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Bowser's Keep – HK-47

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Well, I am ashamed not to have read any of your previous works, although I did skim HK-47 when he was posted.  As I recall, this review has been on here for some time, so it’s time to read the whole thing, give you my take on it, and clear it off that damn queue…which I certainly have been doing a lot of lately.  Anyways, it’s time for…

The Rundown: I never really grew up as a Star Wars fanatic, although I have seen several of the movies (although not HK-47’s).  The mechanic seems kind of…meh.  I’d rather see T3 in moves, but I guess it’s fitting that he doesn’t, seeing as how he’s peaceful.  Healing for a Neutral Special seems kind of boring, although its importance in healing T3 seems justified.  I’d like to know how fast Side Special is, as this is an important detail for projectiles like this.  The effects on characters based on their animations was a really unique idea.  Seriously, that’s great.  Up Special is rather generic, but once again, T3 saves the move by adding his effect to it.  A lot of Down Special attacks seem overpowered until you realize that T3 can be attacked just to end it all.  Five seconds is a long-ass time to charge a move, though.  I’d lessen this to make it viable, seeing as how some code ideas have a lot of mindgames potential (particularly switching Up and Down Special).

Time for basic attacks?  I think so.  Rapid Fire sounds promising as a damage-builder, even though it can’t be followed up.  Dash Attack is a nice GTFO move, although some detail sounds a bit unnecessary (you could probably shorten the effect of foes ignoring moves).  The tilts are all pretty cool; U-Tilt was my favorite, seeing as how it’s a nice take on explosives that seems to combine Grenades and Snake’s U-Smash.  I wonder what would happen if T3 ran to the edge of the stage with D-Tilt, though…and why is it colored gray when everything else is red?  Power Blast is a Remote-Controlled Missile in Smash form (grows stronger the farther it goes).  Sounds like a nice gimper, but it’s not as unique as you make it out to be.  U-Smash sounds like that of Snake, with a different trajectory and with more missiles.  I like its anti-air use, as there really should be more of those in Brawl.  Energy Shield is a bad damaging move, but if you use it from a range, you can give HK some nice defense.

Aerials seem all pretty interesting, but I’d like to point out a few things.  Having all projectiles hone in for the rest of a stock?  Quite a few sets I review get bashed for having moves that put a powerful effect on characters for a whole stock.  I know the move is hard to land, but with all of HK’s projectiles, you’ve pretty much just taken a free stock from them.  Please limit the homing device’s duration somehow.  B-Air’s T3 effect, though, is pretty nice; you should just spam HK’s lame B-Air to have T3 fire nice shield-breaking lasers.  U-Air isn’t as cool, but having a grab set-up mine is great.  D-Air reminds me of the statue-freezing moves I use over merely trapping the foe in an iceblock.  It would be broken if T3 made the foe fall for that long offstage, but his mist immobilizes the foe onstage for HK to punish.  I like all of these aerials; part of me thinks it’s awkward to have T3 hit from the stage while HK is airborne.  It reminds me of Wart’s D-Tilt, in that foes would have to be half brain-dead to actually fall victim to the attack.  It’s a nice set of aerials, but this is what I think keeps them from being stellar.

Throws are all decent, but I have to rip on those Down Throw chaingrabs.  Are you trying to balance HK based on who he can and can’t chaingrab?  A lot of those heavyweights are already amazing enough, while some lightweights are in no need of another downfall.  Remove the chaingrab.  No questions, just do it.  Finally, Final Smash isn’t that amazing.  It’s just taking Snake’s Final Smash and adding the option to play with super armor.  Nothing too great.  The moves as a whole are quite interesting, but I can’t just go out and say they’re flat out amazing.

Detail: There are a few places here and there where detail seems a little bit unnecessary (particularly some parts involving T3).  Still, in general, the detail is bearable and readable, while still retaining the somewhat-complicated effects of HK’s moveset.  The problem of too much detail seems to have vanished into MYM5.  Good.  Moving on…

Playstyle: HK has a pretty lame playstyle to say the least, and with the playstyle movement we’re in now, this is a bad thing.  He relies on chaingrabs, spacing, and traps with a few moves to win matches.  Wizzerd complains about my five-paragraph concise playstyles being short, but this is just ridiculous.  Saying how hard a character is to play, then giving a few options to build damage as them is not a playstyle.  I’d seriously re-read this moveset and decide how to make this playstyle a whole lot better; otherwise, he’ll be unlikely at best to be remembered in this contest of original and unique playstyles.

Fitting to Character: HK is a futuristic assassin droid, and he translates very well into Smash as such.  I don’t know if an assassin should rely so heavily on a minion like T3, but if it’s in his character fine with me.  As I previously stated, Star Wars isn’t really my thing.  Good job here, although this isn’t really that difficult a category to succeed in.

Lame Effortless Extras: I really like that those taunts can be used in the middle of battle.  This wasn’t really used in Brawl, due to few characters actually speaking, but it’s a great way to make HK’s best lines viable in matches.  Victory poses are meh, as are everything else but Codec.  Pretty funny, but made obviously short and OOC.  Codecs like this rub on me a bit, but it’s still cool to see in there.  Now make me a stage and I’ll consider calling this somewhat interesting.

Organization: The colors are OK, but the move names seem rather small and insignificant as a whole.  I’d make the size bigger so they stand out more.  Also, the occasional gray name is very out-of-place; I’d suggest going back through and changing these to the normal red color.  Other than that, there’s not much to say here.  Good job.

Closing Comments: I like a lot of moves that HK has, but he does have several blatant flaws out there, the most obvious of which is playstyle.  I really hope you change this, because with an actually decent playstyle, I’m sure a lot more people would look at HK as a great set.  I sure enjoyed it otherwise, and I hope people actually stop and read it.  There are many excellent original move concepts tucked away in there.  Pretty nice job; hopefully you’ll make amends to it, as well as continuing to improve in the future.

My work here…is done.



  1. Thanks for the feedback!

    The chaingrab wasn’t there for balance so much as I got tired of seeing “So and so can chaingrab, so DK and Bowser are screwed”
    I just wanted to see someone who can chaingrab lights.

    The playstyle sucks because I’m bad at playstyles. It’s something I’m trying to work on now.

    The Gray Text was used for T3’s attacks. I probably should have made that more clear…



  3. So you know, I actually didn’t have a huge problem with Klump and Krusha’s playstyles. I had a problem with Voldemort’s. Three paragraphs is just ridiculous. >_>

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