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Wesker's Report — Robo-Link


Wait a second.......

Wait a second.......


by tirkaro

Right off the bat I must say that the intro for this set is just epic, I actually laughed out loud when I first read it. That being said, I find myself reviewing Robo-Link by tirkaro, the guy who made DS-Tan, a MYM3 set that I loved for being so obnoxiously cute. Robo-Link appears to be based off of some…inside joke maybe? He looks like a MUGEN character but I’ve found absolutely no information about him anywhere. Regardless, let’s dive into this review.

To begin, we’ll take a look at the set’s organization. To me, it looks great. While the lime green may be an eyesore for some, it fits the character perfectly and the yellow font for attacks and such keeps it from being a sea of green. The images help a lot (not so sure about the down tilt image though…) and the Triforce of Fail being ever present throughout is a nice touch as well (although it obviously confused a few people who didn’t read the whole thing…)

Alright! You have a mechanic here and it seems to deal with overheating. An invisible meter for judging this…something that seems rather critical…my hope right here is that Robo-Link would start showing visual signs such as turning red or smoking as he overheats, otherwise it seems like it’d be a lot of micromanaging. Just from the description here, it seems that Robo-Link would be combusting left and right considering how easy it is to build up heat. I assume the Down B is a way to cool him off, but it seems almost tedious to constantly be cooling off after doing something so simple as running across Final Destination…

From the stats, Robo-Link seems like a heavy hitting, projectile spammer’s delight. The stats are mostly good, priority being understandably low due to his huge emphasis on projectiles…everything seems pretty much in place to be honest. Animations all look nice too.

Right off the bat I notice you have some…weird choices for attack names, whether this was made simply out of randomness or just to poke fun at the sometimes wacky names we give attacks, attacks such as the dash attack, forward tilt and up smash stand out as some of the weirder names. As I read a bit more in depth in this set, something jumps out at me: You don’t list how much each attack raises Robo-Link’s heat meter. This coupled with the fact that there is NO visible gauge of this makes it seem like it’s a total guessing game; I’d definitely add that in, otherwise it makes Robo-Link near impossible to use correctly.

Let’s go onto the creativity of the set. First off, you have some rather creative moves here, my favorites of which being the down smash, the down air, the down throw…most of the down moves had me either laughing or going “Huh, that’s pretty cool.” Unfortunately, moves like Kancho, while funny, are just kinda…random.

Let’s break down the specials considering they’re, gasp, special! The Neutral Special is a weird one as you say…but it’s a cool one for sure. Damaging himself for a potential boost is a cool trade off I also used in on of my MYM5 sets and I like the idea here too…plus it continues the comical theme of the set. Mini-Links sound like a crazy projectile tool, essentially being strong enough to survive a smash attack, this attack NEEDS the detail. How fast do they move? Can they jump? Can you spawn a new one as soon as one dies? Stuff like this should be cleared up, otherwise we can only assume this attack is broken sadly. The Up Special seems a bit bland considering you’re working with the whole robot theme…but I suppose you just wanted to keep it true to the real Link here so it’s excusable if not a little dull.

The Down Special seems like it’s VERY crucial to the gameplay…but it’s extremely confusing. You say you can only use it the first time when you’re over 30% heat…but that wouldn’t be overheating, so wouldn’t that be underheating? The whole move is just really confusing and really just needs an entire rewrite.

Carrying on…the main drawback of this moveset is its lack of some crucial details. Several attacks in the set are missing stuff like knockback and range. At this point in MYM, these are critical, without them, people will take the move literally, saying stuff like “Oh! It must just be an instant KO lololololo.” So yeah, crucial details like those are really needed at this point in MYM.

So, in conclusion…Robo-Link unfortunately needs some work. The organization looks nice, so that’s a good start…but you also need to focus on the key details. Knockback, range, priority, details about the mechanic are all necessary. Without said details, the moveset becomes a guessing game about how the character would actual play out. With the current level of detail, Robo-Link could either be absolutely broken or simply garbage tier, it’s really hard to tell at this point.

The best advice I can give? Take a gander at K.Rool’s list of the definative MYM sets or even better, just take a look at one of K.Rool’s Eeveelutions; that should do an excellent job of showing you what details you should have when making a set, you’ve got the ideas down, you just need to cement them in place and dress them up with the finishing touches. I know you’ve been around for a while so I know you know how this contest evolves so quickly, with some touching up, some more attention to detail and a more in depth view on your attacks, you could easily pull back up with the current standards of MYM. I wish you luck with that too, I’m sure you’ll be able to pull it off if you’re willing to put in the effort.




  1. Okay, thanks! 🙂

    To answer some questions, Robo-Link is a completely original character, somewhat inspired by the Robo-Rock and Robo-Jam MUGEN characters. I just gave Link the Robo-treatment.

    The random attack names are just that; completely random.

    anyway, yeah, a problem I tend to have is that I subconsciously assume every person has the same mindset as I do when I write something, so it tends to lack complete details. Sorry, I should really knock that habit.

    Great review anyway, I might revise this moveset after I’m done with my other one.

  2. Well I’m -REALLY- glad you liked the review man. As I was writing it I felt really bad like I was giving you a review I felt was below my usual quality on accident, but if it helped I’m more than glad!

    As far as Robo-Link goes however, he’s an awesome character with a really weird yet cool backstory.

    But once again, glad you liked the review and found it useful =)

  3. Well I'm -REALLY- glad you liked the review man. As I was writing it I felt really bad like I was giving you a review I felt was below my usual quality on accident, but if it helped I'm more than glad!

    As far as Robo-Link goes however, he's an awesome character with a really weird yet cool backstory.

    But once again, glad you liked the review and found it useful =) 6 brb

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