Posted by: MarthTrinity | August 9, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 4

Alright guys, once again it’s Sunday which of course means it’s time for…MT’s Sunday Recap! Yes boys and boys, once again it’s the time of week when I try and act semi-professional as a leader of MYM6. What started off as another slow week quickly spiraled into a mass amount of sets posted from MYM newcomers and a few veteran sets as well. Without further stalling, let’s take a look at these, okay?

First off, let’s cover an important loss for MYM. On Friday night, Tanookie entered the chat and informed the MYMer’s there that he would be leaving his position as a leader for MYM due to not having the will to keep up with the contest at this point in time. So, until the moveset making spark returns to Tanookie, he will be absent from MYM. Just felt I should inform the general public who may have missed that due to their absence in the chat.

Well, let’s wait just one more moment so I can acknowledge something very important MasterWarlord and K.Rool whipped up for us! Yes, our very own MasterWarlord made a list of the definitive movesets throughout the ages of MYM. Picking movesets from a wide variety of MYMers, Warlord pointed out sets that both showed the utmost quality of that MYM contest, or helped display a piece of MYM history. Definitely worth a read, especially if you’re a newcomer who potentially missed out on these gems.

Also in non-moveset related news, MasterWarlord posted his first chapter of his SSB4 based story mode, Sacreligious Chaos. Despite the somewhat…unique name, this is a great read (not just because it has Little Mac in it mind you ;D) but because it shows that MYM SM’s are not dead. Just mine =.=

The first moveset posted this week however was Apemasta’’s Neku Sakuraba moveset; star of the excellent DS game “The World Ends With You,” or as all the cool kids call it, TWEWY. Coupling the game’s unique techniques with Neku’s various partners allowed Apemasta’ to create a surprisingly good moveset for who I believe is a newcomer to MYM (forgive me if I’m wrong of course…)

Going from an obscure character to some to an obscure character to most, n88_2004 posted a moveset for Kee-Mo-Shi, some kind of weird spider alien…thingy. Not sure what the hell that is to be entirely honest. Anyway, it looks pretty cool and the set, despite having little detail, has some unique ideas about it. I personally prefer GBC Link, but that’s probably just series bias on my part.

Up next is Bowser Jr. by Atomic Yoshi…appropriately, this moveset looks like Jr. colored all over it with its huge rainbow of font. Unfortunately some organization problems as well as detail, uniqueness and other problems bogged this set down…it also didn’t help that it’s unavoidably compared to Kupa’s Bowser Jr. set. Also, this Jr. has a pummel that does half a percent damage…how does that work? O.o…

tirkaro has been around for a while in MYM, posting rarely and posting sets even more rarely…however, whenever he makes a set it always seems to be for something fun and off the wall, case and point DS-Tan in MYM3 (Yeah, I do remember obscure stuff like that =P). Also case and point with Robo-Link, a crazy futuristic Link-bot hell bent on proving he’s the real Hero of Time. I won’t go into a whole lot of detail about this one since I’m reviewing it, but check it out, tirkaro has a really…unique sense of humor.

In more non-moveset related news, Agi and Khold led a boycott against the MYM chat, claiming it to be the reason the thread itself was going so slowly as well as the reason why there’s been so few movesets posted as of late in comparison to other MYM’s. This was met with controversy by many of the chat regulars claiming that the chat was one of the best things to happen to MYM as it reduced the thread spam and allowed us to actually get to know one another besides just judging each other based on set quality. Assuming they keep it up, the boycott should continue through next Friday at the least.

AKC12, creator of the Naruto set mentioned in Recap Episode 2 returns for another shot at set making, this time with Sasuke, Naruto’s loveably angsty bff. Fortunately, this is an improvement over the last set he made, a vast one at that. Kholdstare pointed out the flaws of this set best really, but with some more effort I could see AKC improving with each set. Also, you should make Tsunade next. Or Kakashi…those are the only two Naruto characters I find remotely interesting =P

Anyway, moving away from MYM drama, kirbywizard posted a follow-up to his Oliver set, Bear Hugger from Punch-Out!! Now…we all know how much MT loves Punch-Out!!…but I for one am glad I didn’t have to fight this beastly form of the syrup-guzzlin’ Canadian while playing Punch-Out Wii. As MasterWarlord pointed out, the Bear Hugger is too good. I’d personally say this is a step down from Oliver if only due to the huge balance problems, besides that however, the organization as a whole looks better and you do have some unique ideas…plus, who doesn’t love Canadian stereotypes?

We missed you Dokutayuu! Even though I’m unsure of who you are really…my bad, sorry. Anyway! Dokutayuu came back with a moveset for Mighty Gazelle, a fellow racer of Captain Falcon in the F-Zero universe. Gazelle isn’t exactly one of the “F-Zero headliners” like Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh or Black Shadow, but he’s certainly an interesting one. Just like this set in fact. Having to take many creative liberties because of MG doing very little other than racing, MG has some surprisingly cool attacks put in there.

Finally…wow. Just wow. TWILT stepped up his game and big time with Gold and honestly, I’m impressed. Gold is just…a massive leap from Lelouch and a kick in the face to Death the Kid. I’m personally really glad to see TWILT being able to roll back in to the pace of MYM6 without too much difficulty, it just took him a few warm up sets to catch up. My main complaint from the read through I gave it is…well, I wish the paralyzecure berry didn’t exist, the write up for it is just brutal man. Besides that though, Gold may very well be your best set so far…I mean Trainer Sundance.

Or…not so finally. I needed to fit this one in since H_R posted in pretty much on the deadline for when I usually have the recap (plus I slept in today, blah…) but I HAD to mention Spadefox in this recap; it really couldn’t wait to next week. Spadefox is based off of everyone’s favorite SWFer, Spadefox…wait, he’s not? Oh! He’s the Playing God character instead. Duh. ANYWAY! Spadefox is full of references to Spade’s personality as well as his actual Playing God character. Plus it’s just pretty damn cool in general. A clear step up from Edward in my opinion and that’s even WITH my FMA bias. Having a truly mammoth playstyle, one of, if not the longest match up sections I’ve ever seen and more creativity than a room full of drunk Einsteins, Spadefox is CERTAINLY a must read and a wonderful entry for Hyper_Ridley that blows Ed out of the water. Also, I miss Spade too, K.Rool =(

But wait, what’s that I hear…? Is it the…


Indeed it is! Everyone’s favorite section of the Sunday Recap allows ME, your host MT to be a total smartass about stuff that took you hours to make! Why? Because you guys are awesome, that’s why. Don’t ask stupid questions like that.

So! It took a while to get the ball rolling but eventually that ball started rolling like a boulder. We had movesets for a Squeenix hero from a game you probably never played, a giant spider alien thing, the brat of a Koopa Prince (again), a crazed robotic Link, an angsty ninja, a Canadian who ISN’T K.Rool or TWILT, Sundan-…I mean Gold, an F-Zero racer and an Austrian man turned wolf/fox. We also had a boycott of the chat, Warlord’s attempt at reviving Story Modes and the leaving of our good friend Tanookie. Oh and K.Rool posted a huge list of sets you should read. Seriously. Read it.

And with that, the Sunday Recap comes to a close once again sadly. Keep on posting those sets so I keep on having a job. Until next time guys, enjoy this week’s installment of…MT’s Sunday Recap!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

+In Memory of Tanookie+




  1. Great recap again. Also, loving the polls.

    RIP Tanookie, we barely knew ye – especially these past two contests. =P

  2. Tanookie left?

    Sad Wizzerd is sad.

    And Apemasta’ isn’t a newcomer, he posted a General Guy set back in MYM5. ;P

  3. Paralyzecure berry?

    There is no such berry in Gold’s moveset. >_>

  4. 1) It sucks finding out things like the DEPARTURE OF AN AUTHORITY FIGURE in MT’s Sunday frickin’ Recap. No offense to you, MT, this one’s just as good as the last one, on the whole.

    2) Technically, I had more of a hand in the Definitive Movesets than Warlord (we mostly picked them together and I did the formatting, organization, and all the blurbs), but let’s not quibble.

    3) agi and Khold have apparently already given up on the boycott, so it’s just me. I LOVE being alone.

    4) “Not enough people are going for it” is all very well and good, but I honestly don’t see how that makes it a stupid idea. If more people would just give up on the chat for a few days, it would work perfectly.

    5) “Why make it a big deal? Just don’t go into the chat instead of making a boycott” misses the point so entirely it’s appalling, and I’m shocked that so many people voted for it.

  5. I’ll get you, pretty, and your little dog, too!

  6. I don’t see why more people aren’t voting that the boycott is good, IF it benefits the thread. Under those circumstances, what is bad about that?

    I see the point of the boycott and it disappoints me that more people didn’t join in, at least to prove we don’t need the chat. I don’t really agree with it, but it irks me that everyone seems to prefer the chat to even the thread now – wtf?

    I say this now as we have 45 movesets, 45 pages. One moveset per page still and people in the chat posting for hours and not commenting on new sets at all within the same time span. Come on, guys. =/

  7. 1. Yeah, Tanookie unfortunatelly didn’t tell many people that he would be leaving MYM, he just kind of popped in to say he was then left. I informed H_R but I probably should’ve given you the information too, my bad.

    2. I originally had you with all the credit but Warlord complained (ono)

    4&5. I didn’t mean any harm by my opinion choices, I just wanted to most variety of choices I could have, apologies if I offended.

  8. K.Rool, I’m still participating in the boycot. I never really used it that much in the first place…

  9. I agree with most all of that, Daddy.

    And that’s fine, MT; I’m definitely not attacking you for the choice of options or for not specifically telling me Tanookie left. On the former, I’m more frowning at the voters, and as to the latter, well, it’s just another argument against the chat. The people who weren’t there at the time don’t know, because the only place it’s mentioned at all is in the chat.

    Good to hear, Wiz. =)

  10. Yes you must all fear my over powered Syrup Powered Canadian :D. But yeah I need to make some changes if I want to make him balanced

  11. […] Episode 4: Hero of All Time […]

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