Posted by: agidius | September 2, 2009

Dr. Wily does it Himself – Wart

Fart by Bkupa666

Yeah. You know what goes here, the usual apology for this review taking so long, etc. I doubt you want to read that though, especially considering you’ve moved on since this set, so let’s just skip to the review.

Organization: Oof. This was the single reason this review took so long… besides, y’know, my own laziness. The copious amount of bright green bolding really made Fart an eyesore, not to mention that monstrous Down Special. I’d have recommended you make a seperate post for that, and link it in place of the 5 minions placed back-to-back right in the middle of this already big moveset. But… yeah, since this moveset was made so long ago and you’ve already changed it up this section is rather meaningless. Yay filler.

Originality: Fart is one of those sets that shows too much Originality can be a bad thing. Yeah, I’m looking at the DTilt here. While it’s one of those insanely cool moves, it’s also completely out-there in terms of feasibility… in both pulling it off in an actual match and programming it in the first place. And then, we have the other extreme… you touched on this yourself, but moves such as the FTilt, Dash Attack, DSmash… you basically took moves that already existed and gave them alternate inputs. Really, a lot of his moves are hit-or-miss. Still, moves like the USmash (I always like the idea of creating your own ways to get around, which is why I love the Wario Bike so much) and the DAir (extremely simple, yet so effective) kept this moveset a pleasure to read, as you could never know what the next attack would be like.

Detail: You covered all your bases here, I think. Occasionally, you may have overdetailed to the point of contradiction, (Such as your USmash… the closest comparison, Dedede’s Up Special, hits on both parts), but you could hardly call him underdetailed. Try to keep from tripping over yourself by balancing him mid-move. The one move that left me with questions was the FSmash… and even then, all I needed to know was the trajectory of the knockback. You could really go anywhere with this type of move.

Playstyle: This should probably go in the “relevance to character” section later on, but Brawl Fart plays just like Doki Doki Panic Fart… from a distance. Other than this… well, there’s no overriding mechanic he has to worry about. Just keep the opponent pressured with plenty of projectiles, make a minion or two every now and then… pretty laid-back, if you ask me. He shouldn’t have any trouble racking up the damage, but when it comes to the KO, his options are rather predictable. I doubt he’s the “Combo character” you made him out to be, though. Yeah, the UTilt will set opponents up for another hit, but other than that he doesn’t have many options. He certainly makes for a unique heavyweight, though.

Balance: Well, Fart certainly isn’t overpowered, I’ll give you that. While he has plenty of ways to fight the opponent (good projectiles, minions, and a decent close-range game) his aerial game leaves much to be desired, making the toad king extremely vulnerable to gimping. It doesn’t help that his already-poor recovery can be attacked mid-flight, stranding him midair. Couple that with his deceptively low weight and it just about balances him up. I’d have liked to see him have a couple more KO options, maybe some combo-setups besides his UTilt, but whatever.

Relevance to Character: To be honest, you don’t have a whole lot of character to be relevant to. Fart’s your basic end boss with a single attack and a weakness… pretty similar to my own Robot Masters, actually. Still, this is another category you score… relatively well in. Since his only attack involves shooting bubbles made out of… well, whatever, it only makes sense you’d have plenty of digestion moves and the like… even the DTilt (which I criticized earlier) makes up for it by being the essential plot device to start Doki Doki Panic out in the first place! I think it’s safe to say you squeezed everything out of Fart/SMB2 that it was possible to. Good job.

Extras: You probably already know, but Extras don’t make that much of an impact on me… and I’m only including this section to congratulate you for including so many of ‘em. I do have a nitpick on the stage, however… holding someone up against the wall for ten seconds makes the machine shoot a vegetable? That’s the kind of thing that makes it obvious you just tacked it on to make the stage tourney-viable… especially since there’s absolutely no connection between the two events. There’s nothing wrong with stages not being tourney-viable, especially since we won’t be playing on them anyway.

Overall: Fart feels a bit… random, if you will. I can’t say I liked him quite as much as some of your more recent sets, you seemed to still have an affinity for props through your minion-ized Bair and UAir, not to mention the Up Special. Still, this was definitely a step in the right direction for you, as we can see in sets such as Hades and Bleak. While seeing so many attacks that already existed in one form or another in Brawl was a bit of a disappointment, the way you incorporated everything that makes Fart Fart was something to be admired.



(…this is the last time I let one of my reviews rot at the top of the queue.)




    Agidius is a true master of the satirical form!


  3. Finally…pretty much everything you’ve said I’ve changed. Wart is 40s material now, but I appreciate the review nonetheless. Thanks agi!

  4. And more importantly, now you can request a Bleak review. (smirk)

  5. :bee:

  6. We all knew that you were an underage user who loved fart jokes on the inside, agi. (smirk)

  7. But but but

  8. XD

    That was Daddy. He’s silly.

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