Posted by: MarthTrinity | September 13, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 9

Cover art! Yay!

Cover art! Yay!

Okay! A very late Sunday Recap for you all but a very Sunday Recap for you anyway! Did that make any sense? No? Too bad, I’m sick and I swear Air Man is waiting outside my room with a sack of kittens again. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the movesets in a vain attempt to scare him off and salvage the kittens.

First off, we have our headliner; Akira by UserShadow7898. Akira is a character from UserShadow’s all time favorite RPG; LiveALive (interesting title, no?),  a Square RPG that unfortunately never made it stateside. Like Mother 3 though, it has a team of hardcore fans that “fanslated” it into English for us all to enjoy! Just like we all enjoyed this moveset! Unfortunately, like a lot of Shadow’s other sets it kind of got shafted, only getting one comment. The comment however was praise saying that it was an improvement over Wily (which I agree with wholeheartedly). I still feel that UserShadow is one to watch out for this contest…

Next page had yet ANOTHER BKupa set; Klump and Krusha. Yes, the minions of the evil K.Rool get a moveset from the DK series loving Kupa. Klump and Krusha were an excellent mix of power and…well…power! The set receieved great reception; Warlord even placed it as Kupa’s third best this contest (after Bleak Pluto).

Moving along…we have a TWILT set that isn’t for Trainer Sundance! Instead it’s for…bleck, Naruto characters?! Oh well, Itachi Uchiha is probably one of the least lame characters from Naruto so I suppose it’s not too bad…the set however is quite good for TWILT. Taking a step up from Trainer Gold, Itachi has none of those horribly awkward attack names that bogged down Gold (as well as having no references to him…) and seems to be overall more creative. Anyway, Itachi was met with pretty much no reception; his page got blocked out with three other movesets…

The first of which is Yae by drag0nscythe (I know there’s a zero in there but o = 0 on this site…). As a whole, Yae was fairly ignored potentially due to it being the second of four movesets on the page. It does however look pretty decent for a MYMer who’s only made one(?) other set…I do love the fake Dojo updates as well, good job visually there!

And then we had Rival Trainer by JOE!, a moveset that I had the personal honor of previewing before it was posted (and I get name dropped in it even, yay!). Anyway, I knew from the get go that this wans’t just going to be another Pokemon set; Rival Trainer has some great ideas in it and, while not exactly capturing the Rival’s cruel nature, it captures the Pokemon’s styles wonderfully. This set -REALLY- feels as if JOE! worked his absolute hardest (hopefully not, I’d love to see him improve even from here!) to make this set a success and the effort clearly shines through.

Four sets on one page?! What a Nightmare! Yes, Katapultar decided to make a moveset for Nightmare, a random boss from Metroid Fusion (as well as a pain in the ass in Metroid Fusion…at least it wasn’t Yakuza..). Using a mixture of gravity bending moves and projectiles, Nightmare certainly lives up to his name…overall, while not a vast improvement over his other sets, Nightmare does a good job of showing off Katapultar’s new writing style, much improved my friend!

And then shit went batshit insane as Spadefox Onishiba made his return to MYM with a moveset for Soma Cruz, one of my personal favorite Castlevania characters. Using a fun mixture of the various soul attacks Soma obtains in his two games, Soma has a fairly wide variety of creative attacks. Reception for Soma was mostly average/negative however; many people criticized the lack of important details and playstyle while some were just happy to see Spade posting a new set.

We also had a set on that page by Budget Player Cadet for Master Chief. Yes, every MYM requires an obligatory Master Chief set and BPC provides us with one despite not having played the game much at all. Pretty bad timing on his part to post it too, it got ignored pretty much entirely.

PPL made his return to MYM-…Oops ignore that! That was supposed to be a secret! Anyway, SixrchBattosai made his return to MYM with a self-insert character with the same name. Overall, this moveset was met with mostly complaints (surprisingly not because of who posted it) but rather for the royal rainbow of colors the set consisted of.

And our obligatory MasterWarlord set of the week; Mr. Sandman, the most 2D character in all of the 3D Punch-Out, funny he’s the champ huh? Anyway! I made my comments about Sandman in thread…oddly enough he didn’t have much reception for a Warlord set…

And then we had a Pokemon set for Slaking by 32º Centigrade. I also commented this one in thread, but overall, it’s received general praise for being an exceptional newcomer set. I really hope to see more from this guy, with some more practice, he could become a deadly force in MYM.

Finally, our last set of the week is Blaster by KoppaKirby. If there’s one thing I can say about this guy, it’s that he’s consistant with his set making. Blaster is pretty much Plorf’s dream of Shotzo snatched away from him and posted for a character from totally different franchise than Kirby, heck, it doesn’t even have a Shotzo alt costume. I haven’t gotten the chance to read this one yet so I can’t pass comment…seems like nobody else has either ='(

And thus, it’s time once again for…


You’d really think that I’d get bored of this…but I don’t! Anyway! This week we had a moveset for a Square hero who doesn’t fit the Square mold (wait, he’s got spikey hair, nevermind!), two bumbling lizards, angsty-ass Sasuke’s bro, a mystical ninja, ??? (who wants to fight!), a Nightmare most likely induced by Mr. Sandman and (or maybe one of Slaking’s dreams?) a cannon and the long awaited PPL self-insert. Phew!

Anyway, there’s one more thing I’d like to address. I -HIGHLY- support Junahu’s requests that you should comment the previous set  before posting your own…I mean, we all know how much it sucks to work your arse off on a set and then have it ignored because someone else spammed up the page or posted a set immediately afterwards. You know how it feels, I know how it feels, it sucks. So just take a little time before posting to post a comment, heck, even if it’s just saying “I read it and I liked it!” it’s better than flat out ignoring it! Thanks guys!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!




    Besides, now that Blaster’s posted, I might have to… top that… Hehehehee.

  2. We bother with %s because they let us imagine the character in Smash more successfully.

    Nice recap, MT! =D

  3. Cheers. And yeah, I just put that last choice in on the poll for those smartasses like me 😉

    Also, Blaster got out before Shotzo.

    Plorf: (cry2)…

  4. I reject your reality and substitute my own!

  5. drag0nscythe made three MYM5 sets.

    But yeah, great recap as usual MT.

  6. I only balance my sets so that they stack against my other sets. If you looked past all the smoke I blow, you’ll find every one of my sets is overpowered

  7. I try to blanace all my newer sets, I just suck at giving the correct amount of time issues =_=

  8. No Ron the Death Eater? FAIL!

  9. Oh, I get it now. Ron was a repost of Voldemort.

    …*is looked at strangely*

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