Posted by: MarthTrinity | September 6, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 8

It's like a real magazine now complete with sexy cover art!

It's like a real magazine now complete with sexy cover art!

So after a long week of packing, moving and otherwise hating such states as Nebraska, I return to make this week’s episode of the Recap! Once again I’d like to extend my thanks to Junahu for filling in for my in my absence; it was pretty cool seeing how someone else would handle this whole dealy…now let’s handle it the way we always have because change is scary! On to the movesets!

We ended last week with a MegaMan set…so why not start this week with one? Hornet Man by agidius marks the second moveset released by agi this contest. Hornet Man seems to be an interesting mixture of strategy and slathering sticky fluids onto your opponents so you KNOW it’s a good set right then and there. But in all seriousness, Hornet Man was met with mixed reception, mostly positive however. Just a shame that half of his page was kind of taken up by random ramblings from a newcomer…

Part of the reason Hornet Man’s reception was cut quite short was because of Frf’s massive comeback. Taking a page from the Rool Book of Insanity, Frf posted three Pokemon sets back to back: Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop. With the “Hit family,” Frf obviously had a little less to work with than the elemental Eeveelutions but overall, I think he pulled it off quite nicely. Each set has their own quirks and uniqueness and the inclusion of a “playing on a team” segment was a nice touch. Overall, it seems the general opinion is Hitmonlee being the best with Hitmontop being the weakest…

After another mind-bogglingly thrilling set from Lord Sakurai, Chris decided to post a set for the REAL Black Knight of FE fame. Despite packing forty two metric kilos of Warp Powder, Lionheart managed to pull off a highly creative set for such a basic character that many would disregard as a slower, more powerful Ike clone. Best of all? He’s Smash possible! Yes! All those wacky, creative ideas would actually fit into Smash better than a glove fits on OJ. Too soon? Sorry…anyway, Black Knight was INSANELY well received gaining praise from everyone who read it and was generally regarded as blowing Thrall out of the water and then escaping in a white Ford Bronco…dammit! I did it again!

Upon clicking page 74 I was “greeted” by the terrifying sight of a man wearing swan slippers in a flamboyantly pink coat. Thinking I had somehow stumbled into a… “special interests” social group…I was about to click out of the window when I realized it was a new moveset by kirbywizard; Mr. 2 Bon Kurie. Now, I read my fair share of the Once Piece manga *dodges brick* (seriously, it’s way better than that abomination of an anime…) and I don’t really recall this guy (guess I didn’t read far enough) but whatever! Bon Kurie is…an interesting set to say the least (and by interesting I mean vaguely horrifying). Many people felt it was a step down from the superior Ghor, but kirbywizard admitted he made this set purely for fun so it’s awwwwwwwwwwwriiiiiight.

Continuing the apparent trend of page 74 having sets for characters from over the top animes, Katapultar decided to post a set from probably THE over the top anime; Suzu from Bobobo-bobo-bobo (lord I hate typing that…). Being the over the top anime it is, I half expected this set to be off the wall on the insanity meter; surprisingly, it wasn’t. Reception for Suzu was mostly mixed, many people liked the ideas you had (especially the specials) but many criticized the blatant overdetailing which I addressed in my Gorea review that…wasn’t posted until after you posted this (ono).

Moving right along…another MegaMan set! This one for BubbleMan.EXE; Bubble Man’s NetNavi counterpart. Being a fan of the Battle Network series, I always love seeing these sets and, if I do say so myself, darth meanie did an EXCELLENT job of capturing BubbleMan.EXE’s obnoxious yet cowardly nature. Reception for BubbleMan.EXE was mostly good (albeit cut short by the next set…) and is vastly considered one of darth menie’s best (although I still love Magnezone…).

And then Warlord posted Roller Coaster Tycoon and raped any more possible reception BubbleMan.EXE would potentially get (except for the Recap! So go back and read that set cuz it’s awesome!). Tycoon is so amazingly off the wall and unSmash that people just couldn’t help but go crazy over him. Needless to say it got insane reception.

Sakurai struck again but thankfully, Wizzerd decided to post Bubbles from Clu Clu Land anyway. Continuing his trend of retro characters (glad I nabbed Mac when I did >_>), Wizzerd brings us an entirely unique set with an interesting (yet in character) twist…and hell, he made a moveset for a character that does nothing but MOVE and shoot a little sonic boom thingy. Unfortunately for Wizzerd, Bubbles didn’t have as big of a splash as Sukapon did and kind of got ignored…

And then the world came to a halt. Goldwyvern ACTUALLY posted a set. Our minds were blown, children cried, dogs and cats feared for their lives together in harmony; the end had come. Or instead he just posted Doc Robot, possibly one of the most obscure Mega Man characters (hell I didn’t even know he existed…). Doc Robot received mostly ho-hum reception, many people criticizing the font choices and the obscurity of the character’s moves…but overall, most people were just impressed that GW went through with it, congrats man!

And then…out of the blue came a set for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Now…I’m quite the Harry Potter dork myself…and I must say, this was a certainly impressive set; Khold even considers it THE Kupa set. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was met with some great reception and was highly praised Although…while reading the set I thought I was finally safe…then I realized you snuck vore into the victory pose, dammit!

I see Mushroom, I know he’s there and I know I’ll love him but I’ll wait till next week for him to actually have reception (and for me to have actually read him) to comment!

Anyway! The part we all know/love/secretly hate me for…


Ah, it’s good to be back with this. I missed you raaaaaaaant…yes I did! Anyway! This week we had a set for a robot that smothers his foes in sticky fluids, Brucemonlee, Jackiemonchan and…a top, generic Fire Emblem Knight #21 *ducks second brick*, a horrifying, cross-dressing…man(?), a deceptively normal Bobobo character, TWO Bubble Bobblers, the epitome of evil: a tycoon, an evil wizard with a weird fixation on a young boy and a Doc Louis robot clearly inspired by my Little Mac set.

Anyway! That’s it for the Recap this week, it’s good to be back in action guys! Until next week!

Hope your enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I never even considered Spadefox… 😉

    Yeah, I’m starting to have little flashes of Sloth winning. Hopefully he wins with promptitude.

  2. Nobody edited the above post.

  3. ❤ the below poster ❤

  4. I am a Sloth supporter.

  5. The Sloth poll was pretty much what I expected, lol

  6. Ahhh…. Sloth was a good read. It’s good to see a set with them together.

    I really should redo my Lust set- he had most potential, but about 2 lines for each attack XD.

    And don’t get you hopes up about Pride lol.

  7. *Sigh* Must I always be reminded of how little you lot like/support me. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother… Oh, right…. to prove you lot wrong.

    MW Edit: Sloth is unbeatable. . .

    (I lol’d at the edit very much… especially because I voted against Sloth. :P)

  8. I still like/support Sloth, Chris! =)

  9. The above polls are incredibly rigged and should be taken at face value.

  10. I like pingas!

  11. That last poll is too good. XD

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