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Log Entry 71.4 – Ghor



By kirbywizard


Ah, Metroid.  My favorite video game franchise that always seems to get shafted in MYM.   The only character anyone makes a set for is Ridley, and even then there still hasn’t been a truly great Ridley set.  Hyper_Ridley in MYM4 doesn’t count since he’s an OC.  So it makes me squeal with glee when I saw movesets for Gorea and Ghor.  Let’s see how one of our non-Ridley Metroid sets fares, shall we?



Okay, so right off the bat we have a total of FIVE entries in the “special mechanics” section.  While that sent off an alarm at first due to possible complexity creep, after reading them they were basically overarching notes on mechanics present in his regular moveset, so I calmed down a bit.  On to the actual moveset, there is a mix of bland moves and clever attacks.  In particular, moves like Non-armor’s DSmash and USmash are epic.  The various plasma-based attacks are kept interesting through their burning effects and fuel-gel interactions, and stuff like the repair drones are also nicely explored throughout the set.


The phazon attacks unfortunately feel kinda half-assed however.  They’re basically relying on the phazon mechanic to be interesting, though I did like the one where he corrupts his drones.  They suffer from a term that I’m now trademarking called “Envy Syndrome”.  It’s where you have a ton of interesting concepts but some or all of them don’t make much use of their potential.  To your credit, the other “mechanics” Ghor has are developed nicely and definitely have a place in the set, but the Phazon attacks with the exception of the drone altering one should probably be dropped.  They weren’t even used all that much to begin with, remaining exclusively in the aerials.



Ah, now here’s where all of those mechanics fit into place.  The ways you made all of those mechanics interact with each other on a general level in addition to the little nuances and interactions in the individual moves made for a deep and generally enjoyable playstyle.  He needs to use Armor Ghor to set up fuel gel, but he needs to be in Non-Armor form to repair his armor to keep it coming.  He can use his plasma attacks to ignite fuel gel or even destroy platforms to make fuel gel take up even more of the stage.  The phazon mechanic actually serves some use now as if you spam them you can no longer activate the primary benefits of Ghor’s plasma weapons.  Really, all the ways he can manipulate his fuel gel and drones make for a unique take on stage control.  Spitting in the face of the simplicity movement, the weirder moves tend to the be the ones that fit best into his playstyle, which makes me a happy dragon.


Having said that, I still feel as though the phazon attacks are slightly tacked on.  While they do have the previously mentioned interactions with his other mechanics, they’re still all squeezed into a few moves and seem to contradict his ranged playstyle more than compliment it.  The phazon abilities aren’t even mentioned in the playstyle section, which furthers my belief that his playstyle wasn’t designed with them in mind.


Speaking of playstyle section, I was thoroughly impressed with how sheerly long it was.  As Warlord once said to me, the best playstyles are the ones in which you can go on and on forever talking about, and this definitely holds true here.  The way you broke up the section into different sub-headers to discuss different aspects of his gameplay shows that a lot of genuine thought went into how he would function.  The “matchup” segment was a nice touch, but in the future I would suggest making individual matchups for some characters.



This is easily the biggest criticism I have of the set.  While his overall playstyle is awesome, the individual moves that make it up are a bit too underpowered to make it work in a tourney.  Mainly, it’s due to how sheerly slow they can be at times.  His neutral special, the only way to summon drones to the stage, takes 2 seconds to complete with Ghor completely vulnerable during that time.  This is gonna be the millionth time I say this, but it’s no less true:  Falcon Punch has .75 seconds of startup time.  When you have moves that over a second, you’re saying that Captain Falcon can complete a Falcon Punch and still do something else in the time it takes for a character to finish their attack.  By far the biggest offender of this is Armor Ghor’s UTilt.  3 seconds of startup lag, 4 seconds of end lag, for a move that’s completely inferior to the (I can’t believe I’m about to combine these next 4 words) much faster Warlock Punch.  While really slow moves can be balanced, it takes a lot to make them work.  If you don’t speed up the attacks, at least give Ghor super armor during them so he might actually get out a hitbox.


The OTHER problem Ghor has is the random factor present in his drones and fuel gel.  So if he manages to finish his drone summoning move, he has a 50% chance of getting a helpful aerial version, and the other 50% he gets a land one which seems to be completely useless.  With his fuel gel it’s completely random when he can place some, and when you consider that he can spill some by being damaged he can place it in the most inconvenient places.  While you do give him a move that allows him to make landing drones useful and another that lets him manually reposition fuel gel, these feel like placing band-aids on a broken bone.  Most of the time it seems he’ll be trying to fight against his own mechanics to make them work in his favor rather than actually trying to fight his opponent.


This is only compounded by Ghor’s cool, but complex playstyle.  It already requires mastering two full movesets and several mechanic interactions to play him properly.  When you throw in the fact that he’s rather underpowered, nobody in their right mind would seriously play him in a tournament.  Which leads to him having no tourney results.  Forget bottom tier; he would be hacked out of the character selection screen altogether.


Relevance to Character

Finally, back to praise.  Being a Metroid Fanatic (Prime 1 and Corruption are two of my all-time favorite games) I can pinpoint every little flaw there is to Ghor’s representation…if it weren’t for the fact that he is pretty well represented.  Plasma beam?  Check.  Big mobile armor?  Check.  Phazon corruption?  Check!  While Ghor never outright controlled the repair drones it makes sense to include them since he was an assistant to their planet for much of Corruption’s plot.  The only thing remotely OOC I can think of is Taunt 2 of Non-Armor Ghor; he never really seemed bothered to have a mechanic body, but then again, the hunters didn’t have a huge amount of character development to begin with.


Side note to Junahu:  I don’t think it’s incredibly easy to do well in this category, we’re just universally great at pulling it off.  Most of the sets we make are for characters that we know and love well enough to want to make a set for.  It’s only natural that we’d know how to portray the character accurately to make them as close as possible to the source material that makes us fond of the character in the first place.  :3



Incidentally, the colors for the attack names are the same as my Spadefox OC.  That already makes the set worth 2 super votes.  I also liked how the phazon attacks had their own color to make them stand out, even if it just makes them even more of a sore thumb.


Having said that, the organization could stand to be a little more pleasant.  I don’t really see how purple fits Ghor, and the gray text for the main body might be hard to read for some people.  There’s also some inconsistency with the main headers.  Like, really blatant inconsistencies, lol.


Detail-wise, AFAIK, there isn’t a single mention of priority in the set.  Considering how much this influences the tier positions of Captain Falcon and Meta Knight, at the least there should be some overall priority in the stats section.  Otherwise, I didn’t see any notable concerns.



Not much to say, really.  I already touched upon one of the taunts earlier, and the other ones are squarely okay.  They’re fitting and a nice, well, extra to the set.



The big things holding down this set are the balance and the Phazon attacks.  Ghor needs more reliability in his mechanics and more speed.  He also should ditch the Phazon mechanic altogether in favor of moves that better connect with his playstyle.  The Phazon Uair can stay since it fits in with the set and would be a good way to reference phazon, however.  Honestly, it wasn’t for those, this could have easily been one of the better sets of the contest.  In any case, this is a massive step up from Bear Hugger, and it makes me confident in your potential as a MYMer.



  1. I have to admit I kinda buried the phazon attacks when making them 😦

    Also without this review I would have never suspected some of his attack being as slow as you tell me they are.

    I will really give this set an edit to make it even better, after I get the chance to post my next set.

  2. More Metroid characters? Hell yeah. A good Ridley set could be made now that the Standards of The Black Knight are graciously accepted. The Hunters… Trace, Spire and stuff.

  3. I’ll probably make a Metroid set come MYM 7. There’s so much untapped set potential in the series, it’s ridiculous.

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