Posted by: masterwarlord | August 18, 2009

Envy This! — Onishiba

Onishiba by Hyper_Ridley

MYM 4 gave us HR. MYM 5 gave us Mewthree. MYM 6 now completes the Playing God trinity with Onishiba, the character we were all most looking forward to among them and easily the juiciest moveset yet. While I’m not the biggest fan of Mewthree in comparison to how much the others liked him, we and most others can still agree Onishiba easily tops him, no? But Onishiba isn’t here to just compete with Mewthree and HR. Hardly. He can easily hold his own among even the likes of Seaforce.

Originality: This has hardly ever been a problem for you and the main draw of your movesets. You make ridiculously creative individual moves. Even back when your sets didn’t have playstyle, each move was so appealing in it’s own right that they tied you down and demand you read them. I was attempting to read a bit of Onishiba as I waited for a Warcraft 3 game to load. . .But I couldn’t stop. Screw WC3. I exited that crap after I realized how good this set was. It’s not so much a matter of finding moves are creative as finding moves that are not creative. I love pretty much all the moves in here. If you want some specific examples, the usmash/uair combo is one of my favorite move interactions ever, and even without any moves to support it the down special was a way to end the main set (Aside from throws) with a bang with quite possibly my favorite individual move ever. Also, kudos to you for finally making a full blown moveset of brokensauce for a final smash! I knew you’d join us eventually. . .#scarycartoon

Playstyle: I’m surprised this type of playstyle hasn’t been explored more. Simply drowning your foe in a pool of status effects works out surprisingly well, and is far from a complicated concept. The move interactions are here in mass, and they’re all actually relevant to Onishiba’s playstyle, unlike some of the cute ones you do sometimes that are just for show (I.E. animating Mewthree’s shed skin). Again, the usmash/uair is a favorite and one of the main things keeping Onishiba viable. Obviously a huge fan of that move combo, if you haven’t figured it out yet. The only thing this really suffers from is Onishiba simply having such a ridiculously large amount of options. It suffers slightly from the same problems as people bashed Envy for, though the fact that Onishiba’s moves don’t contradict his playstyle are a big plus (Though that was more a balance problem then anything) and it’s not as severe in any case.

Detail: No problems here, really. While some moves do get a tad bit long, they usually warrant it, and if they don’t your extremely friendly and inviting writing style easily allows one to shred through the move. I haven’t really realized it until now, but really, that’s always been a big plus with your sets. Writing style. While sometimes you go on a while about something unrelated to the move, it builds up a better relationship with the reader as you go along, and it’s usually for some much appreciated lulz. Oh, and I also like how you establish “tentacle priority” at the start of the set and keep referring to it. Saves a lot of time.

Balance: Seems this guy has more in common with Envy then we thought. No, he’s not overpowered – but this category is still easily his worst. I say he’s far too underpowered. Why? Mainly because the timers on his status effects are so sickeningly low. I hardly see how a slow character is going to pick up momentum to land another hit when they only have 5 seconds or so to do it. There’s a reason I focused so much on the usmash/uair combo in Dingo’s match up against him – it’s one of Onishiba’s only options that actually has any lasting effect. It’s permanent. It easily sticks out among his other options. Unlike Envy, this problem could be pretty easily fixed. It’s not like entire moves need to be edited out and redone. Just buff the status timers. You could do that in just a couple minutes.

Relevance to Character: . . .It’s an original character. Whatever you have him do is in character. But seriously, there’s plenty of references to Playing God in the set even if it’s mostly just in the writing style and not in the moves. The extras are also quite a treat, for obvious reasons, but we’ll get to those soon enough, aye? Really, you’d have to be a fool to bash a moveset like this in this department.

Organization: ZOMG SPECIALS ARE LAST. ZOMG SPECIALS ARE NOT FIRST. Seriously, I’ve generally joined the specials first crowd, but considering the source material here it’s fitting they’re last. None of your earlier moves reference the specials anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. In addition, those headers are just Onishiba’s style, what with the images. It’s plenty pretty to look at and still fits the source material at the same time. Not much to complain about. The closest thing I can come up with to one is how the match ups and playstyle are sort of mashed together into one section. I think match ups are deserving of their own header, but whatever.

Extras: If there’s any moveset that warrants me keeping on the extras tab on my reviews, this is it (Though I’d probably just throw match ups into the playstyle section. . .). Speaking of match ups. . .These are very nice. Easily the best set of match ups I’ve ever read. These actually sound very realistic and your reasoning for most of these seems much more valid. I also like your choice to give Onishiba a match up against one of his own sets (Guntz) even if he’s no longer here to appreciate it. The sheer quantity of match ups is also something to be commended for, and you never seemed to lose steam as you went through them. None of the match ups feel forced, and the M. Bison/Rail match ups are epic lulz. Moving on to those epic results screen poses, they’re practically freaking cutscenes. They’re all your usual juicy goodness and it’s practically like getting another scene from your SM as we read through them. Some are epic lulz, some of them are well done references, and others contrast Onishiba’s actual personality (Namely his loss pose against me). Of course, they’re far too extreme for something as simple as the results screen, but who gives a damn about that? Certainly not I.

Overall: Easily one of my favorite sets from you and in MYM 6 so far. This is one of the very few movesets I’m willing to super vote so far (There’s only five – if I had to vote now I’d leave the sixth slot blank). I’m allowed to say that because Onishiba is no longer here (rather ironic), and considering we’re long past the hype train movement I’m perfectly content with publishing that I intend on super voting this in a review. There really aren’t any issues here that are remotely important. The balance ones could be fixed without a second thought, so I’m hardly letting that force me away from this excellent moveset. Good luck topping this one, HR. You’d be smarter to aim for taking the sixth super vote slot or booting out one of the other movesets I’m super voting then this beast.



  1. lolonishiba

  2. I’ll admit, I lol’d when I saw the review title.

    The timers actually were originaly longer, but after seeing Ed’s down-special critized for “lasting too long” I decided to tone them down. I’ll buff them back up I suppose, though I’d like to say that losing all of your defensive stuff through Fair –> is pretty vicious.

  3. That should read Fair –> UTilt, lol

    And while I’m double posting, I’ll add that I’m very pleased to see how well-recieved this set has been. Seriously, sometimes I wish I had inroduced the character earleir in Playing God so I could better fleshed-out his personality and whatnot, which is why I made that giant intro section at the top of the set. :3

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