Posted by: masterwarlord | August 30, 2009

Envy This! — Raven

Raven by half_silver28

Finally  you do the character I’ve been wanting to after all this time, eh? I apologize for not commenting, seeing it was your birthday and what-not, but anyway, we’ve already established that I’m the grinch of MYM. What scared me off? I could BS it and say it was the detail everybody relentlessly keeps bashing you for, but it was really just more of my Slothfulness I’m so famous for. Let’s just dive in, shall we?

Originality: This is a ridiculously large step up from the likes of M. Bison and Cammy, but I suppose I should’ve expected it seeing you finally picked a character with potential and had no generic fighter to hide behind as an excuse for generic moves. Honestly, there’s not much to complain about. The trap moves are still plenty juicy while giving playstyle points at the same time (Though of course gives you the obligatory label), so yeah, I’m gonna focus on the non-trap moves. The main moves I dislike are the ones with effects just thrown in to make them more original just for the sake of it, namely the dair and the throws, offering nothing to the playstyle (Though I don’t hate the dair and fthrow, seeing how good of references they are, though the dthrow is on par with Wart’s dtilt in terms of awkwardness.). Definitely disagree with Rool there. The best moves in the set are more along the lines of fsmash, just having simple but good touches to differentiate them and make them fit nice and snug into the playstyle, and of course ones like fair that are plenty original in their own right. The final smash I actually am not going to lash out at you for. While I’m not that fond of generic mechanic boosters (Despite doing several cop-out style ones myself, I’m far from proud of them), the thing about this is it isn’t one. It’s unique in that it gives you time to set the crap up rather then buffing it, and even then you don’t have to, you can just damage the frozen foes instead. It’s also highly fitting and has the general flashiness that is sought from final smashes.

Playstyle: You pretty blatantly admit that Raven is completely reliant on her traps with little to no struggle, which instantly throws her into the trap category. That said, she’s still a plenty unique trap character if only for how well you utilize those walls. You can create dtilt traps around the walls, ftilt beetles to run between the walls, and here’s the real clincher – shoot projectiles through them while the foe can’t do the same to you. While Dingodile emphasized this more and relied on it far more for his playstyle, I will give Raven more points for move originality in all the creative ways she uses them (Or rather plays around them seemlessly). Raven mixes the camping behind walls playstyles of Bleak/Dingodile with general trap playstyle, which makes for a pretty unique mix without falling victim to becoming a stereotype in either category. Raven’s a nice middle ground.

Detail: I honestly don’t see everybody’s problem here. Granted, I’m the detail nazi, but really, have you seen how low I’ve lowered my detail in some of my recent sets and how I even bash people like Darth Meanie for unreadable writing styles? I’ve changed, I tell you. The thing is, I’m perfectly willing to sit through a description forever and ever so long as the writing style is good (Although if they do both it’s absolutely terrible – DFM syndrome.). I don’t care how long it is. You never go outright boring, and you always seem to be describing some sort of property of the moves, so I honestly see this as a minor issue. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s far from as detrimental a factor as everybody makes it out to be.

Balance: Raven doesn’t seem all that fast, and she certainly doesn’t have that much KO potential. On the other hand, seeing how well she can camp and makes a little defensive base for herself behind walls, she’s not underpowered either. There’s really not much to go into here. You’ve never had problems with balance and generally critique others on it, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

Relevance to Character: Oh god yes. While a few of the attacks have slight cases of magic syndrome, there are plenty more attacks directly taken from the show that more then make up for it (Specials outside down B, fsmash, usmash, dair, fthrow, dthrow). While I’m just stealing commentary from the others, I agree that the moveset needs more Azarath Metreon Zinthos. For something that you haven’t heard, though, I really would’ve liked to see Trigon as the final smash. I have nothing against your current one, but Raven becoming the portal for the final smash and unleashing her father (lol spoilers) seems just too obvious to not do.

Organization: The text which is black is plenty big, so I don’t see how anybody could have problems with reading it. Aside from that, all I can really say is to minimize the stats and bump the animations to the end of the set, or better yet dump them all together. The organization is generic, sure, but I’d be a pretty damn big hypocrite if I bashed you for that. Also, you get bonus points for moving the music to the start instead of hiding it in a generic stage. I only wish you would’ve done the same with Bison and his excellent music selection.

Extras: Why do I include this section still again? Oh right, match ups. . .Oh. You don’t have any. Fascinating. It’s a shame, really, I would’ve liked to see a Raven vs Dingodile match up just as I would’ve liked to see a Bleak vs Dingodile match up. Does nobody else besides me find the concept of two characters hiding behind walls and camping hilarious? Practically sounds like a snowball fight (Quite literally in Bleak’s case). Moving on, I’ve even gotten K. Rool on board with match ups now. If you can’t make good ones, don’t do them, but it can’t hurt to try your hand at them.

Moving on to the extras that you –do- have, listening to the music as you read through really can add to an impression of a set. . .Although I wouldn’t of linked the Teen Titans music if I were you. It’s really rather obligatory and unfitting for Raven herself in the grand scheme of everything. BB assist trophy is interesting enough with the 5 different forms. . .But all 5 forms do generic attacks. Bah. He’ll never get a moveset anyway. The only thing notable about him is that you utterly insult Raven’s character by referencing the comics version. BB X Raven. LOL. The animated series and comics version are COMPLETELY different characters. You have to go either all one way or all the other. They’re as different as Manga and Anime Sloth if not more-so.

Overall: So outside that rather obligatory extras section where I rambled on about rather irrelevant items (Though that entire category is irrelevant for the most part anyway), this review was pretty damn positive. Guess that makes up for it being so late, eh? I wasn’t expecting much after your previous sets, but now I clearly see that it was just awkward character choices restricting you in the past. This blows your previous movesets out of the water.



  1. Any rational reason for the Final Destination, No fun, No smiling and That’s So Raven tags? o_O

  2. Hey, you referenced me in your review!

    Wait… wait…



  3. Wow… I actually don’t have that much to comment on this time. I think the reason that everyone hates Raven’s high detail is because everyone’s cutting down on detail nowadays, and Raven is far more detailed than my previous sets <.<. This was really my first time making a set with lots of traps and move interactions (if you can call throwing stuff through walls interaction). I suppose that the added effects on some moves were unneeded, since they only loosely tied into the playstyle, but I also wanted to showcase some of Raven's other abilities, so I guess there's a trade-off there.

    I certainly keep it simple when it comes to organization, but it seems that I get bashed for making it anything other than "ZOMG AWESOME" (sry). As for matchups, I may make an attempt at a few in my next set, and try my hand at one or 2 for Raven & see how they turn out. I'll be sure to make one of them against Bleak xD.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this surprisingly positive review! :bee:

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