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MT's Sunday Recap Episode 3

Welcome, welcome! Another week has gone by so it’s time once again for MT’s Sunday Recap! I’m your host, MT, and seriously, I’m not cereal. Anyway! This week marked the return of Agi and…to be quite honest, not a whole lot else. This has clearly been the slowest week of the contest or at least the slowest week where the recap has existed! So without further stalling let’s dive into this week’s sets…all three…and a half of them…

Alright, first things first…we have a set for Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Wait, Saren from Mass Effect? Whozzat? Anyway, darth meanie seems to know who he is just as fine and from my read through, he’s a pretty cool character using all kinds of gadgets and alien(?) technology to his advantage. I loved how you made the shotgun more powerful at close range like a real one. The up-special was also pretty clever. Unfortunately for Saren, his reception was kind of taken down a notch due to that little meme popping up and then dying just as quickly. Give this one a read if you’ve got the time!

While not technically a moveset but rather a helpful tool, Pokemon Master by Junahu seems to be a -VERY- helpful way to organize all those Pokesets that are ever so popular with the children these days. Junahu also organized it in Pokedex order WITH links and little sprites! No wonder you guys wanted to give him his own Sunday Review! Maybe MT needs a sidekick…?

A page of chit-chat later and BKupa666 took us all out for ice cream! Not really, but he gave us an equally awesome summer treat with a remake of Hades from the Disney movie Hercules. Probably my second favorite Disney movie of all time, right behind Aladdin…but that’s not the point of this commentary! MYM6 Hades is a vast improvement over Kupa’s MYM4 Hades and…hey? Who doesn’t love Greek gods portrayed by James Woods? Pretty good reception for him overall besides the slight little snag of an incomplete Master Chief set being posted, but hey, no big deal, right?

Next page had a Shadow the Hedgehog moveset by Blue the Blur. I figure I might as well mention it cause it’s only missing two aerials but besides that it’s technically complete. Yeah, needless to say this moveset got had more flames than Hades (see what I did thar? :3) and the set creator was unable to edit it due to not having a laptop to due so because he was incredibly sick. However he did seem to have access to a computer in order to tell us he couldn’t edit his set soooo…take that as you will.

The next page and a half were filled with random discussion about Wall-E, flames towards Shadow and a random as all hell post by Wizzerd that made me step up his tranquilizer dosage by about twenty cc’s. After all that wackiness another set was posted, two guess who by? Betcha didn’t guess darth meanie again, did you? You did? Well that’s only because this is written after the fact, so don’t be a smart-ass. Anyway! darth meanie posted another set, this time for the Grass/Ice Pokemon, Abomasnow! Being from the widely hated 4th generation of Pokemon, Abomasnow despite being a great set was only met with mediocre reception. At least we all know that kirbywizard thinks Abomasnow is god.

And now it’s time for our returning feature…


Ah yes. The part of the show (article?) where I get to be a smarmy smart-ass prick. I love it ❤

All in all we had sets for some dude from a 360 game, James Woods, a living tree and Shadow the Angsthog. Junahu also showed us he wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. To link them is his real task, to organize them is his cause; if anything Pokemon Master made us all realize that Pokemon Syndrome is alive and well and that we’re all infected with it no matter how much we may swear that we hate the ‘mons. Mafia seems dead again as does the thread, we almost fell to page 2 people! Page 2! The page or no return, where stuff like “I need txtur hax plz!” exist! We can’t let that happen to our beloved MYM6! Also, Agi returned, be happy; Agi’s cool.

And so, that wraps up what might be the shortest Sunday review ever…hopefully you guys are all just biding your time, waiting for the most opportune time to post a killer set. Or maybe you’re like me and the lazy days of summer are hitting you hard when it comes to motivation. I swear, I’ll eventually have another set out, promise! Anyway, that’s all for this week, tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to Dragon Ball Z! Or just another recap, your choice.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I feel bad, I didn’t have a set last week and in the absolute best situation I’ll have one by the end of this week… I can never settle on what set to do…

  2. Heheh, I really like the week in review. Especially this one, since I was half of it.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh yeah, and its Abomasnow, not Abamasnow

  4. you seem to forget who gave the longest commentary on Obama/Abama/Abomasnow…. (d)

    Anyhow, it was pretty cool that you could give detailed commentary on every set due to the incredibly slow week, but I still would like to see a few more sets posted next week. Great job :bee:

  5. Honestly, only one of my plans has truly died. The rest of them are planned but I simply end up doing others first while the old ones never come up :3

  6. The week that Agi returned… I’ll take it. (h)

  7. I used to hold the record for most abandoned ideas. I think I still hold the record for most half-finished movesets, though.

    And it’s all about playstyle! Although, you know, writing style is a close second.

  8. What’s funny is that I spelled Abomasnow correctly once and spelled it incorrectly later in the paragraph. Either way, fix’d. =)

  9. “At least we all know that kirbywizard thinks Abamasnow is god.”

    Ah shucks

  10. Awesome recap like the last two. Slow week – two DM sets and a Kupa remake… Although they were all fun. This coming week should be much better. The flow of the thread is reactionary.

    I have one or two cancelled movesets, unless you count remakes, which then would take me to 3-4. Garland was one cancelled set, another I think was Beatrix, but that’s a half-truth. (smirk)

    Personally, it’s a tie between creativity and playstyle. Writing style and organisation only need to be tolerable and balance fits into playstyle, obviously no one cares about extras anymore except Kupa. 😛

  11. Hey, now…extras are a fun insight into your character’s world…as MYM focuses more on the important detail about the character itself, extras fade into nothingness. But they’re still fun as hell to do, so after you’re done with the set, why not? That’s just my opinion, but yeah, nice job Cereal Man.

  12. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love extras too 😛

  13. <.< looks like the next recap is going to be completely blank. My week is completely swamped, so I at least have an excuse for not having anything new.

    The most important aspect of a moveset? Uniqueness. There's little point to MYM if you just piggyback off of someone else's approach to moveset making.


  15. […] Episode 3: The Master Revealed […]

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