Posted by: MarthTrinity | September 5, 2009

Wesker's Report — Gorea


"Srsly guiz, I wanna be in a better game..."

"Srsly guiz, I wanna be in a better game..."

by Katapultar


Once again I find myself apologizing profusely for taking so long to write up a review, so to start this off, I apologize Katapultar for taking SUCH a long time to get this out to you. I won’t bore you with the real life reasons for why it’s taken so long, but I hope you understand.

Anyway, we have a moveset here for Gorea, the final boss from Metroid Prime Hunters (which I personally found to be the weakest game in the Prime series by far). How does Gorea fair? Let’s find out, shall we?

Right off the bat I need to address the fact that you have improved noticeably before even reading the set…I mean…comparing your sets for Gorea and your set for that guy from Bobobo…it’s insane how much you’ve improved even if it is all visual (which it’s not). Not only that, but your creativity, attention to detail, all that stuff, it’s increased too. So for that, I give you a wholehearted “congratulations;” you’ve certainly earned it for improving so much over such a short time.

But yeah, onto the set itself…I thought I’d steal borrow the format from my fellow leaders so I’ll first of all I’ll address the ORGANIZATION of the set. Simply put, it’s vastly superior to that of your last sets and, it actually looks really nice. The orange with the darker blue works great as an attention hook and the orange for attack names and such looks nice without being distracting or hard to read. All the moves are in a “logical” order and nothing really jumps out at me as out of place…and heck, you even mark the animations as unimportant so you can skip them if you want to, it’s small but it’s a nice touch.

While I’m on the topic of organization, I’ll take a moment to delve into your writing style. For the most part, it’s pretty good; I get a good idea what the moves are about and exactly what’s going on, but a few of the parts just seem a tad awkward. This quote from the overall playstyle shows an example of this…”because being able to unleash a ice barrier from the Judicator (F-smash) is actually quite handy, giving you a shield to use, hide from your opponent!” That line in particular came across as rather oddly worded, but there’s a few others throughout the set that made me reread them once or twice more.

Now onto a more important aspect (for myself at least) ORIGINALITY. The originality here is good without being out of character; you’ve captured the core aspects of Gorea nicely (the whole eating everyone’s energy and stuff) while adding your own nice touches. The only things that could seem vaguely out of place are the throws…but those are excusable considering Gorea doesn’t really grab anyone…but even so, they’re not so out there that they seem out of place or anything. Some of the moves may be a bit…too original however, mostly the neutral aerial which would be practically IMPOSSIBLE to use in a one on one battle.

DETAIL, the ever present mantra of MYM; MOAR DETAIL. However, I really don’t think Gorea needs moar detail; in fact, it possibly might need less. Some of the moves here are really wordy, most notably the neutral air and the get up attack (which is longer than the Side Special o_o). Besides that, most of the “necessary” details are present; knockback, damage, priority…hell, you even have killing percents, very impressive! And, while this should probably be under the organization area, I love how you underlined the important details…it makes it so much easier to spot out the important stuff.

BALANCE is up now…if anything, Gorea seems underpowered upon reading the set. A lot of his moves don’t kill until high percents, he’s a huge, slow (yet light-weight) target who gets absolutely destroyed without his projectiles. In fact, a good Ness main would have a killer match up against Gorea, what with being able to absorb every single projectile he has. Regardless, the balancing isn’t bad…but Gorea would probably be bottom tier and have horrid match ups against any opponent who can cut through his projectiles.

Gorea’s PLAYSTYLE comes across bright and clear as a fairly simple one: your opponent gets up close, Gorea’s dead. Gorea is seemingly the projectile spammer’s wet dream…however…without his projectiles, he’s dead meat…so ammo conservation is key. Regardless, you do a good job of making this apparent (albeit inadvertantly maybe…) by making his actual physical attacks not so spectacular…

OVERALL, Gorea is a vast improvement over your previous set and, upon finishing this review up, I see you have another which looks to be at least as neat organizational-wise as this one. With some minor balance tweaking (and believe me, this isn’t overpowered at all ;D) Gorea could easily be an even better set than it is. Despite some weird little writing quirks, this was a really enjoyable read…one that I didn’t imagine being so enjoyable considering the character is from a game I dislike even! Keep up the good work Katapultar, keep improving like this and some awesome stuff awaits in your future (like candy and kittens!).



  1. Aw, shucks. This makes me the only reviewer who doesn’t split it up into nice neat segments. Well, I guess it’s better than the analyze-every-attack format; at least that’s more or less dead, hallelujah.

  2. I like this approach really, looks lots neater than “This is what each attack does; you shoul know, you made it!” This review however is a tad short for my taste so I apologize again Katapultar…I hope the substance makes up for the length (TWHS). Also, this is MT on my PS3; couldn’t be arsed to sign in…

  3. Thanks for the review of the set, it’s good and all, but to be brutally honest, getting feedback from the writing style of my Suzu set by half silver almost defeated the whole purpose of having Gorea reviewed. You see, the whole point of getting Gorea reviewed was simply to see if my writing style needed improvement, and it did. I ended up getting the point of what was needed improving, though I see that you didn’t really mind how I wrote it. Not to offend you in any way.

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