Posted by: MarthTrinity | July 28, 2009

Wesker's Report — Vaati


This is actually on my DS!

This is actually on my DS!

by Skyler Ocon

Alright, first off let me apologize for taking forever to get this review out. As I told you in the chat, I got caught up playing inFAMOUS and we both agreed that that was a valid reason to not be writing up this review. Long story short: I’m lazy and wanted to play video games instead of reviewing your set for Vaati. So, without further stalling, let us begin.

First off, let’s dive into the organization a bit, shall we? Making the entire moveset an image just so you could use the fonts you want was a creative idea, it looks nice and, while the font is a tad choppy (I assume it’s the fault of the image quality), it’s easy to read. Unlike a lot of other people, I don’t have a problem with you including the attack name before the command, but I know that’s a common complaint you get (mainly from Plorf). My one minor, minor complaint is how (and I believe it’s simply because you forgot them) the dash attack and neutral combo are placed under the tilts section. Not a big deal, but whatever. Also, there’s a few spelling errors that I assume you caught after posting and didn’t feel like changing; “Summong Wind” probably being the biggest culprit. Again, minor criticism but I feel I should point these out.

Onto the set itself! The stats are really basic, it’s obvious you trimmed out the ones you deemed unimportant or non-static (such as priority, attack speed, range etc.). I do however have a problem with this “less is more” approach; power and damage, what do those mean? Is power like knockback and damage is actual percents? It doesn’t explain that at all in the stats section what they mean, only that power is really high whereas damage is really low. Also, you have no mention of how good or how bad Vaati’s jumps are. I’d assume they’re quite good considering he’s light and he’s got wind on his side…but there’s no mention at all of it.

Now the specials…Summong Wind is an interesting concept for a move and seems to be vital for Vaati’s spacing game. The one question I have about it is duration; how long is their horizontal movement decreased for? The duration of FLUDD? Or does it stick around? The Up Special is fine gameplay wise, no complaints there…it just makes Vaati sound like Ultraman taking off like a rocket. The Side B is kind of confusing to be downright honest. The way it’s worded probably makes it ten times more confusing then it should be. The opening part about the actual attack animation sounds surprisingly stiff coming from you Ocon which is a surprise considering I know how well you can write…I just find this move rather awkward. So the leaves swirl up around him…how long do they stay? Do they just rotate around him to the top of his head and then vanish? I assume you mean it reaches the size of a Pokeball to the side of him but…I dunno. The Down Special seems the opposite of the Side Special. I assume you can’t stack the shields (like once you’ve used it you have to wait until it wears off to use it again) but I could see how this would have the potential to be broken…

As I read the ForwardSmash…I actually wonder if you meant to have this as the Side Special instead; it’s far, far more creative and…well…special seeming than the current one. It’s a low damage, high knockback time bomb (Time bomb?! Vaati’s a trap character!) and I love it. The Up Smash is slightly confusing on how you get the wind to blow in one of the cardinal directions; after hitting them with the cape, do you move the control stick in a certain direction? Down Smash…man, I miss Hyrule Temple 64. That stage was ace, best stage in the game easily…anyway! The move is pretty cool! It’s another one of Vaati’s pressuring moves that I would see quite a pain in the arse to dodge when you’re being tossed around by the winds…also…you mention items here! Gasp!…

Tilts…how does the forward tilt do damage exactly? Just curious, I like it as a move I’m just kind of wondering that out of curiosity. The up tilt is nice…for whatever reason I get the mental image of a wind lasso but…that’s just because I’m weird, no complaints there. Air Sphere is a weird move for a down tilt but that’s not saying I dislike it, in fact it’s my favorite tilt if only because it’s so creative. The neutral combo and dash attack were both last minute additions so eh.

The neutral air is your basic 360 spin, but the forward air is really a nice move even if it is semi useless for anything but mindgames and spacing. The back air…seems to be Zelda’s up air turned on its side. Huh. The up air is an interesting “GTFO” attack but it’s usefulness is questionable and the down air seems like a Kirby knockoff.

The throws…to put it shortly, I like them all. They all serve their unique purpose, whether it’s the up throw’s damage racking ability, the down throw’s stalling ability, the forward throw’s spacing capabilities…they all add something useful to the playstyle as a whole, I approve.

And the inFAMOUS (see what I did there?) Final Smash…the one that was put in to appease the masses. It’s good. Seriously guys, look at the set as a whole, forget that it was ever missing a Final Smash.

And then the playstyle…fairly obvious; Vaati’s a weakling who relies on his spacing abilities and semi-reliable KO moves to take out foes and keep them away from him. Basically you’ve done a good job of summing up the playstyle here, no other comments.

So! What do we have with Vaati? Well he’s a pretty good set to be honest. Besides the down special and the side special being a little less…special than some of the Smashes, the rest of the sit flows together nicely. Kudos for finding so many synonyms for “tornado” as well. But yeah, besides my complaints (the stats, the lack of important details on some moves, some forgotten moves and the occasional spelling mistake), Vaati’s certainly an impressive first MYM6 set from you Ocon. I will commend you however for making Vaati -CLEARLY- a Smash viable character (I could actually see him working out in Brawl) without making him dull. I have high hopes for your next set Ocon, I hope it improves even on this one.




  1. The BAir is Zelda’s UAir turned on its’ side.

    Yup, I cloned a Sakurai move. Your turn, Warlord. (d)

    Seriously though, it seemed like most of the complaints you had in here were… well, nitpicky complaints. I can’t find anything I want to address because it’s either trivial, or it’s already been bashed into my head several times by other people.

  2. Never said Vaati wasn’t a good set and I admit that some of my complaints were nitpicky (since there’s really nothing outright -WRONG- or -BAD- about Vaati).

    If I came off overly negative in the review I apologize, several of the moves I found downright awesome (the smashes for instance) whereas I found the down special and side special to be mildly ho-hum. Overall a great set from you though and a great set so far in the competition, highly enjoyable read.

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