Posted by: MarthTrinity | July 19, 2009

Wesker's Report — Masked Man

Masked Man



by lordvaati

Ah…the Masked Man, just another depressing reminder that Mother 3 is never, ever coming to America. On that depressing note, we have a moveset for him! This is also your first moveset (I believe) so I’ll try not to be too rough…

Right off the bat I notice…you’ve never played Mother 3? That’s a slight shock to be entirely honest…most people make movesets for characters they’re very familiar with…not that I’ll mark the set down because you haven’t played it or anything, but you should probably go with characters you know very well from here on out.

Alright, first off we have some vague background information. It may have been better off if you just went out with it and said who the Masked Man was, it would probably have made the set a lot easier to write…plus almost everyone who’s played Mother 3 (and most people who wouldn’t) know the Masked Man’s identity. It’s good that you’re trying to avoid spoilers, but it kind of slows up the set a bit.

Onto stats…the colors here seem really random to be honest, one uniform color, while it may be dull, makes more sense and makes it easier to read, at least in my opinion. So he’s fast movement and attack wise, powerful, has great range, not a huge target and he seems like he could easily combo opponents in the air…yikes, he’s good. I’d tone down this guy if I were you or else he could become another Meta Knight…but with a projectile…*shudders* Also, from your summary it seems that the good outweighs the bad and in a big way…I guess I’ll get into that more as I go along.

The specials now…alright, Neutral B is basically Falco’s blaster. The Side B is Pikachu’s thunder and seems like an excellent KO move…how fast does the lightning come down? How big is the hitbox? Is a direct hit being hit while the lightning falls, or hitting it at the very bottom? My main problem here is it’s a classic case of “so-and-so’s move…but better.” It’s Pikachu’s Thunder…but better. His Up B seems like a fusion of Snake’s already insane recovery and Pit’s, he can glide out of it making his recovery all the better, I don’t see the less than impressive jumps getting in the way here to be honest. Masked Man’s Down B is another case of “so-and-so’s…but better.” It’s Marth’s Neutral B but it does a ridiculous amount of damage while having no indication of range, charge time, lag…also it’s not much of a counter, is it?

Now I’ll just kind of blanket review the rest of the set. It pains me to say it but, a lot of the moves are simply knock offs of already existing Smash characters. It seems almost as if Ike/Marth and Ness/Lucas were fused together with a few dashes of other existing characters. Almost the entirety of the set is just a combination of various Smash characters; the only two moves I found that were particularly unique were the down smash and the back air; even the Final Smash is a variation of PK Starstorm…

I truly am sorry for being so harsh on this set, but at this day and age in MYM, variety in move types is needed. Simply blending movesets together won’t get you very far. As far as constructive criticism goes, I’d suggest looking at the sets that have been posted already in the thread, or even looking at MYM5 movesets. The Masked Man is simply too underdetailed in various aspects (such as knockback, range, priority) and too overpowered (30% for a down smash, 20% for the Down B) to be a viable moveset in the contest. While somewhat “meh” attacks can be included in even the best of sets, the Masked Mans simply has too many stolen attacks from other Smash characters.

The best advice I can give you for any future sets you may make is to pick a character you know VERY well, a character you really enjoy. Once you’ve done that, think of what they could potentially do, the Masked Man has so much more potential than to be a Ness/Ike fusion and I’m sure you’ll realize the sheer amount of creativity in the other movesets of MYM after doing some reading. While I understand this review may be rather discouraging, believe me; this is easily better than my first set, we all have to start somewhere and we’re all not going to hit the nail on the head the very first time. Don’t let this discourage you, if it’s something you have fun with, keep it up and come back next time with an even better set, I’m sure you’ll do just fine after a bit of research!




  1. This blog seems to be changing in time with the wind, so I’ll keep this short.

    Great review and if lordvaati is smart, he’ll listen to everything you’ve said here. I agree with all of it and couldn’t have said it any better.

  2. I’m listening. I’ll need to consider this when I make my next set(I don’t know why, but I had a feeling he might be overpowered….lol)

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