Posted by: metinahurricane | September 10, 2009

The Grey Area – Mushroom


Grey oyster mushrooms.

Grey oyster mushrooms.

 I do hate waiting for a review, so I’m getting this out quickly to spare you the anguish; it’s so rare we get a Jimny set, after all! Mushroom blew me away as a concept when you first mentioned him, and then I seem to recall that you made most of him within the span of one day. I’m sorry to say this will have me automatically looking for a drop-off in quality between that first-day brainblast and the remainder of the moveset, which you ostensibly filled in much later.

To put it shortly: this moveset is awesome.

Now, the most important thing about this moveset, and the thing that immediately jumps out at me, is that you have a page-stretching image, the picture of Mushroom Gorge. It’s gotta go, or at least resize it a bit; it’s just a stage, anyway, and who cares about that kind of thing?

But seriously, the most important negative thing about this moveset is that you’ve got a sort of rough writing style. Grammer errors abound, and there are some truly bewildering passages. Some of them are hilarious, though: “you can even turn Mushroom around in the other direction, he truly is a brave little Mushroom” made me chuckle aloud. In fact, it gives the whole moveset a certain personality. There’s nothing wrong with having different writing styles – hell, that’s what tends to set movesets apart – but those grammatical bloopers really should be combed a bit more attentively.

The other thing here is what Junahu recently pointed out on Voldemort and is even more blatant here; you take an awfully long time getting to what each attack actually does. He’s really detailed and all the boring stuff comes before the attack’s animation and effects.

Then again, writing style is a stupid thing to complain about and shouldn’t even count.

Now, there are other flaws here, but I’m going to skip on over to something you’ve improved on: organization! Some of your earlier sets were quite the eyesores, but Mushroom is really quite appealing (and would be even more so if the page wasn’t stretched…). It’s a simplistic organization, but it hasn’t been done before and it’s really quite effective in terms of getting information across and setting the tone, a very retro feel indeed. It’s impossible to forget that this is Mushroom we’re talking about here.

And you did a brilliant job adapting him, indeed. Now, I can say all I want about the abundance of random effects (honestly, it is a bit much, as though playing Mushroom were all about getting a lucky die roll) or about the perceived prop attacks (Mushroom Retainer popping out of hammerspace comes to mind), but really it would be like kicking a puppy dog. You clearly had a blast with this moveset, and you made something that’s both personal and broadly appealing. Mushroom is not characterized; he’s still a mushroom. This is brilliant, because he IS an item, just a mushroom, and you did it so well that I never once forgot it.

Let’s talk mechanic. It’s something I really should have seen coming, only I didn’t. It’s so obvious and fitting and realistic that it could single-handedly carry the moveset on its shoulders, along with the Side Special, one of the best attacks I’ve ever seen. It’s nothing outrageously creative, but it’s something that I’ve never seen before, because it just wouldn’t WORK on any other character at all. This is moveset-making in its purest form, and I just love it.

Mushroom’s playstyle is not especially developed, and you don’t even have a section for it. I can well imagine what such a section might look like, waxing on about how to warp and transform the foe while slipping expertly from form to form. I’m pretty sure Mushroom is broken somewhere along the line, but the again it all depends on luck. It’s really a bit overdone at parts, or so I thought at first… but really, isn’t a Mushroom supposed to be the ultimate expression of luck? From the olden days when that little spade-shaped thing could be either a Mushroom or a Goomba right through to the 50/50 items games of Mario Party, getting a Mushroom has been a matter of getting lucky. And you captured this, although maybe not in the way you had intended. Maybe I’m just reading in too deep.

The Up Special is one of the set’s weaker attacks, as are the tilts (nice coin submechanic nonwithstanding). The Smashes could be construed as magic syndrome/props except they’re not and they’re really Mushroom in feel. The Aerials are genius because they really do give Mushroom a chance to do something another MYMer might have left out of the moveset altogether – fight. He physically fights with a set of intriguing attacks, who would have thought? More points to you.

Not the biggest fan of the throws, although I have to say tying it into Mushroom Retainer’s only line is a clever move and gave me yet another welcome blast of nostalgia.

And that’s really what this moveset is all about. It’s what MYMing should be; giving out-there characters smart movesets that fit them like a glove. Mushroom may be almost too creative to succeed 100% at this goal, but even though he has his flaws, he’s really quite exemplary. I would have done it entirely differently – actually, I don’t know if I would have been able to do it at all – but I doubt it could turn out as wonderous as this crazy, great, oddball jumble of a moveset.



  1. “I do hate waiting for a review”

    I’m working on it! (sry)

  2. I wasn’t implying anything, MT! I got enough commentary on Vaporeon to be patient for now. 😉

  3. I know, just jokin around 😉

    Great review as always by the way.

  4. Thanks for the review K.Rool 😀

    First thing first, I’m glad you liked the organization (save the page stretching image that I can fix when I get access to Photoshop again, as well as some custom costumes I made), and I’m glad you was more supportive than you were with Ripper Roo’s;


    *sharpens a stick at both ends*” XD

    For the most of it I was working with a laptop that used caps when it felt like it, so that was annoying, but that died, so now I have access to a better one to write with. I’ll run the moveset over spell check sometime.

    As you said, I made most of him in one day, then I made some whilst I was on a holiday (I made the smashes whilst I was away during the first 2 weeks of MYM6), before making the throws and some of the aerials/extras about a day or so before I posted it. I know my writing style can be awkward; I share this with DFM lol- I blame the British education system ;).

    For my next set I’m trying to go less formal with the writing style- so I’m scrapping the headers, and going straight into the move sort of.

    I’m glad I managed to get Mushroom to feel like Mushroom, as that what I was aiming for. I was also going for the whole luck factor, but my reason for this, and the whole concept of making this a non joke set was the fact on either Brawl or Melee Sakurai mentions that you may not realize what Mushroom, Super or Poison, you get until you transform. I wanted to give him character, but I didn’t want to make him seem like a character, if you get what I mean. Side Special being one of the best moves you’ve ever seen is great news, thanks K.Rool!

    The reason I made the Up Special like it is was because I was trying to incorporate different things from Mario 1 and 3, hence the Mushroom Retainer, coins and music blocks as well as the vine. I just couldn’t think of anway to get Mushroom in the air- seeing as I used Spring Mushroom, a viable option, for a Smash. I purposefully made him weak, but I had to give it some options to fight, and I’m glad I didn’t make him completely broken, which was my main concern. He already had gimping ability, and I was wary about giving him good knockback and strength on his aerials. Mushroom Retainer as a throw came from the fact Mushroom had no arms. I was going to have Mushroom jump on his opponents head, and flip them around in different directions, but it felt too out of character for a Mushroom to throw Bowser, so I made the landing on head move into an aerial if I remember correctly. I looked through lots of different Mushroom types to find one that grabs, but then I remembered about the Retainers, and knew how well it would fit in.

    My aim when I was making this moveset was to make an in character moveset for something with no character, and I’m glad I achieved that. I agree with you when you say he was a little too creative; that was a worry I had when he had all these gimping moves, and no means of attacks partway through the set- this almost made me give up on it.

    Finally, I had my playstyle in a different file than the moveset, but the file died, and I couldn’t be bothered writing a new one up staight away. I’ll put a new one in sometime soon, along with match-ups, that seem all the rage this contest :p.

    Anywho, thanks for the review K.Rool.

  5. Did I really say that? I guess it sounds like something I’d say. XD

    And yeah, it was my pleasure. Like I said, this is one of those movesets I was really anticipating and it didn’t disappoint.

  6. I believe those are gray mushrooms, not grey mushrooms.

  7. I do believe you’re wrong.

  8. The correct spelling is “gray”, you non-American person.


  9. That’s funny. Wikipedia goes with “grey’, and elaborates…

    “Grey (international and some parts of the U.S.) or gray (some U.S. only – see spelling differences) ”

    “Some U.S.” alone now takes precedence over the whole rest of the world?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 😡

  10. Well, quite.

    *continues reading old Canvas posts to entertain myself*

  11. “Then again, writing style is a stupid thing to complain about and shouldn’t even count.”

    • how did this character even get a moveset again

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