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Bowser's Keep – Dr. Wily

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Dr. WilyUserShadow7989

Well, I’ve never really been a fan of the Megaman series.  I’ve played a few of the older games before, but it just didn’t really appeal to me.  However, with all these ___ Man sets that keep popping up, it’s only naturaly that I’ve become more familiar with the series than I would have cared to.  It’s good to see a Megaman set that isn’t another robot, and I don’t think Dr. Wily has even been done yet.  Let’s see how you did.

Originality: Neutral Special is the repairing part of the set, eh?  Seeing as how his minions are all robots, this suits him fine.  The only thing I’m gonna point out is, instead of saying 1% healed every 0.333 second, just say 3% every second.  That’s just me, though; it’s not confusing at all, it would just be easier to read this way.  It’s nice to have a more “major” bot as a special, in the form of Sniper Joe.  He seems great to have out, but hard to summon in a good match, unless you quickly build him after KOing your foe.  His abilities are good, but you say he’s CPU controlled…just one question I have is that does he always shield when a foe tries to hit him?  And how often does he fire his lasers?  CPUs can have a wide variety of intelligence, so I can’t tell how smart Joe appears.  The move effects are brilliant for  the character, I just need to know how he works.  Down Special is another cool minion; the fact that you can control the alien is nice.  It seems like a nice finisher for Wily, but he’ll have to build it first.  I’m noticing the three second startup lag period…unless Dr. Wily has some way to entertain foes while he builds a bot, this may be too long to use in a serious match.  We’ll see how this turns out for the rest of the set.  And…you just did!  Up Special’s recovery is pretty standard, but you can build the robots inside it?!  Nice!  The fact that you can use the alien from it is rather nice as well.  I’m a little iffy about being forced to stay as the alien until it gets KOed, but that’s just me.  Great job on these specials.  I like.

Telly is a nice little annoyance to have as a basic combo.  The fact that you can send out more than one is helpful.  F-Tilt takes this up to the next level by having a slightly stronger Met.  Just another CPU question…does the Met AI know to duck when an attacker is nearby?  It would make quite a bit of a difference if the Met just stood there stupidly, or knew to duck whenever a foe tried to attack.  I’d clarify this for the Side Special as well.  Squirm sounds like an easy way to build damage on offstage foes, and a nasty little bugger to KO.  U-Tilt is a nice way to get those aerial aces down to earth…you don’t say how many OBs Wily can have out, like you do for the other robot moves.  I assume it’s just one?  I’d just add this in, even though it’s not that high a priority to do so.  Dash Attack is a nice way to approach foes, but isn’t as original as the robot moves, despite being cool.  Do not touch it, though; as Ocon says, not every move can have some super cool new special effect, or you’d never actually be able to play as it in Smash.  Your attacks are great so far…this is the minion set of all minion sets.  Or, at least, minions you can call out that are CPU controlled…

F-Smash deals no damage, but is another one of those awesome wind attacks.  It could be used to gimp foes who would barely make the ledge, which is always so fun to do with Mario.  Down Smash is confusing at first, what with all those angles, but with a thorough read, it can easily be interpreted as a nice damage-builder for foes at low percents.  Up Smash is a zombie move, feeding off its foe to heal itself.  All these moves are good, but…Wily has a 6/10 in power, and I don’t really see any KO moves sticking out yet.  He’s an exceptional damage-builder, but I don’t see any KO moves, besides a lucky hit from an alien’s charge or an OB.  These are all fine and dandy, but I’ll look out for more in the aerials; he should have a few more KO moves to have a 6/10.

N-Air has him just tossing out those scientist tools, which is pretty win, if you ask me.  And…medium knockback?  Sounds like a KO move at higher damage levels.  Now, F-Air is a damage-builder on small stages.  Dr. Wily looks to be a really annoying character to face at higher levels, due to all the annoying moves he has access to.  D-Air is a really cool move in concept; it’s definitely a possible KO move, but it takes time and skill to pull off.  Dr. Wily could put this in place of a character trying to recovery to gimp them.  You know what would be even cooler?  If foes who hit the lower part of the hitbox get bomb-spiked.  You don’t have to have that, but that would be so tight.  B-Air is a way to space foes from Wily if he needs it.  Which he would, seeing as how he needs to build those bots.  An anti-spike for an U-Air?  That’s really cool, and the TWSS made me lol.  You’re doing a great job of making these moves to cater to what Wily needs to overcome his shortcomings, which is good, seeing as how some of his stats seem less than satisfactory.

Meh for grab; sounds a bit like a stronger Monkey Flip.  Grab Attack is nice, but not spammable.  F-Throw sounds like a good way to KO foes at the edge, but Wily can’t use it on foes with less damage than him, or he’ll be punished for it.  B-Throw is another escaping tool…but can Wily attack the foe during it if he needs to?  This isn’t answered in there, and it would help Wily’s damage-building even more.  Shield Attacker is a nice minion move; does it live up to its name and break shields?  That would be nice, but its high knockback is enough for me.  Up Throw would be great to KO on places with a low ceiling blast zone.  Its persistence is indeed annoying, as you state.  I’m noticing that Wily’s ground game is more damage-building, while his throws and aerials are a mix of KOing and damaging moves.  This is a good mix, providing for a really interesting character.

I’m not gonna comment on all the situationals; I’ll just point out the ones that stood out.  Recline is lulzly; I’d have fun taking pictures of that.  And ledge attack with over 100%….wow.  It could never be abused because of the potential lag, but the attack is just brilliant.  And hilarious.  Final Smash is fitting as a final deadly machine for the good doctor.  Standard tilt is decent; Energy Spray is the damage-builder move.  Wily Cannon is used for the Final Smash’s KO move.  Repairing the machine sounds like a nice way to hold out the move, but foes could attack it while Wily is repairing, so it would be less effective in FFAs.  You can even abandon the ship to finish off foes yourself?  How cool is that?  I somewhat doubt that the damage level would drop so fast, especially if Wily knows how to use the attacks to decimate the foe.  Because of this, the duration sounds slightly broken…I might lower the HP to around 125, just to be safe.  To summarize the moves, this is a great collection of moves that I don’t think is being given due credit.

Detail: You know how to include the basic lag, priority, knockback, range, and damage of the move.  You have all this for pretty much all the moves.  There are is just one minor complaint I have here.  For some of the earlier CPU controlled robots, you don’t mention their AI that well, which could determine how long they’d last.  This is easy to throw in, so I’d do it if I were you.  Other than that, you’ve come a long way since your other sets; I hope you’ll be able to keep this up in the future.

Balance: Dr. Wily seems to have fairly average stats, except for some pitiful movement stats, as well as weight.  He seems like he’d be a very difficult character to learn, but a great one as soon as you learn what bots work in what situations and which ones don’t.  To access a few of his finishers, Wily must hide behind some lesser bots to construct the stronger ones.  I enjoy this little build-a-character style you’ve got there.  You can’t tell how much damage bots have?  It certainly would be helpful to see them take some notable physical damage if they’re about to croak over.  I’ll leave this at your discretion whether to add it or not.  Wily’s game seems to involve him building damage on the ground, then finishing in the air.  Wily counters the middleweights and trap characters?  This is nice, and ‘ironically’, he is a trap character himself.  Quite an interesting playstyle; it’s not amazingly new, but it puts a really cool spin on the generic stage controlling character.

Fitting to Character: A frail old mad scientist using his inventions to kick arse?  What’s not to love?  Seriously, nothing feels out of place.  His unstable animations, his genuis in fixing machines, and pretty much everything he does, is perfect for his character.  I’ve said before that this area can be easily excelled in as long as you have attacks that fit the character and attacks that show the character’s personality.  Dr. Albert Wily has both.  Exceptional job in this category.

Extras: Reggae is a funny up taunt.  The fact that he behaves differently, based on the stock or damage level of Wily is pretty lol-worthy.  Side Taunt made me crack up.  Eyebrow is comical…I don’t know if it’s as mandatory as an evil laugh, but it certainly is fitting.  And…Smash Taunt.  You smash the taunt button to do this?  Anyways, it’s pretty cool as well.  Kirby getting Neutral A is cool, but does he use it for his B move or does it replace his Megaton Punch as a Basic Combo?  It isn’t specified, and either is possible.  Victory poses are nice, nothing much to say about them.  Special victory didn’t really get to me, as I’m not a Megaman player, but it seems interesting for Wily.  Loss Pose is interesting…I don’t know whether Wily should clap or not, but what you have is decent.  Snake Codec is funny, but a little bit long.  I don’t know if Colonel should spend so much time explaining where Wily came from over how he fights, but it’s not OOC.  These are just very minor complaints; they’re extras, so it’s far from a priority to mess with these.  This is a nice set of extras…it saddens me to see users stop putting in extas beyond Kirby Hats, Codec Conversations, and Icons.  Where are my stages and ATs?  This isn’t a complaint against this set, it’s just a small twang of sadness I have at the decreased amount of MYMers who do this.  Oh well…inice job, anyways.

Organization: The colors are fitting, as is the style of headers and BBCode.  The squiggly lines are fitting to Wily, as they resemble some kind of high-tech robot parts?  I don’t know, but it looks good.  The amount of detail is readable enough that you don’t need to highlight any parts.  You still have great descriptions, so the fact that you can do this is really nice.  This set is pleasing to the eyes, which is a good thing; people don’t read ugly sets.

Closing Comments: Without a doubt your best set yet.  Seeing a minion character who actually isn’t just random and boring is awesome.  Add that it’s a Megaman set that’s not the umpteenth ___ Man set, and a villain who’s not the typical heartless overlord, and, well, you’ve got an awesome and cool moveset.  I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this one; I really hope you keep making sets of such high quality.  Your other sets were decent, but Wily is just leagues better.  This is actually a review I had a whole lot of fun doing, which is saying a lot, as quite a few sets us reviewers do are just beginner sets that need a whole lot of work.  Superb job!

My work here…is done.


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