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Bowser's Keep – The Engineer

Page 18

The Engineer Sonic the Baron

The last set of yours that I reviewed was Eddie the Head, if I remember correctly.  Now, you didn’t enter any sets in MYM5, despite lurking in the thread…tsk tsk.  Anyways, I’ve never played Team Fortress 2, so I really am going into this moveset without much prior knowledge of the game or character.  Let’s dive right on in and see how much you’ve improved since MYM4.

Oh, and taking a page from Chris’ book, I’ll add some badass music to listen to during your read.

Originality: I must admit that all these leveling-up movesets have started to bug me a little.  Engineer seems to have passed this a bit, just looking at his Neutral Special.  The only part that confused me was…the Sentry builds for five seconds?  Does that mean that it takes five seconds for the Toolbox to become usable?  Also, you tell the range of the gun, and that it targets foes.  It auto-targets foes in its range, correct?  There are some points that are slightly confusing in there; I’d add a bit more detail.  We’ve passed the MOAR DETAIL days, more or less, but I don’t think you have to worry about putting too much in there.  Other than that, your descriptions are pretty decent at summarizing the move.  Side Special ties into the Metal theme nicely, but five seconds to set-up?  Now I think I get what you are saying for the Neutral Special…it sounds a bit long, if it only has 20 HP.  Also, you say that the machine takes five seconds to build, but does Engineer have any lag himself, or can the machine be attacked while building?  Just a few minor questions I’d need to know for a better overall vision of the moveset.

The Up Special is a nice take on a teleporting move, but you don’t mention lag anywhere, which would determine the move’s overall balance.  Down Special is kind of weird; you keep on saying that it locks onto one of your opponents.  OK, but say he’s in a 1 vs. 1; it locks onto the one foe automatically?  It’s nice for a move, but doesn’t the Sentry already target foes in its range?  This sounds slightly redundant, so I’d reword it if I were you.  Wrench ties together fixing up the machines you’ve set up, and it’s easy to read.  F-Tilt…how fast do the shots go?  If it has infinite range and high speed, that would be a pretty broken move.  D-Tilt is pretty much a timed C4…which is simple, but cool.  U-Tilt also seems odd; he fires three shots, but you act as if it only hits once.  I’d think that a low priority multi-hit move would deal less damage.  Also, it has infinite range range but only hits foes who are about to land on Engineer?  That sounds messed up.  Looking through the moves so far, they’re really cool and creative, but in many cases, a couple of details are missing that really detract from the moves.

Duck and Roll…he rolls forward a Batte?  I’m assuming you just accidentally deleted the phrase Battlefield Platform.  It happens to me sometimes too, so don’t worry, just edit it in.  Seems just like Snake’s Dash Attack, which is a bit drab, but I’ll let it slide.  The other attacks are creative enough, and you can’t have a crazy effect for every move there is, or the character would be too hard to play as.  I love the movie Dodgeball, so seeing the wrench-dodging phrase made me LOL.  Anyways, F-Smash sounds weak, even for a 5/10 power character.  I’d buff the damage slightly, as even though the attack has a bunch of range and knockback, a second of startup lag is even more than Warlock Punch.  Keep that in mind.  D-Smash is a nice way to get back your metal and take down your structures…wait, only one of each structure can be out at a time, right?  That would explain why you’d need to blow them up.  Regaining the metal is a nice touch, but what does the charge do if you’re just choosing between what to blow?  Now onto U-Smash…an enemy Spy appears nearby?  How near?  I’m sorry, but these details are just not in there, and they’re necessary to read the character.  The fact that the Spy can mess with your machines sounds annoying, but he’s so easy to KO that it’s not a real issue.

Aerial time!  Neutral Air is pretty basic; I’m assuming ‘a second’ is not literal, because that would be insane for an aerial.  Longer than Warlock Punch for just a few light hits?!  That’s crazy talk!  Also, the speed of the bullets is neglected again.  F-Air clarifies these details, but is broken due to infinite range and decent damage.  The second is there again as a time; definitely change this.  The case stays the same for B-Air…even though they’re bullet/rocket attacks, they should never have infinite range.  I remember Mendez tore my Indiana Jones set apart for this in MYM3.  U-Air name is lulzy, but the move is confusing.  After a few re-reads, I can deduce that the U-Smash spy has to be between the foes, but I have no idea what the cloaking device attack entails.  That said, it seems quite situational.  High priority and infinite range for a spike?  No way.  These change the balance of the set in a really poor way.  Remove infinite range at all costs, and add detail in here and there.

Grabs and throws are quite generic, so no real comment.  Finally, onto Final Smash.  This is actually pretty cool.  I had a hard time grasping the general feel for the Pyro.  Maybe some better description of how he handles?  The attacks are quite powerful, but 10 seconds is a fair time for a Final Smash.  The originality of the set as a whole is pretty good, although it kind of stops after Smashes.  I went from seeing fixing the Neutral Special Sentry with the Basic Combo wrench, to generic gunshot aerials and throws.  I’d maybe mess around with these.  I’ll address the other points of constructive criticism in the other sections.

Detail: Without delay, constructive criticism tip number 1.  Throughout the moveset as a whole, pretty much every move is either confusing or lacks a major detail, such as priority or projectile speed.  I understand it may be hard to come back after sitting out one contest, but we have passed on from the simple days of MYM2 and 3.  Necessary detail is now vital to getting people to read, like, and vote for movesets.  Of course, don’t include too much detail, which makes your moveset get the rep of being hard to read and tl;dr.  Read some of the recent sets by MW or K.Rool (they know how to create movesets with a balance of detail), then maybe read through Engineer again and update his detail.  Reading it with an outsider’s point of view to see the confusing areas may help.

Balance: There are two things I want to touch on here.  First of all, infinite range: DON’T DO IT.  I understand that it can be done, but it is so risky to the balance, and the aerials Engineer has with this range are strong and powerful.  Take this out at all costs.  There you go.  Second of all, you say Engineer only has 5/10 in power.  Most of his attacks seem to switch between average and high power, and his lag seems to be horrible.  A whole second for a startup time is absolutely inviable.  Change this as well.  Balance is another major factor within movesets nowadays, so for future movesets, you should read through your set and think about it actually being in Brawl.  Would it be fair in competition for Engineer to sit at one side of the stage and use B-Air to KO foes?  No.  This area needs work.

Fitting to Character: This is one area you’ve kept up from prior contests.  There’s really not much to say here.  Engineer’s personality sounds just like a hick construction worker, and you stick to that, pimping him out with high-tech guns and whatnot.  I’ll leave it at that.  This is quite easy to excel in, so it’s good you can keep up with this, at least.

Extras: Taunts are funny, but nothing special.  Victory poses…meh, but the one with the losers posing as well is pretty cool.  It intrigues me, I guess.  Codec is decent, but ones where the Colonel is really blunt in telling Snake what to do is rather OOC, in my opinion.  The Assist Trophy is pretty nice.  I like the idea of having an AT that actually heals you, but…how does he do that?  He starts healing the summoner, it says.  His mere existance heals you?  Or do you have to touch him or something?  Just areas of vagueness like this really hinder the moveset as a whole.  The stage is easily the best extra you have, and it seems representative of the Team Fortress series.  Good job here, but the lack of detail still plagues this area slightly.

Organization: I’ve noticed that you always have your unique styles of organization, Baron.  The DFM style of appearance, then effect is not my favorite.  I wouldn’t mind it, but in several places, you neglect some detail under one or both headings, so it kind of hinders my progression through the set.  The colors and new font fit the Engineer, which is the high point I have to say in terms of organization.  One tip I have for you once your detail improves is to bold important detaials about the move.  That is all.

Closing Comments: Engineer is a fun read, but there are some really iffy points that keep it from becoming one of the better sets in the contest.  Being absent for MYM5 seems to have hindered your writing style.  I’m trying to stay positive here, but there’s just a lot throughout the whole moveset that needs fixing before it can be even considered viable to place in the Top 50.  I hope my review will help you progress further into MYM and assist you in changing your style to become an updated MYMer, Baron.  Welcome back!

My work here…is done.



  1. Well, I loved it, for what that’s worth, Baron. 😉

  2. Kupe, you do realize the Appearance-Effect form was used, albeit more subtley, in my Eddie set, do you not? :p

  3. Also, it is pretty well-known that, as of the Engineer’s posting, I’m retired.

  4. Too bad…the appearance-effect was from Eddie, but as Eddie narrated some parts, it sounded different. Anyways, you’ll be missed by me. Engineer was really creative and fun to read, no matter what you left out.

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