Posted by: masterwarlord | August 14, 2009

Envy This! — Leafeon

Leafeon by KingK.Rool

ZOMG! VAPOREON. FAIL. ANOTHER POKEMON. ANOTHER WATER POKEMON. Wtf? It’s a three part multi set? Zomg! Five part multi set! Well, there’s no way he’s doing the 4th gen Pokemon in addition. . .Oh my god. He freaking did it. You can’t be serious.

While at first I was far from joyous to see Leafeon and Glaceon tacked on at the end of the Eeveelutions, particularly due to Glaceon already being done by Kibble, it was more then worth it for this beautiful moveset. I apologize for how negatively I reacted to Leafeon in the chat originally. It truly is amazing. . .Although it does live up to my initial thoughts of it in certain ways, in that it really makes the string of sets seem much, much longer. Unlike Umbreon who was really brief and concise, Leafeon took a decent while to get through. Either way, it was still a immensely enjoyable read. Once I knew ROOL was doing a blatant trap character I was hooked. All those random chat comments were just for the lulz.

Originality: Much, much better then Umbreon here. The beauty of trap characters is that they nearly automatically have playstyle, but the moves that constitute a trap character are more often then not still captivating to look at on their own, and that’s certainly the case here. I particularly like your unique grab system, which is actually *gasp* longer then a normal grab system. That’s certainly not just another one of your zero throws cop-outs. While the final smash just takes advantage of the mechanic, it’s still flashy and has some creativity in it, sounding fun to play around with. It’s certainly not just another boring generic mechanic booster. Unlike Umbreon, all the button inputs also feel to be in order just fine. . .Except maybe swapping the dair and side special. . .

Playstyle: Moving right along to the good stuff. While we’ve seen plenty of boring “set and forget” trap characters, your traps are rarely just hitboxes left to damage foes. You have to set up an obstacle course of sorts to get any real use out of things, such as making two walls for a tumbleweed to go back and forth between. Your trap moves all interact with each other and all have ideal places to be put down, and all are unique enough in their own right. You do a decent enough job of making Leafeon stand out from among trap characters. Forget KOing the foe. Your garden needs tending! With moves like the dair and nair that are made all the more powerful with the more plants you have, really. . .This is the definition of stage control. Leafeon doesn’t have limits on how much he can create. He MAKES the stage. By the time he’s done with it, it’ll be practically unregonizable. . .But of course, the fact that it’s a trap character at all makes this less appealing in terms of originality. Sure, it flows and it’s still a unique trap character, but Umbreon’s playstyle was still just as unique WITHOUT having to resort to any sort of traps (Bar fsmash).

Detail: Again, Leafeon sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to the others what with how long he is. He dwarfs pretty much all of your non Miracle Matter sets in size despite being attached to six other movesets. I think it might’ve been a better approach if all were Umbreon level detail if you wanted them all to actually be read, but eh. The grab could’ve perhaps been condensed down into having all the plants grab at once, but making it laggier/less effective somehow. The down special also sticks out a good bit (As I mentioned in the chat, that’s the longest move you’ve ever written), but not a lot can be done about that unless you wanted to cut out current phases of the tree’s life entirely.

Balance: . . .And here the set really falls apart, around just as much as Umbreon. My main issue here is that so many of the plants are impossible to destroy, and the ones that are generally are only vulnerable for a brief time period. Several of the plants never even expire despite being practically invulnerable. Really, you’ve gotta kill Leafeon before he can plant much of anything if you want to have any hopes of winning. I know you don’t care about this, but yeesh, man.

Relevance to Character: The main issue here is why Leafeon should be the Pokemon to create an absolute jungle of plants. Why not another Grass Pokemon? If anything, Celebi would be most fitting for the job, seeing he’s the serene protector of the forest or what have you. Either way, minor complaint.

Organization: Nothing to say here that wouldn’t just be recycled from Umbreon, although I will say that Leafeon’s symbols alongside his headers aren’t quite as appealing.

Extras: Again, more recycled crap from Umbreon, but now I get to comment on a little easter egg of the seven sets as a whole. . .The uair. While before it was a bit bland, I actually find it pretty d*mn cool that they all share it. I thought the move rather unfitting for Umbreon in particular, but now that I see it’s shared by all seven it makes all too much sense. Seeing it doesn’t fit into any of their playstyles, it was a good choice to make it individually unique. Nice little tidbit there.

Overall: I wouldn’t say I outright love this set like I do Umbreon, but I’d certainly point out as one of the best trap characters. If only you’d posted this back in MYM 5, man. This would’ve beat out Metal Man, Lemmy, and the Kid for sure, but now I’m not so sure how well it’ll fare, seeing it’s such a blatant trap character – extremely over treaded ground. It’s certainly still very good, once again, leagues better then Kangaskhan, but I wouldn’t put it above, say, Cannoli.



  1. Good to hear, really. The balance is probably a problem, but I suppose I could always just say planting the seeds is a bit laggier than it already is to balance it out quite effectively.

    Glad you like the niche of Quick Attack, too. 😉

    Thanks for reviewing two of my sets back-to-back, especially since I didn’t request them yet anyway.

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