Posted by: MarthTrinity | July 19, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 1

Alright guys! Thought I’d try something new here to get some more movesets out in the open and get some hidden gems uncovered ya know? So I’ve decided that every Sunday I’ll do a little recap of the previous week, sets that stood out, sets that got missed, all kinds of crazy stuff!

So…starting on July 12th…we have…nothing new that really stands out, yay! However, the very next day we had a great set that caused a bit of a stir, Vaati by SkylerOcon. I’m saying right now, this is a very impressive set, certainly a step up from Ocon’s previous efforts. Unfortunate due to him missing a part of the set, it caused a bit of arguing to occur and the set itself kind of got looked past…this is a SHAME! Vaati is easily up there as one of the better sets posted so far and the sheer effort Ocon put into this is clearly apparent. If you haven’t read this one or skipped it for whatever reason, go back and take a look at this one, its got some really good ideas in there!

Moving along…we have Daroach by darth meanie. You may remember darth meanie as the guy who snuck Magmortar into the end of MYM5, but Daroach -CLEARLY- blows Magmortar out of the water (lava?) While one may dismiss this after having read Hyper_Ridley’s Daroach, I’d recommend taking a looking at this one as well; it shows perfectly how a MYMer can improve drastically over just a short period of time.

Now we have a set by UserShadow7989; Servbot! The adorable little minions of Tron Bonne make a wonderful set and a clear step up in UserShadow’s already great sets. While his MYM5 efforts may have been looked past (which is a shame), Servbot clearly raises the bar for what UserShadow can do…and hey! It’s a fun read!

A lot of Pokemon sets are a random jumble of moves that the creator decides seem appropriate…unlike Clefable by Junahu! Ah yes, the moveset that began as a joke and quickly evolved into something more serious, Clefable is yet another great effor put forward by Junahu. While it may not have any of the over the top impressive layout of many of Junahu’s other sets, it’s still a treat on the eyes. Speaking of Pokemon sets from well known MYMers…we have Kangaskhan by KingK.Rool and Ludicolo by MasterWarlord! Nothing much needs to be said about these two, they’re both impressive in their own rights and you probably read them both!

And hey! I didn’t forget about GBC Link by n88_2004; Oracle of Ages was the best! And this set is pretty good too for a newcomer, I hope it wasn’t looked over because it was on the same page as Kanga…

There’s also Little Mac by myself…but I won’t promote that one other than linking it. On the same page however is a set for Oliver, Duke of  Tanas by kirbywizard. Unfortunately both of these sets were kind of overlooked due to squabbling on that page, but I’d give them both a read.

Sonic the Baron makes his impressive return with a set for The Engineer from Team Fortress 2. It clearly shows that Baron has been biding his time, watching and studying the other movesets to improve his…and it shows!

And then Frf made his surprising return to set making with a set for Slugma; odd choice for a Pokemon set but it’s impressive none the less, a great follow up to the surprisingly good Blipper set in MYM4.

Anyway, I think that’s it for this weeks rec-

“Don’t be hasty now…not until I see those ‘Street Fighters’ pummeled to dust!”

YES! YES! How could I forget M.Bison by half_silver28? Bison’s awesome, that’s a fact of life…and this set is a -VAST- improvement over his previous Street Fighter moveset and potentially, it’s better than Excel…either way, Silver’s stepping up his game a lot!

Anyway! That was my weekly recap, keep watching the thread and keep posting those sets guys; that’s what keeps us running!

Disclaimer: This is no way reflects the viewpoints of the other leaders of MYM6; I made this because I thought it would help and I was quite bored! If your moveset was -NOT- up there, please post a comment with a link to the moveset and I’ll fit it in there…so long as it’s from the week I’m actually doing the recap for though 😛




  1. I am almost done with Takamaru… if I had worked a couple of extra minutes every day, it could be up there… *sigh*

    Still, there’s next Sunday, and this is a cool idea, =D


    but seriously, it would be awesome if you would make one of these updates every sunday… unlike clefa- *shot*

  3. Don’t worry, I plan on making this a regular feature! There’ll be plenty more MT smart-assery next Sunday; so post your sets so I have something to yap about! ^_^

  4. This is a fantastic idea, I’m disgusted that I didn’t think of this myself.
    Though you probably should have just glazed over Clefable,Kangaskahn and Ludicolo; it’s not like those sets need any more attention.

  5. I like this idea. However, it could use a bit of refining. It’s much more just a list of moveset that were posted in the past week, instead of highlighting movesets that didn’t get enough attention that should have gotten attention/highlighting movesets that are just fantastic.

    I think, ideally, this should be limited to 3~5 movesets, and only list the best. If you list more than that, the reader just becomes overwhelmed, and isn’t sure what to read out of all the sets s/he might have missed!

    Just a spot of advice, is all.

  6. True, but that just boils down to me having to pick out which movesets got no attention/needed more/are just plain awesome which, of course, differs from leader to leader.

    I basically just summed up what happened; exactly as it says, a recap. If I select movesets that are deemed awesome by the majority, I probably would’ve highlighted Clefable, Ludicolo and Kangaskhan…not only would it have been Pokemon week, it wouldn’t have helped anyone read any other sets because heck, probably everyone read those ones (hence why they’re all squeezed into one paragraph).

    For sets like GBC Link, it’s an interesting enough read but it obviously has its drawbacks being from a relatively new poster. If I chose not to talk about it because it’s not an outright fantastic set or because it wasn’t particularly well recieved, it doesn’t really help out the guy who made it.

    I do see what you’re saying, but my goal from this is to point out why people should read these sets no matter how good or not so good they may be; after all, even if a set is considered bad, people like yourself and I can always go over it after seeing it here and think, “How can I help this guy improve?”

    I hope what I’m saying is making sense…>_<

  7. ^^ this

  8. Wow, do I feel stupid for not thinking of this idea earlier. Although I agree that it could use some polishing (I’d also give a brief summary of the week in general, just a paragraph or two at the end), great work, MT.

  9. Great idea MT. =D

  10. I’m so depressed about MYM6. Not only am I at least 15 pages behind in the thread, I’m on vacation now with limited computer access, so I get even less time to check the thread. STOP SUBMITTING SETS GUYS (CRYING#)

  11. It’s The Engineer, it’s the Engineer. Get your facts right. 😡

  12. Sorry, it should be “It’s not The Engineer, it’s the Engineer.”

  13. O.o…kay. Glad you guys are liking the idea though. I’ll have some thought about how to touch it up by next week…also, I’m writing this on my PS3 and couldn’t be arsed to sign in.

    ~MT ❤

  14. (Guys, let’s triple the amount of sets we have before Plorf gets back. :p)

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  16. Don’t be a fag Ocon (D)

    Also, found you 😉

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  18. Doubler niggers.

  19. […] Episode 1: The Beginning […]

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