing Tornado Flip. There’s no real need to change anything, other than letting us know what happens if the time limit runs out.

Smashes next, good…

A bit of a random order for organizing your smashes, don’t you think? Consistency is a good thing. The DSmash is… well, rather uninteresting, except for the visual. It does seem like you could chain the move at low %’s, though… hrm.

The USmash would be that much more awesome if you gave Death’s leap upwards a spiking effect. Otherwise a cool move, well balanced by its ending lag.

…couldn’t you have come up with a better name for the FSmash? For that matter, the names for most of the rest of the moves were rather bleh as well. However, I do like how he fires a bunch of shots before the actual attack… the pre-attack is part of the reason I like playing as Ness. But… that’s an insane range you have there. 8 SB blocks is about FD’s range, perhaps longer… I suppose you balanced that with the starting lag and lack of real KO ability, though.

Man… that Pummel just makes counterpicks all the more important. Interesting how NOT satisfying his OCD makes him a better brawler.

I honestly can’t find much to comment on with the throws… except that they all could drop a couple % points, especially that DThrow. 15% is a ton of damage for a throw, especially when coupled with that pummel.

Whoa. The Jab and Dash Attack at the end?

Okay, then. My only complaint with the Jab is the line “there is hardly no lag at the beginning”. Those kinds of things are major turn-offs for me and others… yeah, I know I’ve commented on it a few times before… sorry.

The Dash Attack’s fine, a nice way to remove the Skateboard from play if you decide you don’t need it anymore. Although, it is a bit high on the damage. 1-2% with 10 hits each averages out at 15%, and since you didn’t specify the actual damage done… Since it’s suck a quick, ranged move, I’d bump it down to maybe 9%, some of the blasts only stunning the opponent without damage.

I’ve never really been one to comment on extras, myself. What you have seems good enough, elaborating some more on Death’s personality. Glad to see you wrote out a playstyle section though, more on that later.

So, now that we’ve commented on the moves, let’s get an overview of Death.

Originality: This is Death’s weakest point, for me. Virtually every move was either a kick or a shot from a gun. That said, none of the attacks felt like they were identical to each other; you managed to get plenty of techniques in. I’d hoped for some more moves involving symmetry besides the specials.

Balance: Apart from the throws, most of the moves seemed pretty balanced. At times, there was a key detail left off that kept me from knowing if a move was overpowered, which I commented on for the moves themselves. It’d be really difficult, impossible perhaps, to place him on the tier list, since his mechanic really makes it all about counterpicking due to symmetry, not actual match-ups.

Playstyle: Death is the definition of a med-range fighter. With all the disjointed moves he has, it’ll be difficult for opponents to approach him… and even when they do, he can send them right back to where they came from. His playstyle isn’t really ground-breaking… but his mechanic does separate him from other similar characters, giving him that twist that’s so necessary these days. Next time you write a Playstyle section, though… keep in mind that you can just put the portion dealing with the mechanic in with the mechanic itself, especially when it’s something as simple as “face towards the opponent in XX situation.”

Organization/Readability: You know you went wrong, stealing Hero Prinny’s organization. =P
Put some more effort into this portion next time, it was a real turn-off. Despite your earlier concerns, I think that a symmetrical format would have been a better choice. It’s worked in the past, with Ekans, and here it’s much more fitting.
Now, as for readability… I’ve already chewed you out several times for grammar and word choice, so I won’t do anything besides remind you of it here. Oh, but one other thing… you don’t have to call him Death the Kid every single time. I recall Spade telling you about that in his TWILTHERO review.

Overall: I never got the chance to read your self-insert, so I couldn’t tell you if you’ve improved or not… but this set makes me wonder if you’ll still be able to compete after your hiatus. Death the Kid simply lacks a fitting playstyle, and so many of his moves are just basic gunshots… Here are my recommendations for Death and future sets…

  1. Remove the random effects. (XX% chance to fail, etc.)
  2. Come up with some more fitting moves. For symmetry being such a huge thing for Death, he sure doesn’t use it a lot.
  3. Use your own organization >_>
  4. Tune up your grammar.
  5. And most importantly, try to give him a unique playstyle. You could easily have done something that’s never been done before, instead of just another gun user with a twist. The specials don’t have to be the ONLY special moves.

So… that’s it! Yeah… it was sort of a negative review. But I know you can improve from here… might I recommend reading Junahu’s moveset-making guide?





  1. I love you for actually making that the name of your reviews Agi.

  2. Thank Khold. *forwards love to Khold*

  3. Ah…thanks for the review Agi. I can kind of understand at the points that you’re talking about here. As for the recommendations:

    1. Sure, from now, no movesets will have those random effects thingy maggigys.

    2. Alright, got it…

    3. [S]lolno[/S] Alright, alright i will…

    4. I’ll try my best.

    5. Alright, i’ll try to create a more unique playstyle or something..

    Yeah, that was easily the worst part :S.
    It would have been much better had you had, say, K.Rool’s writing style and organization. Don’t go overboard on long descriptions when they’re not detailed.

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