Posted by: masterwarlord | August 15, 2009

Envy This! — V-13

V-13 by SkylerOcon

So. . .V-13. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about the character or her series as a whole, but MT gave me a basic run-down a while back. If nothing else, I want to get into the series for all the awesome music it has. I just can’t stop listening to the stuff, regardless of whether or not I’ve actually played the game. It’s absolutely epic. The game of course also looks plenty interesting what with, y’know, being competitively viable and having far more creative movesets then the likes of Smash Bros. I’d of gotten the game without a second thought if I actually had one of the required consoles, but alas, I was one of the many fools who picked the Wii solely for Smash Bros. When I first saw V-13 when you previewed her specials to me way back when, I thought she was a Megaman character. I’m serious. Pretty pathetic, eh? Either way, I’m glad I got ever so slightly more familiarized with her before you actually posted her. Oh, and terribly sorry about the spam, Dingodile, and the Eeveelutions raping your set’s reception, but at least this quick review should help it slightly, right? Eheh heh. . .

Originality: And good thing I did familiarize myself somewhat with this character, as otherwise V-13 would have to compete with the likes of Metal Man and such for individual move creativity. V-13 feels right at home with her level of creativity. It’d be OOC for her to be particularly crazy, much like Little Mac and M. Bison. There are still a few creative move ideas here even by MYM standards either way, though, such as the uair/dair. The only thing that really outright irks me here though is that the specials just feel outright meh. They aren’t special. They don’t really stick out more then the other moves in the set. While some movesets have other moves more original/important then the specials, the thing is that here. . .None of the moves really are important enough to be considered specials in the first place.

Playstyle: Of course, this is the section you’re relying on to score the majority of your points. V-13 is essentially Vaati, but in reverse. Plenty of KO moves but they hardly deal any damage. However; V-13 can still combo up the hits well, especially when combined with her range, so she can damage, but her KO moves are still slow so she has problems KOing. . .Strange. Slow character with powerful moves who’s a good damage racker and can’t KO. Interesting enough concept. Vaati is a heavyweight in reverse, while V-13 is a lightweight in reverse. The two really do complement each other quite nicely.

Detail: Much better then on Vaati, certainly, as you actually focus on telling us relevant information rather then trivial tidbits. The animations of some of the moves are difficult to picture, but you have pictures/videos for that (Though those don’t help as much as one would hope in some cases).  Aside from that, I can say that you sometimes go a bit too much into technical information then necessary, as many MYMers are competitively blind and thus you’re just adding more to the set that way. Anyway, I’m just nitpicking. Vaati was already good here, and V-13 tops him.

Balance: This is one of your top concerns, I imagine. You’re one to critique me here, not visa versa. Your sets have always been balanced, and with good reason, what with your large knowledge of the competitive scene and how you never have too crazy of ideas that mess up stuff. I always thought your kill percents killed a bit too early, but the problem has become much smaller as time has passed by to the point of being near unnoticeable with V-13.

Relevance to Character: If you’re satisfied with it, I’m satisfied with it. You know far more then I do here. From what little I know of V-13, your moveset seems to fit her, and considering how you take several moves directly from the game there’s little way you can go wrong. You don’t really have her display any personality in the set, but she doesn’t seem to have much of any in the first place anyway.

Organization: I’m honestly not seeing the big appeal of making a moveset entirely in image form. The most I can see it being used for is to force people to see your fonts whether or not they have them installed. Moving on, the pictures and videos help to make the set more pretty, although I find it strange you make your font so damn huge to make the moveset look bigger. The smaller the moveset looks, the more appealing it is to jump in.

Extras: Congratulations. You topped the master himself in terms of lack of extras. You pulled an Ekans. All joking aside, I have nothing against then nowadays, although it’s practically a crime that you didn’t include links to music from the series at the start of the moveset for people to listen to as they went through. Blazblue has such absolutely amazing music. It’s a crying shame you didn’t take advantage of it.

Overall: Vaati had more individual move creativity, though that’s not saying much, and V-13’s lack of it is much more justified, seeing the source material. Vaati had the whole being an actual Smash Bros. candidate going for him, though, which was a big part of his appeal, and V-13’s playstyle is essentially just the inverse of Vaati’s. It just didn’t seem as new and refreshing as Vaati was. I’m not saying Vaati is better, but V-13 certainly doesn’t top him.



  1. Andddddd I have no comments on this review. I agree with everything.

    I see V-13 and Vaati as equals. Neither one tops the other.

  2. If it’s any consolation for the lack of extras, the entirety of my post before V-13 was her theme song =)

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