Posted by: hyperridley | July 25, 2009

Log Entry 22.6 – Little Mac

Little Mac


By MarthTrinity


Words cannot describe my joy at seeing this set posted.  I’m a big Punch-out fan and Little Mac supporter myself, so I was eager to see how a simple boxer would fare in MYM.  So with that said, *scrolls down to stage songs and starts playing them* LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMBLLEEEEE!


So Little Mac has not one, but two mechanics?  Cool, let’s see what you have.  The Doc Mechanic was certainly not something I was expecting to see, but I am wholly glad you included him in the set, it’s certainly fitting to have Mac’s own trainer give him some pep talk in Brawl.  However, I’m not sure if you explained it fully.  It sounds like you can position where Doc is on the stage, but even after reading the side special to get MOAR DETAIL on the mechanic, I’m still not entirely sure how Doc’s movement works.  Does he just stand in place until you use the side special to call him over?  That’s what it sounds like, and for this review that’s what I’ll assume is the case.


The other mechanic, the infamous Heart Counter, is also quite cool.  It’s a great way of having Mac feel like his actual in-game self and it translates extremely well into Smash Bros.  And it interacts with the other mechanic, yay.  So overall, two interesting mechanics, though the first could be explained a bit better.


Mac’s got a very interesting set of stats.  He has good speed AND power, but he has little range or priority.  His universal stats (the ones that don’t depend on moves like weight) all seem to be uniformly average, fair enough.  For the record, you might want to consider having an “aerial movement” stat in your future sets.  It’s how well a character controls in the air, and that can be extremely important to know sometimes (for example, if Wario’s air movement wasn’t so good his aerial game wouldn’t be nearly as impressive.)  Just something to consider.


The animations were simple but very fitting for our lovable boxer, kudos to you.  I also like the Doc recovery assistance, it’s the little things like that which can sometimes leave the biggest impressions.


So without further ado, it’s time for some specials.  As Junahu said, Tagging Punch is brilliant.  It’s a perfect way of implementing the feel of boxing into Smash Bros and a very clever way of incorporating the Punch-out stars.  Side Special is fun, lulzy, and all around a good move.  Yay, more Punch-out goodness in the up-special.  I was expecting this move, but it was still an enjoyable read.  I also have to applaud you for actually changing how he loses his stars (though I think you meant to say “after” he is KO’d, lol).  Down Special is another Punch-out reference implemented well, and it ties in nicely with Mac’s mechanics.


The Standards are all good fun.  I liked how you incorporated Doc’s training equipment into attacks, as well as his silly chocolate obsession.  Bull Charge especially intrigued me, as I always envisioned Little Mac using the special moves of his various opponents in Smash Bros.  The one thing I felt should be done is to state how many chocolate puddles can on the stage at a time with his DTilt.


The Smashes are also interesting but I have a few more concerns than with the standards.  The FSmash was nice for implementing one of Mac’s trademark moves, but I feel that it isn’t really a viable KO move since it has unfavorable startup lag, only medium knockback unless you charge it (thereby giving it even more startup time), and then there’s the fact that it has Mac’s natural low rang and priority.  It actually feels like a rather useless move to be honest.  USmash is a fun move, but what do you mean by “Mac can charge it from anywhere”?  Can he start this move from the air?  If so, how come he can’t do it with the DSmash which also uses Doc?  Speaking of the DSmash, besides the cute attack name this was a really cool move, both in concept and execution, though it doesn’t say how long the thing lasts.  So yeah, cool smashes, but not without their flaws.


Now we get to the aerials.  Oh dear, this is a very short segment of the set.  Either you found a ground-breaking way of condensing descriptions or these moves stink…Sadly it’s mostly the latter.  The Nair and Fair are both typical generic archetypes for those inputs; Nair is spinning around while holding out limbs, Fair is a multi-hit damage racker, and there wasn’t really anything to differentiate them from other attacks like that.  Bair sucks balance-wise.  It’s got the startup lag of a Falcon Punch with significantly worse power.  Not to mention there’s no funny catchphrase or animation to make it fun to attempt.  Uair was actually somewhat interesting, but it seems out of character for Little Mac stoop down to the level of that Irish asshole Aran Ryan.  Dair started out as another generic move archetype (stall then fall), but the uppercut portion on the ground made me love the move.  It was a simple twist but it was so much fun, especially how a falling move functions as a pop-up.  Quite frankly, the Dair is the sole thing that saved the aerials, the other moves felt too much like something Sakurai would think up in 4 seconds.


The throws are all good fun.  The actual grab motion was clever and I personally enjoyed it immensely since I did something similar in my Fulgore set in MYM3 (anyone remember that thing?)  My favorite throw is DThrow for the knockdown effect (if you got a way to incorporate a 10-count, the epicness would destroy the internet).  I would also prefer if you got rid of the randomness in the UThrow. :3


Situationals made me literally lol.  So simple and yet they are the perfect things to have for those inputs.  Good job.


Best final smash ever, though I wish the enemy could fight back to make it even closer to the original game.  But then again, so much win could result in a chain reaction that ruptures the very fabric of the universe.


And now I’m going to skip the extra stuff for a moment to read the playstyle stuff.  So Little Mac is a…sorta-kinda trap character.  Yeah, to be frank, I always thought Mac would be more of a close range defensive character who was good at damage racking, considering that’s what he’s like in the actual Punch-out.  You got the defensive part hands-down thanks to those traps, but it seems like apart from his Fair he doesn’t have any moves built for damage racking, and for a boxer he doesn’t seem to be doing a lot of melee combat.  Balance-wise, Mac feels like a mostly solid character who would probably make a good secondary if not a full main, kudos to you.  It seems like a good Mac player would try to get 3 starts early on and then focus on playing keep-away with his equipment until he could score a KO with Star Uppercut.


Now for those extras I skipped previously!  The taunts and victory poses are all enjoyable, and some of them are even taken from the game, yay.  I never knew Sundance was a gangster, but then again, we never that about Sp *is shot*.  The other extras were all great reads.  The Doc convo is a cool Easter egg that helps to display more of his character, and there were some good laughs in there.  Having the ring as a stage worked out quite well, particularly since you have us more Punch-out goodness with the other boxers coming in as hazards.  The song selection was great as well. =D.  And to top it all off we get Iron Mike himself as an Assist Trophy and a hilarious “match-up”.  Overall Little Mac’s extras are something that I think are just as enjoyable as the moveset itself, and it’s a shame that some people are trying to discourage these.


So that’s Little Mac.  A really creative set (apart from those aerials) with a TON of personality and flavor.  MT’s love of Punch-out shines through in this set and has made his fellow Punch-out fan a happy man.  It’s far better than anything Sakurai could have done, he wouldn’t have even had that second part of the Dair.





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