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MT's Sunday Recap Episode 6

Boys and girls, children of all ages! Step right up for another week’s installment of…MT’s Sunday Recap! Episode six kicks off with some awesome sets that YOU, the viewers at home created and submitted to MYM6! Once again I’m writing this very late at night so please forgive any random ramblings, they’re purely unintentional (kindasorta). Without further ado, let’s begin!

This week started off with a bang as BKupa666 posted a set for Pennywise, the evil clown from Stephan King’s novel It.. Being based heavily on the film version (which is a great film by the way, Tim Curry plays an excellent demonic clown but that’s besides the point), Pennywise borrows lots from his horrific appearance (and the book as well) and fits the character to a T.. Most people, especially MasterWarlord, were very surprised by Kupa’s new set finding it a radical departure from his now normal Mario/Disney sets. Despite that, Pennywise met with mostly positive reception…at least in thread.

Shortly after Pennywise came a set by user who potentially has the longest username I’ve ever seen; ShinoandtheBallonFighter. Anyway, he/she made a set for Prince Reyson, a Fire Emblem character from the GC/Wii Fire Emblem games. Reyson, with almost all white text and a page-stretching image was met with poor reception, even for a newcomer set due to its incomplete sentences and lack of originality. We all have to start somewhere though, so keep it up and learn from your mistakes with this set!

tirkaro strikes again, this time with a set for the character Mekuri Master; a strange Japanese man with a fetish for panties. Yeah. Panties. Anyway! Mekuri Master has all of the humor of tirkaro’s other sets while actually improving upon things such as the layout, detail and originality. Hell, this is leagues beyond Robo-Link and it’s only been a week! Also, Mekuri Bliss made me laugh so damn hard, Darkstalkers for the win.

Koppakirby managed to sneak in another moveset (I swear I didn’t even see this one posted) but for obscure EarthBound bosses, I’ll always take a second to stop and read them. So we have Guardian Digger…the mole who believed himself to be the third strongest of his brothers…weird choice for a set but ya know, whatever floats your boat! Coupling mole dynamics (that’s the first time I’ve ever had to write that…) with EarthBound’s unique charm, Koppakirby made this set flow quite nicely. It received mild reception but was generally praised.

This recap also marks the first agidius set posted in MYM6; Thief Khee’bler. Using a creative system of binding contracts and the like to aid him in battle, the ever-creative agidius managed to create a moveset with a really unique style. Thief was met with mixed feelings; many felt the set was incredibly unique and had an excellent playstyle whereas the same people felt the down special and a few of the aerials bogged down an otherwise great set.

About a MYM too late, SkylerOcon decided to finish Metagross, his part from the massive (and freakin awesome) Steven joint set. Despite Ocon spending some serious time on this, he claims this moveset was only for fun, hence why it’s not up to the standards of Vaati and V-13. Reception for Metagross was decent, the most common criticism being the lackluster organization (especially for Ocon) and the slight Pokemon Syndrome most notable in the forward throw. Besides that, most people said it was an enjoyable enough read.

Zario777, a newcomer to the thread posted a moveset for Lord Crump from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Unfortunately, this moveset was rather ho-hum in the originality factor, seeming more like a MYM3 set. Even more unfortunate, the set was entirely and completely ignored, receiving not even one comment…

After a few reposts ((D)), half_silver28 posted his second set of the contest (and on his birthday no less); Raven from Teen Titans. Chock full of crazy dark magic attacks and the like, Raven is perfectly represented by this set (I still love that Side B by the way). Overall, Raven was met with mostly positive reception with some slight complaints about readability with the black font, besides that however, the set was considered a great improvement over Bison (who I always forget was MYM6…)

Sukapon, Sukapon, Sukapon! Yes, the crazy little pink robot from the Japan-only Joy Mech Fight joys the MYM ranks thanks to Wizzerd. Taking the approach that feasible is better, Wizzerd avoided making a character with over the top attacks or a weird mechanic. What this got him was K.Rool’s Seal of Excellence, a rare honor for any MYM set. Needless to say Rool adores this set. Unfortunately, not everyone else did, Warlord’s reception was far less impressed yet still positive. SkylerOcon however was very critical of this set, claiming it to be outright lying when it said Sukapon was a “self-proclaimed combo character” with “extreme balance problems.”

This week also saw the start of the Punch-Out!! movement (which I totally started…okay not really but whatever…) where several MYMers have decided to make sets for Punch-Out!! boxers…without props! Gasp! MasterWarlord lead the charge with a moveset for Bald Bull that he managed to create in a day and a half (shattering his previous record of Alphonse in three days). Bald Bull’s reception consisted mainly of arguments over Sukapon, but the general consensus seems to be that it’s a pretty darn good set!

Anyway. I’m feeling lazy so no fancy intro.


Yaaaaaaay…creepy clown, fruity angel dude, panty thief Khee’bler…er…I mean Mekuri Master -AND- Khee’bler, obscure EarthBound boss #15, a goth *shot*, that guy from that one Mario with the X’s, Mr. Squiggly and the other bald guy from Punch-Out!! who isn’t Soda Popinski, King Hippo or Mike Tyson.

And thus! This week is over. Now I can sleep, yay…tune in next week for another exciting episode of…MT’s Sunday Recap!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I was wondering where the recap was…

    *votes multiple times on poll*

  2. Punch Out movement is, I’d like to remind once more, not a movement. It’s simply an effort to make it the flagship franchise of this MYM.

    And something evidently went wrong with that poll, since it’s impossible to vote for Soda. A shame, too.

  3. Kittens.

  4. Kittens indeed.

  5. “After a few reposts ((D))”

    … (d)

    anyhow, I have to say that this was one of the more enjoyable weeks in MYM so far. & Raven is not goth ! (mad)

    & I stole Plorf’s tacos 🙂

  6. It’s Disco Kid MT. DISCO KID! Not Disco Dude…

  7. I approve of the votes on the organization poll.

    I am disappointed in the lack of an “I am Plorf” option on the second poll.

    As for the third, I wish there was an “I’m not a supporter of these Punch-Out movesets in any way, and I will pay money for people not to make so many” option, because I’d vote for it.

    As a side note, I was the only one who correctly voted I was on vacation (ONO)

    Ah, I guess in lieu of the poll, I have a lot to catch up on.

  8. Just as a heads up to you guys, K.Rool edited that last poll in. I know it’s Disco Kid and I know there’s a lack of Soda Popinski.

    Don’t blame me, I didn’t make that one >.>

  9. Lies. Lies and slander!

    It’s not like I deliberately left it Disco Dude because it sounds vaguely cooler than Disco Kid, although both names are pretty lame. It’s not like that at all.

    And Plorf! How could you not like PUNCH OUT!!? It’s so… so GENERIC!

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