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MT's Sunday Recap Episode 5

Hey guys and welcome to a very special last minute, half-assed, installment of…MT’s Sunday Recap! The current time is 4:38am, I am incredibly tired as well. But, I remembered I needed to do this recap for my loving fans, so I’m forcing myself awake for a while more so I can finish this. The things I do for you guys, seriously. Nah, it’s no big deal, this episode will just be full of long ramblings as I lose my train of thought of what I was doing…so, without further rambling, let’s dive into this week!

To start off this week’s sets, we have a moveset by Katapultar, aka the dude who made Heatran. This moveset however is nowhere near the Pokemon universe and is actually a great step up from Heatran; Gorea from Metroid Prime: Hunters. While Gorea may be unfortunately from the worst game in the Prime series, this set redeems the poor guy. A clear step up from Heatran if only because it looks oh so much nicer, Gorea is a great set from a rising MYMer.

Next page gave us “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” by MasterWarlord. Not only is this a weird conglomeration of various attacks from various movesets, it’s also one more set that I technically HAVE to address in the recap due to it technically being a moveset. Bah.

In terms of more serious movesets, dancingfrogman surprised everyone by making another set so shortly after his last, this one for E-101 mkII; the final boss of Gamma’s story in Sonic Adventure/DX. Besides the obvious fact that this boss has a totally kickass theme, DFM took a big risk by organizing E-101 in a similar fashion to the highly controversial(?) organization seen in Cutesy Beau. Overall however, it seems to have paid off; the set looks great and it received praise for its unique attempt at breaking the “organization mold.”

Wah, another Metroid Prime set? Oh, this is from one of the good Prime games though? Thank God. And it’s kirbywizard returning for two weeks in a row. This week we have Ghor, that pesky robot with the giant battle suit and all that flammable gel that I didn’t notice until I had beaten him. Yeah. Anyway, Ghor’s an interesting set chock-full of special mechanics and robotic…stuff. And, he fortunately doesn’t have the balance problems Bear Hugger had, it’s great to see people taking the advice of others to improve their sets, from Bear Hugger to Ghor; that’s an upgrade.

From weird little robot guys to- HOLY HELL, WHAT ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH IS THAT? Oh. It’s the Poison Zombie by Negi-Kun…that’s fine then. Unlike tirkaro, nothing jumps to mind when I think of Negi-Kun’s sets…which makes me think he’s been absent for a while but I dunno to be quite honest. ANYWAY, this set looks nice…well as nice as a set for a decomposing body can be. It’s got pictures, videos, a couple of fancy .gifs…yeah, it looks pretty spiffy although it does seem a tad lacking in detail…unfortunately for Negi-Kun it was ignored due to being posted so late on the page…check it out though!

Ugh, I technically have to go over these too. In an attempt to motivate people in the chat, Khold announced he had posted a new moveset. This “moveset” turned out to be a set for Beldum; a Pokemon whose entire movepool and moveset consist of “Take Down.” Soon after, Unown was posted by Baloo, kitsuneko345’s Unown fortunately blew this one out of the water. And then Darkurai posted Magikarp but that set just made NO sense; we all know Magikarp can learn Tackle, Flail AND Bounce (in Platinum I believe).

Anyway! Enough about joke Pokemon sets, we have a real one here with Magnezone by darth meanie. If there’s one thing I can say about darth meanie, it’s that he’s consistent. He posts sets frequently and his quality seems to be ever improving; Magnezone being a clear sign of this with his nifty polarity mechanic. Not much else to say about this set considering I gave it a rather lengthy comment in thread.

And JUST when you were wondering “Where’s Warlord(Waldo)? Has he given up on sets?” the Master returns with Dingodile from the Crash Bandicoot universe. Sporting a unique “less is more” approach, Dingodile is a radical departure from previous, detail heavy, Warlord sets, instead opting for more “smash logical” attacks and playstyle based combinations. With the goal of creating a character that COULDN’T be beaten simply with pressure, Warlord succeeded with Dingodile, creating another fantastic moveset for this contest.

If there’s one thing that has been winding me up as of late, it’s fighting games. After being brutally beaten one too many times in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I’ve gladly gone back to the friendly waiting arms of BlazBlue; it’s like that new girl you just met who TOTALLY has the hots for you whereas MvC2 is your old ex who  just grows angry with you when you use her toothbrush.

ANYWAY, I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about anymore, so we’ll discuss V-13 by SkylerOcon. V-13 is the main antagonist of the new fighting game for PS3/360, BlazBlue. V-13 CLEARLY displays Ocon’s growing mastery of making things look damn nice, this set looks excellent despite some somewhat blurry images. Overall however, SkylerOcon did an excelllent job of translating V-13 into “Brawl format,” while also managing to make it look great.

A newcomer also appeared in the halls of MYM; KoopaKirby with a moveset for Poppy Bros. Señior; Kirby’s bomb carrying foe from Mexico. Or not, maybe it’s supposed to be Senior instead, like instead of Junior. Anyway, PBS looks great for a beginner set, despite not being up to MYM6 quality, it’s far better than a lot of first timer’s movesets, so congrats to KoopaKirby for that!

Sakurai posted Sakurai.

And then…everything went to hell. Deciding to show off what he had used the boycott for, K.Rool decided to post SEVEN movesets BACK TO BACK, one for each evolution of the Pokemon Eevee. Whether this means Rool is insane or just determined has yet to be decided; the sets were posted in the following order.








General reaction to the slew of sets was pure shock at how K.Rool managed to pull together a set a day, each of normal KingK.Rool quality only by giving up the chat for one week…

Finally, KoopaKirby strikes again with a moveset for Delibird, that funny little Ice/Flying Pokemon with the sack of presents. A great step up organization wise, Delibird unfortunately suffers from “Pokemon Syndrome” with such attacks as Sludge and Secret/Hidden Power. Besides that however, it does seem to be an improvement over his previous set.

Holy transitions Batman, it’s time for the…


Yes, it’s time once again for the WEEK IN ONE RANT. And yes; it does need all caps. Every time.

This week we had two Metroid Prime sets, two Warlord sets (one real, one fake), a robot with a kickass battle theme, a UFO, several one move Pokemon sets (YOU GUYS AND YOUR POKEMON SYNDROME!), a penguin…bird…thing, Sakurai (again) and a crazy cyborg (android? Robot?) from BlazBlue. Oh. And the small fact of K.Rool posting SEVEN MOVESETS. SEVEN.


Anyway, I’m about ten minutes from passing out here so I’ll wrap it up. That concludes another exciting episode of MT’s Sunday Recap, your last stop for MYM related news!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Ocon…get your ass on here and vote like the bitch you are.

  2. K.Rool wins MYM this week.

  3. There’s no option for ME in the second poll! 😥

    “I already did.”

    Well, I just put the first one, along with some liar.

  4. Rool >:C

  5. This week in MYM was one of my favourites.

  6. Interesting point you bring up, Daddy; it might be enlightening for one of the polls in the final week to be “Which was your favorite week of the contest?”

    So far, I’d be inclined to agree with you. 😉

  7. Thanks for the recap, I’m in Hawaii. (smirk)

  8. *psst, for some random reason, I waited like 3 weeks before posting Shadowdeth, cause I’m just that stupid*

    7 Sets in a week? It takes me like 3 Weeks to do a set (I’m like “3 moves? That’s good enough for me!), so that’ll be a challenge to make underdetailed sets (Which is nigh impossible for me lololol)


  10. Seven Ocons for seven Eeevees. 😉

  11. I’m an Ocon. (h)

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