Posted by: The Stadium | September 2, 2009

Against the Black Knight – Bald Bull

And so we have a moveset for Bald Bull, a stereotypical Turkish boxer with a bad temper. I’m going to say right off the bat that I feel that this is easily your worst moveset in this contest, easily being beaten by even some of your MYM5 works… of course, that’s not enough for a full review now, is it.


Ok, so Bald Bull is a really stereotypical heavyweight. Nothing really notable. He’s big, he’s heavy, his jumps and recovery sucks, he’s slow, and he’s powerful. Not much to say, really.


Bald Bull’s playstyle is much more interesting than that of the typical heavyweight. Here we have a character who can not only take a beating, but, rather like Lucario, can actually benefit from being damaged, albeit only in one move, which seems to be what his playstyle revolves around. Interestingly, this guy can (quite literally) force approaches without having any form of projectile, and create humor while doing so! He responds even better to campers through Ottoman’s Fortress. He is incredibly hard to KO due to both his heavy weight and the use of momentum cancels. He also seems to have a great grab game. Unfortunately, there’s really not much left to say. His combo ability is low, if not completely absent, he doesn’t seem to be particularly good at damage racking, due to most of his moves being slow, hard to hit with, or downright unusual. His ability to KO relies almost solely on Bull’s Charge and suicide grabs. Well, atleast your playstyle section was in-debth and useful.

Move Interaction

There isn’t really a lot of this so to speak, but there is some move interaction:


Needless to say, Rage is the most important move interaction and a very critical part of Bull’s style. You have a variety of move’s to build rage: Side Tilt, Up Smash (though this isn’t one you’ld really want to use), Down Smash, and Down Throw. Down Special also builds up some “pseudo-rage”, though this isn’t nearly as useful. You even have a pummel that reduces your rage, as well as one outcome of your Down Throw reducing rage. All of this rage goes into one move, your Side Special, which is what Bull relies on to KO or, God forbid, actually recover.


Aside from some synchronization with Side Special, this move syncs with every attack, just about in the set by reducing it’s lag. Not really much to say.

Air Dodge or Suicide, you decide

Okay, so the Neutral Aerial would probably be too predictable to use if not for one thing- it looks exactly the same as your air dodge, atleast the beginning lag of it. This means you can mindgame your foe into thinking you are air dodging, when in fact, you are about to suicide grab them or simply take them to the ground.

Fight Me, Coward

Bull’s Ottoman’s Fortress and Turkey Dance naturally mix together very well. The combination of the two easily allows you to force those pesky campers to approach.


Unfortunately, this is easily the most important part of MYM’s criteria, and, though creative for a set based on a generic boxer, Bald Bull definitely falls somewhat short in this category.

Most blatantly, 2 different moves (not including your normal grab) are just variations to your grab. Another two moves (dash attack and Nair) are also grabs, though they don’t lead into the same options as the normal grab and it’s sister moves, rather being more like cousins. I shouldn’t have to explain why such excessive use of simple grabbing is not creative.

Neutral A is literally ripped right off of DK.

Side Special is of the very typical dash type, the only real variation being that it powers up as Bull builds up rage. Side Smash is also a dash-like move, but it is more excusable, given it’s grabbish properties.

Dair is by all means a typical stall then fall.

F-Tilt is very derivative of DK’s side B.

Forward and Back Aerial are just mirrors of each other, and are really gerneric, really only there just to cancel momentum.

Was it all bad? Of course not.

Turkey Dance wasn’t just hilarious… it’s function was one of the set’s best concepts.

Down Tilt, though likely an overused concept in MYM, can’t exactly be called generic.

Down Smash was very unique in animation and note worthy in function as well.

The pancake concept of the Up Aerial was both simple and interesting.

All throws were fairly interesting.


I’ld think it safe to say that Bull as a whole is a pretty balanced character. He possesses all of the typical strengths and weaknesses of a heavyweight. If anything, the over-reliance on rage makes him underpowered, as Side Special outshines all of his other KO options by such a large margin.


Ironic, considering the reputation you’ve built, that Bald Bull has some minor lackings in the detail department- most blatantly on that Side Special. You never even bother to estimate the damage percentages that this move KOs at. It’s certainly safe to say that the set is readable.

My Personal Opinion

The most important thing… you really need to get over your addiction to excessive grab based moves that do little to build a unique or useful style. All it really seems to do is centralize the character around grabbing and hurt creativity. Other than this… I don’t really have much to say about the set that hasn’t been said already.

In Summary

Bald Bull does little that hasn’t already been done many times, a considerable portion of it actually being done in Brawl itself. The set felt painfully generic at times. The number of grabs (on a character that simply doesn’t seem to need many grabs) simply made me want to stop reading the set. It was only a couple of tiny treasures, like the humorous Turkey Dance and the Down Smash (as well as my obligation to review this set), that kept my attention. As some consolation, you’re efforts to reduce detail have certainly worked and your readability and organization is at its best. But, simply put, this set’s only extroardinary feat in my eyes is the establishment of something so average, that it may as well become the standard of the contest.



  1. Well, I liked it…

    (I’m obligated to say this, but I truly did like it.)

  2. Sweet sweet vengeance. Nice review, Chris.

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