Posted by: hyperridley | August 28, 2009

Log Entry 73.1 – Magnezone



By darth meanie


A Pokemon set by darth meanie?  Didn’t I just read of these?  Considering you’re the author behind Darkrai, and this is another pokeset from you I should be in for a real treat, right?  Heck, his pre-evolution was one of the members of my ultimate team way back in Blue version, so I have a lot of affection for this guy.  Let’s see how you pulled him off.


As you can see, I am taking inspiration from MasterWarlord for my new review style, just like I take inspiration from Warlord for darn near everything in MYM.  (smirk)


Right off the bat the whole concept of the magnetism and switching polarity is freaking epic.  You explored this concept rather well in the actual moves.  Pulling in enemies and items, pushing them out again, affecting the “gravity” of the stage with the DTilt, it’s all good fun.  My favorite move had to be the Magnet Bombs with their added attraction/repulsion effects on each other.  The other mini-mechanic present in charge was also a nice touch to make the electrical attacks more interesting.  While there were a few generic attacks, most notably the FThrow, on the whole there was no lack of clever ideas in this set.  We all know why FSmash is epic. ;3



As I expected, a magnetic character would be all about spacing, and you pull it off and then some.  All the ways he can pull enemies in or keep them away lends works wonders when you consider all of the other things he’s placing onto the field such as his DTilt fields.  Adding in the Charge mechanic adds another layer of depth to him that helps to keep him all the more interesting.  There’s a nice amount of juicy move interactions, and what makes them more epic is the fact that my favorites, Magnet Bomb and Magnet Field, actually interact with themselves!  That said, there are some balance issues I have that somewhat contradict how you intend him to play…



So in the stats section you say he’s capable of high damage and knockback while being slow.  Okay, fair enough.  The problem is, most of the moves didn’t seem to deal a lot of damage, in fact they regularly dealt single digits.  Of course, the real thing that got me was how sheerly slow this fella was.  So many of his moves were so slow that it’s a wonder how he’d actually effectively control spacing like he’s meant to, much less ever rack up damage with his pitifully damaging attacks so that he can actually land KO moves.  While you regularly claim how useful some of his attacks are in their descriptions and the playstyle section, those attacks tend to be the slowest ones he has, making them nearly impossible to be “good” at their intended functions.  Fortunatley, by that same token if his really slow attacks were simply sped up it would increase his viability considerably, so I guess I can only complain so much.


Relevance to Character

It’s Magnezone.  You gave him a bunch of electrical attacks and, more importantly, magnetic attacks.  Giving him good aerial mobility was a nice way of implementing his levitation.  No Pokemon syndrome to speak of, kudos to you.



Personally, I don’t find your writing style that hard to understand.  Sometimes it gets kinda wordy but it’s not a deal-breaker by any means.  The sets had an adequate amount of detail with no places I was truly begging to know more.  Okay, maybe the FSmash sweet-spot could have been explained better but since I’m reviewing it I know what it is.  I like how you used the different colors to differentiate between the Pokemon types, and this case it was definitely fitting since you had those 2 mechanics going on at once.  I would, however, advise against that blue you used in future sets.  I know it’s the standard “blue” color, but it’s really hard on the eyes.  I would suggest using RoyalBlue in the future.



Not much to say here except that Magnemix is epic. (h)



Honestly, I actually feel this set is superior to Darkrai.  Magnezone really explored and developed his magnetic-based moves and playstyle and while Darkai did that too, it seems like Magnezone’s ideas were better utilized.  Darkrai was better balanced than Magnezone but Magnezone’s balance can be easily fixed so it’s not a big concern.  While Darkrai is still a great set in his own way, I’d say Magnezone retained his title as your best.




  1. *checks Magnezone and Mekurai Master off queue*


  2. Magnezone SUPERIOR to Darkrai?


    Magnezone definitely didn’t touch Darkrai when it came to organization though. Thanks for the review, HR.

  3. Oh yeah, funnily, I was worried that Magnezone was overpowered because he could possibly gimp enemies, hehe.

  4. =)

  5. But Magnezone can’t levitate in the games without magnet ri*shot*

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