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Bowser's Keep – Metagross

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Metagross SkylerOcon

I’ll admit that I didn’t actually read Metagross when big ol’ Steven came out, although I was in the chat to hear all the insanity that occured when Metagross wasn’t finished on time.  Well, here it is again, and looking good.  While I didn’t expect Metagross to be better than Vaati or V-13, I know how it’s nice to receive comments on old sets, like what happened with Wart.  Without further ado, let’s dive right into this review…

The Rundown: Neutral Special is a basic powerful projectile, although I love the alterations on the foe’s KO percentage.  Side Special is a projectile/spike mix, which intrigues me as a spike-lover.  Explosion is pretty nice too; Metagross has insane recovery, but it damages him as well.  Down Special is another KO percentage-changing move, which is pretty cool.  Are we seeing a trend here?  The lag makes it sound like something to do after Star KOing a foe.  Roar is a close-range stunning move, which reminds me of something I’ve got planned for a future set.  The status effects for tilts are very interesting to read about, while still remaining viable for Smash.  F-Smash…isn’t a damaging move?  It’s still another awesome status effect, this time for speed.  It would seem more fitting to have the character speed up in their fear, but seeing as how this is supposed to penalize them, slowing them down is perfect.  Rock Smash seems exactly like Charizard’s Side Special, just aimed up.  I’m very unfamiliar with Pokemon; it seems like a nice move for Metagross, but I think it should at least have some properties to differentiate it from the Brawl move other than direction.  Thunder Punch is a KO move that alters speed as well.  I’m liking the flow, even though some attacks are not super-cool-unique-ground-breakers; that’s why I renamed this section, after all.

I like how Psych Balls hits in the background…I assume you mean it can hit dodging characters, rather than Pokemon Trainer (like Ryuk’s D-Tilt).  F-Air sounds like a spin-off of Cape, albeit different enough to be fitting in Metagross’ arsenal.  Having Metagross defy gravity for a B-Air sounds rather strange, but having a Pitfall effect is nice for grounded foes.  An U-Air stage spike?  Sweet.  D-Air is another chewing move…even though this became cliche after Metagross was made, it’s still not my favorite type of move.  The necessary detail is there and all, though, so I can’t really bash it.  To avoid saying ‘Oh, this effect is cool’ for the throws’ effects, I’ll just skip to what jumped out at me.  Having one throw that does 18% but can only be used once per stock is not a good idea.  I’d lessen the damage and make it slightly more usable.  And Chain Toss…remove the infinite.  Falco can do it till 50%; just because it stops at a certain damage level does NOT make it reasonable to include.  Final Smash gives Metagross a damage-dealing move (finally), but what if you don’t have a nametag?  To sum it all up, you’ve got moves with status effects that translate nicely into Smash, although a few minor details keep them from being exceptional as a whole.

Detail: Meh…all necessary detail is included.  This isn’t really more than filler, but I applaud you for keeping easy-to-read quantities of detail while still including interesting additions in the form of status effects.  This definitely carried over to Vaati and V13; good job.  Next!

Playstyle: Alright, so I’ve ditched my balance section and merged it into this new one.  Be honored.  This is one area I can tell you’ve improved on…just by reading ‘He’s very good, but very bad at the same time’, I can tell this was not the most thought-out playstyle you’ve done.  The ranged powerhouse style is done nicely (as I’ve done the same for Bleak and Voldemort), but I dislike how his whole playstyle is based on certain moves.  I want to see how Metagross plays and handles as a whole, not what he should do for the duration of a match.  What can I say besides you’ve improved on this phenomenally? 

Fitting to Character: All the attacks seem to fit Metagross fairly well.  Due to not playing Pokemon, I can’t determine whether Pokemon Syndrome is present or not (although you seem not to care, as evident in F-Throw).  I’ll leave K.Rool to bash Metagross for this, as it’s not my place to do so.  If I knew anything about Pokemon moves, I’d try to avoid the Syndrome, but that’s just me.  Nothing specific feels out of place, so bravo.

Taunts/Entrance/Victory Poses: Wait…there are none.  Dammit.  And playstyles aren’t extras anymore.  Moving on…

Organization: The colors aren’t an eyesore or anything, but there needs to be bolding in there.  Definitely a lot more of that.  As a user of the sprite-for-headers, I enjoy seeing Metagross on either side of move types, although some MYMers don’t (I’m looking at you, K.Rool).  The move descriptions are short enough that bolding move details aren’t necessary, but at least for move names and damage %s…please, appease my eyes here.  Definitely an improvement seen in your future sets, like most of the rest of Metagross’ flaws.

Closing Comments: I can tell by looking at Metagross that he’s a MYM5 set.  It’s good to see him finished with the moves you intended, although I doubt it would’ve affected Steven’s placement at all.  Looking at Metagross, he has interesting status effects, but overall, he’s mediocre at best.  Your improvement in playstyle, organization, and pretty much every MYM aspect, is blatant in your MYM6 sets after reading Metagross.  Hope this flashback review was insightful on how far you’ve come.

My work here…is done.



  1. Yep, this is definitely a Warlord review… complete with multiple scathing references to me. 😉

  2. *sigh* My last unique review thing was balance, and that got melded into playstyle by popular request…oh well, at least I have the Rundown now.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Koopa. Metagross was really just finished for the sake of completing him. Just wanted to see what I would have done with him, had I had the chance to finish him.

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