Posted by: bkupa666 | August 28, 2009

Bowser's Keep – Mekuri Master

Page 55

Mekuri Master – tirkaro

As soon as I read the opening of this set, I knew it would be epic.  Scroll down a bit and you see…a nice big picture of anime-style striped panties.  Woah…I’ve seen people zooming up Peach’s skirt, but this is just…strangely hilarious, but not aimed at Brawl’s target audience at all?  I shouldn’t really speak, seeing as MYM3’s Beast Trio had the word ‘arousing’ in there pretty much every other word.  Without further ado, let’s lift the hypothetical skirt of this moveset…

Originality: Alright, the match has started.  Choose your panties?!  An amusing and fitting mechanic starts this set off with a bang.  Picking the panties seems good and all, but it would be nice to know which move picks them for you right off the start.  It sounds like it may be random which panties appear in certain attacks as of now, which would not be good.  Also, you have little detail about how lifting the skirt is an attack.  You say it does damage at a range…and that’s it.  Needs elaboration.  Mekuri Meter is interesting; it sounds a little similar to the SSB4 Smash Meter idea I hear tossed around.  I hate that idea encompassing the whole game, but for Mekuri Master, it fits just fine. 

Neutral Special…calling out a schoolgirl?  (XD)  I have no real problem with this move, although others would bash it as a summons attack.  These are nice to tie the Mekuri Meter together by allowing the meter to rise, but you drag on and on about where they spawn.  This is important, but you could easily sum it up in less detail.  Check out some of K.Rool or Warlord’s sets for a good idea of move detail that can be implemented.  Up Special seems cool, but there’s no mention of lag.  Other than this…recovery sounds good, but the end sentence.  You’re guaranteed to never get a miss?  What’s that supposed to mean?  The move always hits foes?  Broken, if it can hit them from anywhere on the stage.  Either clarify this or take it out. 

Down Special is Neutral Special, but calling out enemies.  It sounds strange to have the most of the enemies focus solely on killing you when it’s already somewhat of a penalty to bring them out.  They sure do deal a lot of damage though, enough that it makes me think that all three being out at the same time is a bit overpowered.  Whatever…after Wart, I started trying to avoid summons characters; they’re cool and all (and hilarious with MM’s interactions with them), but it seems a little strange to be tossed in there.  Side Special is a hilarious damage-building move; the lag makes it seemingly hard to use, but it’s quite handy when pulled off.  A weak slap is all the foe can do to defend themselves against MM’s fetish?  Maybe give it some more knockback to be fair.  Other than that, a fitting set of Specials, although some strange and underdetailed points here and there.        

Basic Combo…meh.  Simple and fitting.  Dash Attack is Fox Illusion, lifting skirts along the way.  Seems foolproof, unless you have a whole crowd of schoolgirls out.  FUCKING TORNADO!  Multi-hitting wind move…OK.  Sounds cool.  I’m not seeing mention of lag or priority in some places, and while it can be somewhat easy to interpret these attacks, even with them, these are details that need recognition in every move.  U-Tilt gets rid of excess schoolgirls.  Whatever.  D-Tilt is simple to interpret, but it’s strange to picture hitting foes.  Not the wind, but how is a skirt lifting an attack?  The hitbox, range, priority…the whole bunch, are *gasp* missing.  It’s the number one thing this moveset is being held back by.  You’ll definitely need to add this if you want Mekuri Master to be seen as more than just a funny character with a few cool moves.

F-Smash is a nice multi-panty lifting move; giving MM a KO move is more than enough reason to spam schoolgirls.  The lag seems a bit extreme, but the range compensates somewhat.  U-Smash and D-Smash are nice; there’s nothing to really comment here, except for that the wind-styled skirt-lifting moves are quite…tied together in a strange, perverted way.  Aerials being unable to lift skirts is an accurate touch, but it makes me think that his game would be mostly ground oriented.  Let’s see…the writing style here is hilarious.  ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKNG TORNADOS ALREADY!  Yeah, that’s right.  I don’t censor my vocabulary.  Big fucking deal.  Seriously, the FUCKING TORNADO moves are unique in their own ways.  If I only had priority to make sure they weren’t Whorenado-style broken…Basic U-Air is basic.  D-Air is probably the highlight of the moveset for me.  Three seconds is a long-ass time to be stunned; that’s longer than Warlorck Punch.  Lessen this to about a second at max, even if the panties do fall slowly.  Having character reactions is a nice touch, though.

Throws are relatively simple,  with a few interesting concepts.  Grab and pummel are simple.  Bah.  F-Throw can gimp via gliding the foe off the edge.  D-Throw is meh, but with a schoolgirl, it sounds a bit damaging.  That is tolerable, though.  What’s 4 SBB’s high in U-Throw?  The FUCKING TORNADO or the knockback received?  Specify, por favor.  B-Throw is grounded B-Air.  Situationals are situationals.  Final Smash ties the mechanic together in the way Junahu hates so much.  It’s fine with me, and fits perfectly, but others will frown upon this.  Overall, a very…err, unique set of attacks, but some lacking detail, especially about how schoolgirl panties hit foes, would make it so much better.

 Detail: All the main moves have sufficient detail.  I mean, there are a few places where range or priority are sacrificed for some less significant detail.  These don’t overpopulate the set, but are something you should definitely watch for and try to avoid in the future.  The rest is fine…but, oh yeah.  Not to seem like a perverted dickhead, but TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT THOSE GODDAMN PANTIES!  They have little to no description under the mechanic, which is a grave error in that it’s such a major part of the set.  Does the flapping skirt hit foes?  Does your foe somehow take damage whenver a skirt is lifted?  May I suggest adding a portion on this to your mechanic?  It might get people to actually look at MM as a serious contender in this contest.      

Balance: So Mekuri Master sucks unless he uses schoolgirls.  And you can do this by calling them out carefully…or by unloading all your perverted energy and flooding the stage with them.  There’s really nothing more to it than that.  Although you don’t mention it here, some moves are rather damaging in a bad way, or too laggy/ranged.  These don’t decrease the sets quality, but should be looked into in the future.  Make sure you want to have your moves do what they do before you finish a set.  In some places, I feel MM could improve on this, but overall, you did a fair job here.

Fitting to Character: A master of lifting panties translates perfectly into Smash.  It seems a little OOC to have him summon the girls who are trying to avoid him, as well as the enemies who hate him.  That’s a bit like having Mario call out Koopas and Goombas who can hit both him and his foes.  Since it’s such a huge part of the set, though, I’ll let it slide.  Other than that, he’s a master of wind and lifting panties.  What’s not to love?

Extras: I’m gonna rename this section ‘Extra Poses and Other Lame Extras that take No Effort to Make’.  I still have fun making stages and ATs at times, but I’m the only one now; even MW has stopped.  Whatever.  This is no criticism of MM himself.  Taunts are kind of funny, but not meriting a comment of their own.  Entrance is lulzy.  All the victory poses are enough to make me play as him just to watch him run from a mob of angry schoolgirls.  Take pictures of Peach’s panties to unlock him?  And we’re forced to do so because we won’t be able to play that many matches in Brawl’s entire lifespan?  Sweet!  Codec is OOC, but it’s intended to be so.  Plus, it’s an extra.  Who cares?  A fine humorous addition to this moveset.

Organization: The colors are fitting, the bolding is OK.  What you’ve got to stop doing is pressing ‘Enter’ after every line of detail in the set.  That makes it just such an eyesore to read.  I’m sure you could get more readers if you just fixed this up.  I don’t know if it’s necessary to repost MM’s picture for all of his comments (which are amazing, BTW).  It takes up space and looks unnecessary; if it must be done, shrink the picture first.  Other than that…I like panties.  *goes to generc panty fetish site to satisfy primal lust invoked by MM*

Closing Comments: A creative and awesome set in its own right.  I’m sure some people will vote for it merely for its humor.  And even if it doesn’t place I’m sure it will get some award in half_silver’s MYM awards.  You could make the set vote-worthy by cleaning up the organization and telling me what I need to know about those damn panties.  I damn near pissed myself at least three times during each read-through of MM.  I don’t know if that means anything, but it can’t be that bad, now can it?  I hope to see this set somewhere in the Top 50;  don’t know about MM’s future, but you could increase his chance of success by making my suggested amends.

My work here…is done.



  1. BKupa’s such a fucking retard. Swearing is so motherfucking rude that it makes me want to damn that asshole to hell.

  2. Also, Mekuri Master was a fucking funny set. Fuck.

  3. Okay, you can delete those comments.

  4. They fucking made me LOL so goddamn hard I’m fucking keeping this shit on my fucking page.


  5. Hey, I still like to make extras from time to time. Spadefox has THE record for most-ever results screen poses. (h)

  6. Wow, I’m glad people liked it 😀
    Anyway, while I’m making your recommended changes, I guess I should clear some things up:

    The reason why lifting skirts does damage is just….because.(it’s even noted in the set) I suppose the least Suspension of Disbelief-crushing explanation is that lifting skirts increases the “Wind” of his attacks, making them do more damage and increasing the knockback by .5
    (wait, I left out the knockback part didn’t I? Aw fuck me with a stick)
    Basically, they’re damaged by the extra wind. It makes no sense, but Mekuri Master in general makes no sense.

    And I thought his Air UpB was obvious enough: His UpB has no “Good” or “Great” or “Miss”. If it’s hitbox ever reaches DIRECTLY BELOW a schoolgirl’s hitbox, you’ll always get a “Perfect” skirt flip. Being able to hit from ANYWHERE ON THE STAGE is kinda strangely broken, doncha think? (And didn’t I say it’s lag is exactly the same as Charizards Rock Smash? You missed that part.)

    -For his Dtilt…Didn’t I say it does no damage and is as long as 1/3rd a battlefield platform? Or were you just talking about skirt-lifting attacks in general?

    But anyway, I completely agree with the rest of this review, and will fix the set to reflect this. (And clear up some stuff you were confused with)
    Glad you liked it anyway! Thanks!

  7. Oh, and as for your “favorite panties” issue, the Favorite Panties are supposed to be completely randomly selected. Even if you could select them, there wouldn’t be a difference; What panties you’ll get is entirely based on luck. It’s pretty much a “critical hit” ordeal.

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